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TERRITORIAL NOTES (BY "THE ADJUTANT."). The Amman Valley was astir on Sunday awaiting the arrival of the South Wales Brigade, which has gone into camp there. The first company to arrive was Llandilo, who reached Ammanford Railway Sta- tion at 10 a.m. Following them in an hour came the 6th Welsh in two trains. The 2nd Alonmouthshire Battalion was also conveyed in two trains, which arrived respectively at 12 and 12.50. The 4th Welsh appeared at half-past 1, and the 5th Welsh came in three- sections at 2, 2.15. and 2.30, while it was 4 and 4.30 when the two sections of the 1st Monmouth- shire men arrived. The band of each regiment headed the various contingents as they marched to the venue of the camp, which is about two miles distant. The companies which reached Ammanford before two o'clock escaped the discomfort of a drenching, but after that there was a continuous downpour. In spite of the inclement weather the route of the march was lined all day with interested spectators. who came from near and far and invaded in great numbers the camping ground. The brigadier, Colonel Banfield, C.B., who has Major Siherv as the brigade major, could not have chosen a more picturesque spot for the camp. The tents have been pitched on each side of the main road from Pontainman to Glanamman. With the river Amman running close beside, and with the Black mountain covered with green towering above them, there are the 4th Welsh, the 1st Monmouth- shire, and the 5th Weish. On the other side of the road on the slopes of the Beitws Mountain, are the officers' tents of the 4th Welsh, the Y.M.C.A. writ- ing and recreation rooms, the 2nd lVlonmouthshire" and the 6th Welsh. Brigadier Bantield had his quarters in a field above the 6th Welsh. The 1st Welsh Regiment went from Pembroke Dock on Monday, and are camping more than two miles away between Pantvlfynon and Ammanford. It is expected that they will be the attacking part,. in the manoeuvres that will take place during the next fortnight. Altogether and exclusive of the regulars it is ex- pected that nearly 4,UUO men will be under canvas here this week, and the number will be still greater next week. Tho oflicers were able to give the ligures in regard to the men who are already in camp:- !r n ^0; 4th Welsh, c4o; 1st iVionmoutnsnire, boO; 2nd Monmouthshire, 640. Lieutenant W. T- DitN' les, who arrived from Bisley in the early hours of the morning, put in an appearance to-day. ft Practically the whole area of the camp is part of two farms, called Ystradaminan and Glynmach. There is an abundance of pure water available, pipes having been laid by the Ammanford L rban District Council, for a supply from the Llygad llvvchwr source. The Y.M.C.A. tents have been much in use. Major Sillery, in a conversation on Sunday, said that the prospects of the camp depended very much upon the weather. "NVe have to do our best. NN-e have an enormous number of recruits, and hope to send them back a great deal better trained than when they came. The 1st Welsh Regiment-the regulars-are here for their own purposes and their own training, but they will occasionally act in con- cert with our brigade. The Army Service Corp* are about 100 in strength. Thev have done verv splendid work. They have carried 300 tons of stuff in three days with only half a dozen carts. This place is very promising for manoeuvring, but the, drill fields are not good. Still, you are not likely to get tho two advantages together. The farmers in the district have been very good to us. We in- serted an advertisement i/i the local newspapers asking if there was any objection on the part of any of them to our men going over fields not under crops, and very few indeed objected." The local officers present in camp are:â4th Welsh RegimentâColonel W. R. Roberts, Lieutenant- Colonel Williams, Lieut.-Col. Beddoe, Captain Stoddart, Captain Picton Evans, Captain W. J. Jones, Captain W. Bramwell Jones, Captain A. L. Thomas, Captain J. Williams, Captain Joshua. Lloyd, Captain A. L. Bowen, Laeutenants De Rees Evans, T. C. Thomas, J. R. WriTliams, Lowless, H. B. Roderick, Hubert John, Jameson, Harries, Lewis, Quarter-master Major Holmes, Surgeon-Lieutenant- Colonel Evans, and Rev. Thompson Jenkins, chap- lain, Manordeilo. After a deluge of rain on Sunday, better condi- tions prevailed at Ammanford on Monday for the camp of the South Wales Infantry (Territorial) Brigade. The day's work consisted chiefly of a general straightening-up, with company drill. The- 4th Welsh paraded on the nearest slope of the Bettws mountain. Besides company drills there were skirmishing and manual exercises. But a fea- tu-e of the work was signalling. Corporal W. O. Jones, of the Llaridilo Company, arrived at the camp early in the morning from Bisley, and received many congratulations on his good scoring in the N.R.A. contests. The regimental bands dicoursed selections during the afternoon to the delight of the throngs of visitors. During the training the camp will be visited by General Lloyd, the officer commanding the Welsh Division, probably for three days, viz., Thursday and Jridav of this week and Wednesday of next; week. A visit will also be paid on a day yet to be fixed by General Burnett, of the Western Command. In addition to the four battalions forming, the brigade, there is also-attached the 4th Battalion Welsh from Haverfordwest, 650 strong, under the command oi Colonel W. R. Roberts.