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LOCAL ITEMS. -1\ * ' -.,.


LOCAL ITEMS. -1\ PONTYPRIDD. ROTKOUR.âSome who ought to know say that the TWfk Vale Railway Company are going to construct a branch railway from the colliery at Pont-Skon- Norton to join the main line a little above Mr Lougher's tannery. RIT. E. ROBERTS.âThe respected pastor of the Tabernacle church, we are sorry to say, is still suf- fering slightly from the effects of the accident he sustained to his foot; bat we hope that rtst, care, and (food nursing will soon restore the rev. gentleman to his usual robust health and strength. A GooD SIGN Just as it ought to be, in large conspicuous letters, so that" he who runs may rsad," fo that of Messrs Crockett & James, opposite the Batchers' Arms. Our enterprising fellow townsmen, evidently mostn business, and no doubt will merit and receive a good share of the auctioneering and appraising to be done at Pontypridd. Their ad- vertisement will be found in another column. THE Wxim or PKATKK.âSome of the churches .r Pontypridd and district observed the appointed Week of Prayer, and some are observing this week as such. The church at Penuel, which we hap- pened one evening to visit, h»d very well attended meetingsâyoung men and maidens being there ill Strong force, whilst the most influential members, elders, and venerable leaders of this active society were nearly all present. Such meetings must result in great good. Us. G. Cvitc.âWe are pleased to see our young townsman, Mr G. Cule, among us once more, spend. fog his Christmas vacation. College life, cultivating too close an arquaintance with Plato, Xenophon," Virgil and Cicero, and burning too mnh of the mid- night oil have made his cheek a littie pale. But relaxation from study, and pleasant rambles around the haunts of home will doubtless enable him to re- turn to Llangollen to prosecute his studies with renewed energy and success. CIITDAOH VALIET BKANCH RATLWAY.-The work of demolition and construction is going on briskly 1 in the above valley. That romantic district is being shorn of its loveliness and beauty. Mr Billnpe, with his usual energy and vigour, is prosecuting the work of foiling the forest, levelling the hills, turning the course of streams, and making the hit' erto almost Undisturbed Clydach Valley resound with the ope- rations of about four hundred navviesâthe pio. veers of the grand army of civilisation. IfjcxTina or SIGNALMits.âOn Sunday a meeting of about 60 of the Tafl Vale Railway Signalmen was Jaeld at the Pontypridd Coffee Tavern, in reference to certain grievances they allege, they suffer under 'the Employers' Eiability Act was also discussed. â ST. DAVID'S HALL.-On Monday evening, Jan. 10th, an entertainment was given at the above hall, under the auspices of the Mutual Improve- ment Society. M. R. Williams, Esq., occupied the ohair. The following programme was gone through: Overture, piano, Mr McMurray trio "Ye Shep. herds tell me Messrs. Rees, Ralls, and Williams; mag 61 Somebody's coming tomorrow Miss Morgan recitation The Spanish Champion Mr Andrews song "Bay of Biscay" Mr A. Griffiths; solo I «** Dreaming dangels" Miss Gibbon piano duett Messrs. McMurray and Williams; song Here's to Ike maiden of bashful fifteen" Mr Rees rending Rev. Mr Pnddieombe; long" Merch y Melinydd Miss Morgan, Llautrisant; song ".The Village ..Blacksmith" Mr J. E. Williams; recitation, Mr JllJiott; solo "Never again" Mr G. F. Martin; #oog u Hearts of Oak" Mr A. Griffiths; solo Let the Angels in Miss Gibbon. The hall was not so wen filled as could be expected. ZwmTAixxzxT.-As entertainment was given, Friday, 7th. inst.. at the Graig Chapel, Ponty- Rdd. Mr D. Leyrfhon occupied the ohair; Mr T. V. vies presided at the harmonium. After a pithy address by the chairman, the following programme Was gone through:âOverture, harmonium, Mr T. V. Davies; Dialogue, Welsh and English on the tronble," Mr D. Evans and Miss Maria Evans; Bcng, "Mentra Gwen," Mr John Charles Mills; Beoitation, Going Home," Miss S. J. Evans Re. citation Willie a'r poet." Mr Bartlett Williams Duett, viobs and harmonium, Messrs. H. Mills and T. T. Davies; Recitation, Never say fail," Mr D. J. Loyabon i Song," Some folks say," Mr David Harris; Song, The dream of home," Miss Lizsie Lowip; Recitation, Complaints of the poor," Mr Charles G. Edwards Seng, Guess who," Miaa Mary Mills; Song, "The Lord is my Shepherd," Mr J. Leyshon, and "Wood pecker," in response to a hearty encore; Duett, (violin and harmonium) raeratic mlection, William Tell,' Messrs Mills and Davies. A prize was here offered for the best im- promptu speech on the Hat," which was awarded to Mr J. Leyshon; Song Clychau Aberdyfi," Miss Mary Mills; Selection en the piccolo, Mr Edward Mills. Song, Yn iach i ti Gymrn," Miss Lewis. After a vote of thanks to the chairman for the able I manner in which he had conducted the meeting, Miss Mills sang God save the Queen," accom- panied by the violin siA harmonium DNAIM or Ka. ALTRKD AVBBKT.