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MAE SEATTLE MORTGAGES Yn Well Heddyw nag Erioed ENILLANT Saith y Cant o Log Clir Yn Daladwy Bob Chwe Mis Sicrheir eich arian gan eiddo yn werth o leiaf ddwywaith gymaint a'r Mortgage Gadewch i mi roddi y man- ylion i chwi yn Gymraeg neu Saesneg Joseph E. Thomas 1026 Third Avenue (GROUND FLOOR) I S. E. Corner Third and Spring SEATTLE, WASH. I "Y CYFAILL" Parch. Joseph Roberts, D. D., Golygydd Cyhoeddiad Cymreig Hynaf yn America Anfonwch $1.50 am dano am 1920 i JOSHUA T. EVANS, 2002 Elliott Avenue, MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. YN E I S I E U Geneth o Gymraes I wneyd gwaith ty. âYmofyner a MRS. F. M. KEMPF, 2 Noyes Street, Utica, N. Y. Nid yw yn Ddigon Cael y coluddion i symud. Y mae yD tfwy pwysig i gael yr afu, yr arenau, y /?'S&'? croen a'r coluddion i weithio gyda'u ??.?P? ? gilydd, ac yn erbyn hunanwenwyniad. || ??????M Y mae Beecham's Pills yn gweithio yn  ddymunol ar y peirianau cysylltiedig a threuliad bwyd a glanhad y gwas- raff. Symudant ymaith yr achosion yn 1 ogystal ag esmwythau ar yr arwydd- ion. BEECHAM'S pILLS Largest Sale of any Medicine in the World. Sold by druggists throughoutthe world. In boxes, 10c., 25c. I A Modern King Canute x The people who lived in the good days of the wise King Canute thought he had the power to make the ocean stand still at a mere word of command. Today the New York Telephone Company finds itself in a position not unlike that of the ancient king. Some people seem to think that by a word the Tele- phone Company can hold back the rising tide of costs that < affects all business. By rigid economy and the use of the most modern appli- ances and methods of operation we have succeeded in keeping our rates at a far lower level than might be expected in view of the increased cost of operation and maintenance, but we have felt the rising tide of costs just as certainly as has every business and every family. Our one source of revenue is the rate you pay for the service we render. If this rate fails to cover operating costs and provide a fair return upon the investment, then both you and your Telephone Company must suffer. Rates previously in force did not provide sufficient revenue to meet these requirements and that is why higher rates were established December 1, 1919. The new rates are designed to do just one thing-to provide k revenue sufficient to enable us to give satisfactory service to every subscriber. every subscriber. NEW YORK TELEPHONE COMPANY