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SNAP SHOTS. Three cycles have been stolen from Barry within the past fortnight. The facilities for burying people in Cardiff are much easier than at Barry. To pension good and bad, rich and poor, is a proposal worthy of this end of the 19th century. In the Golden Penny this week Swansea Football Club is dealt with in tIe article on leading football teams. Barry Unionist Club has two men on the injured list, Humphrey Jones and Joe Sheldon, who both suffered in the engagement at Aberdare. Mr Tom Williams warmly defended friendly societies at the Old Age Pension meeting at the Romilly Hall, Barry, last Saturday evening. The Barry Glee Society are about to give three concerts for charitable purposes in this district. Shouldn't the Reservists fund make a fourth ? It is hoped that in less than two years Holton- road will be adorned with a building that will be one of the principal architectural features of the town. At the Public Works Committee they begin to discuss the feasability of dying and being buried in the district Cemetery just when one feels in- clined that way. Judging by the advance in local rate burdens all over the country, the position was never more favourable for the taxation of ground rents and royalties for local purposes than at present. Mr R. Forrest has written to the District Council stating that he cannot recommend that their re- quest be granted for a road running from near Lloyd's Station down to the passenger pier, in view of the future developments of the port. We hail thee, "Councillor" Morgan Thomas, who won a seat on the Cardiff Council by a majority of 311 over his Tory rival. In such hands South Glamorgan is a "snip" for the Liberal party whenever the doom of Toryism is heralded by a General Election. Several local clerks have determined to volunteer for the front, if some one will undertake to keep their sweethearts during their absence. One young gentleman swears that the only reason be is going is because he has no more money to spend on her. Who's going to contribute to the Reservists' Families Fund ? Let the subscriptions come in like British bullets in a Boer camp-heavy and plentiful, for Barry should not be behind in looking after the dependents of the men who are doing battle for us while we are securely going about our business. Fine weather favoured the review by Lord Tredegar of the Newport Fire Brigade, at which Captain J. G. Walliker, of the Barry Fire Brigade, with his lieutenants, attended, for the purpose of extending their knowledge of the methods persued in the working of a first-class brigade, as Newport claims to be. We believe the information gained by the visit to far out-balance the expense of the same. The lights were turned down at the Parish Hall, Barry, on Monday night, when Dr Percy Smith related a particularly creepy ghost story. The Barry Social Society was just in the blood-curdling stage, listening with bated breath amid a hushed silence, when the door was suddenly blown open. People turned with white faces, but there was no ghost, and as the wind moaned fitfully and dis- appeared through the draught holes, the members felt once more secure. People were much amused on Monday night at the Cadoxton Theatre. The play is amusing, but this was not the particular cause of the ripple which went over the good faces of the people pre- sent on the particular occasion alluded to. It was the fact that during the ship scene the acting was of a very high character, and the villian so offen- sive to the hero, that a person in the audience began to rail at the bad mau. Even the orchestra went wrong after that, and it was impossible to get the scene-shifter to work the play properly. The French song, Jeanette et Jeanotte,' rendered in English, shows the Peace principles to the T. It says:- If I were King of France, Or, still better, Pope of Rome, I'd have no fighting men abroad, No weeping maids at home. All the world should be at peace, And if kings would show their might, Why, let those who make the quarrels Be the only ones to fight." Our office poet has paraphased it for the occasion thus If I were King of France, Or, still better, Pope of Rome, I'd have no anxious men abroad, For their wife and child at home. All our charity should not cease. And if men would show their might. Why, let them keep the women folk While the husbands for us fight. This is the Barry Glee Society's programme up to Christmas :— November S-Llantwit-Major. 11—Concert to inmates of Cardiff Workhouse. Deeember 9-Concert at Barry for Nursing Association. 13—Concert at Llacarvan. In addition, they are going to give a benefit for the Voluntary Hospital, and hold concerts at Pontypridd and Porth, and in all probability a concert in aid of the local Reservists' Fund. Owing to the increased work necessitated, Mr Sam Griffiths' estimable services have been requisitioned to act as joint hon secretary to Mr J. Rees.