âM&ny of onr reader# WM be sorry to hear of the deach of Mr Alfred AJBBNQR, of ToogwynUiis. He was for some fears in the employ of the Taff Vale Railway Com- pany, at Pontypridd, where he occupied a position as *4tark f tbe bloom of age, he was taken sway I* the stroag arm of dcatki after a sickness of ^PNI 15 months. A move unaâmlagj qaiet aaci nrfâa JINWI map MIet lived, Mid it W88 a mark of Ihototetm and fitvoar he was held in by Hit laqge of his young friends who congregated to him the Isat respect, on Sunday, the day of his JClMral> He was a great admirer of music, and, *pleed, had he lived. wofdd have reached a high JMMbtioB, for he Ijad %lreadf taken t^ro certificates of oBefeney, and when taken ilf was about to be ex- amined for the third. He was also a faithful mem- tor of Pferael Chstr, waere he. worked hard for -oft7 moaths. The Psanel Oheh* mustered op -Araag on Tuesday and walked in front of the corps, Sfagiof appropriate hymns as they marched to the du^el, and at ths grave the reqaieSft." Once more the spot, Ac. was sung. After a short prayer from a Wv. gentleman over tqe grave all dispersed with heavy hearts. TSA AXD ENTSARATHJNTHT AT SAUII.-TIIe annual Tim and Entttttinment in connection with the distribution of the money deposited in the Sunday School bank of the above placo of worship, were held on the 6th inst. A large number, having sat down to tea, afterwards attended the entertainment, which eommeooed at Balf past seven o'clock; Mr J. Roberts, Bridge House, presiding. The following programme Was gone through Overture, piano, Mr Dan Bees j Glee "Maf" the choir; Recitajol1 Apel at y meddwyn" Mr J. Williams. Duett "I'm saddest when I sing" Miss E. A. Morgnn, and Mr G. Morgan. The wst address on the The dvty althe youngtosuppcyrt the Sunday school,"prize lk Solo, piccolo, "Sweet bye and bye" Mr D. G. WiBkuss Song, Bos J.1an; Recitation Alfred the Osaat" Miea X. Williams, and Masters D. Morgan, G. Morgan, and J. J.:Howelle; Song I- Dublin Bay lk D. Gooawsr. The adjudication on the Essays on the awoutivk of a good teacher," prize 6s. Song Mr Jjwia Edwards, I Tri* pioeolos, Msiiili's Mills, James, and Williams; Song Miss Williams; ^Recitation The Village Blacksmith 1& E. Thomas. competition for the beat nadering of appieM of muso at sights prize Is. Beoitation Mr W. P. Rosmr. The compet tjon for Ike beat singing of any song, prise Is 6d, r Duett "T Teiliwr a'r Crydd" Messrs D. Mprgan and J. Bdwards; Song "Sen wlad y menyggwynion" B«S Llan; Sosg Mr Edtfin Edwards j Glee the obeir., Ac., was given ft MfDalrftol loAkivs, and Mr Phfllip George. The prhw- fw the best singing -owe divided between M* d. Jenkins, Miss Powell, and Mr G. Morgan. fte SOT. W. 1. Morrilt, and Dewi Alaw werb ad. ttitttoB. The usual votes of thanks brought th- iaterasting imd successful proceeding to a dose. On the uiuviuas evening the money that was dee posited m the bank duriag the year 1880 was paid «IM» sum being over £150. PENYGRAIG. Rjtcovmr or Two Bosiss AT PIMYG]tAl(;. Another body, making 99 out of the 101 dead, was â dlsrpeered on Tuesday morning at the npcast; it that of William Davies, 26, labourer, wife and thine children. Close by, under a hage faU, was Identified the lifeless form of Benry Brook, Hendre- pwgt 28, collier. Brook, too, leaves a widow and two children. The location of the other corpse has yet to be seen, and when all these bodiea are brought to hank the pit B be free from dead bodies. It is stated upon good authority that a box of lusifer matches wu discovered apout Davies's body. The intelligence has caused much sensation. Lord Dan- laven has contributed X200 to the relief fund. LLANTBISANT. IViuAz.Oa Saturday the funeral of the late Kergeaot Watkins, Ponlypiidd, who died on Wed. tfsfday at Uantoisant, took place at Llanblethian Chtiren. The ofldating clenymen were Canon Jones; Lfaintrisant, and the Kev. Rowland Jones, vinr of Giyataff. There weie forty police ogimts, with Mr Boperhntendeot Matthews, in the prooes- aim









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