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LLANDOVERY WOOL SALE.âA good deal of business was made in wool on Friday at the Llandovery market. Moun- tain and cross-bred were the kinds chiefly disposed of, and prices ranged from 7jd. to lOd. per lb. The chief buyers were Messrs. Davies Brothers, Vale of Towy Factory, Llanwrda, who bought about five tons. RExT AUDIT.âThe half-yearly rent of the Henllys Estate was held at the King's Head Hotel on Wed- nesday in last week. At the close the tenants were entertained to a. "recherche" dinner, prepared by Hostess Rees. Mr. D. W. E. Thomas, the landlord, and the young heir, were both present, and entered into pleasant conversation with their tenants. They seemed to greatly enjoy the postprandial proceed- ings, which were of the pleasantest kind, and spoke eloquently of the good relationship existing between landlord and tenants. HAY HARVEST.âConsequent upon the heavy rains and the cold spells of weather, the hay harvest in the district is in a very backward state, and the crops in most places are much lighter than usual. SUNDAY SCHOOL TRIPPERS. -Llandovery was visited on Saturday by a large number of Sunday School trippers who, favoured with fine weather, wrere able to inspect many spots of interest in the town and neighbourhood. OBITUARY.âWe regret to announce the death of Mrs. Anne Williams, The Uplands, New Road, Llandovery, which occurred as the result of an attack of inflammation on Wednesday in last week. De- ceased, who was a native of the district, being the daughter of the late Mr. Dl. Rees, Pistyll, Cilgwyn, near Llandovery, was in her 68th year. Much sym- pathy is felt with the family in their sad bereave- ment, especially the husband, who is in his 88th year, I and who was the victim of a paralytic seizure on the day following her demise. Truly, it is -a house of mourning! Only last week we had the melancholy duty of chronicling the death of Mrs. L. Thomas, deceased's niece, as the result of complications fol- lowing child-birthâa sad occurrence which greatly affected the deceased. Mrs. Williams was a faithful member of Salem Congregational Church, where, as long as she was able to get about, she was a regular attendant. The funeral, which was largely attended, and of a representative character, took place at Mothvey Churchyard on Saturday. The chief mour- ners were: Mr. L. Thomas and the Misses Thomas (nephew and grandchildren), Uplands; Mr. and Mrs. Williams, Loughour (nephew and piece); Mrs. Wol- fendale, Orchard-street (niece); Nurse Christensen; Mrs. Thomas (cousin): Mr. Wm. Jones and Master Jones. Cardigan (nephew); Mr. and Mrs. Jones, Abercrave; Mr. and Mrs. John Jones. Abercrave (nephews and .nieces): Mrs. Powell, Cerrigcwnwd (cousin): Mr. and Miss Powell, Pwllcalch (cousins); Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, Llwvncelyn, Mothvey; Mr. L. Price Lewis. Lletvfandde, and Miss Lewis, New Road; Mr. and Miss Price, Caegwyn. At the house the Rev. D. Rhydderch (pastor of Salem), the Rev. H. Ivor James (pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Chapel), a.nd Rev. D. Richards, Mothvey, officiated; whilst the last sad rites at the church and grave were per- formed by the Vicar (the Rev. H. Hughes). The death occurred on Thursday evening in last week of Mrs. Anne Evans, High-street, daughter of the late Benjamin Harries, shoemaker, Crugybar, Caio, and widow of the late Mr. John Evans. Penmine. in her 72nd year. Deceased succumbed after a week's illness to an acute attack of bronchitis. Deceased, who had lived a good many years at Llandovery, was a faithful member of Salem Congregational Church. She leaves two daughters and one son who is at present at Waterford, South Africa, as well as grandchildren, to mourn their loss, with whom. particularly Master Oliver Jones, who was brought up by his grandmother, the greatest sym- pathy is felt. The funeral took place on Monday, the 26th inst., at Crugybar. There was a large attendance at the funeral, many from town accom- panying the mourners on their long journey, and thus testifying to the great respect in which de- ceased was held. The chief mourners were: Mr. and Mrs. T. Morgan, Upton Heath (daughter and son-in-law); Miss Gwladys Morgan (grand-daughter): Mr. and Mrs. French. Pantyffvnon (daughter and son-in-law): Masters Oliver and Pardoe Jones (grand- children); Mrs. James, Pontypool; Mrs. Davies and Miss Harries (sisters). Crugybar:_ Mrs. Davies, Llansadwrn (cousin): Mr. E. Williams, R.O.. Wes- teria (cousin). The Rev. D. Rees (Con!?.). Merthvr Tvclvil. officiated at the house, and the Revs. D. Rhvdderch (pastor of Salem Cong. Church) and D. Rirhards (pastor of Crugybar) at church and erave. DEPARTURE OF THE TER RTT()RIALs. -Lla,ndovcrv Territorials left on Sunday morning, under the com- mand of Lieut. J. F. de Rees. by special train, to undergo their annual training at Ammanford.