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CARMARTHENSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL. t ¡: The first meeting of the Carmarthenshire County Council was held at the Shire-hall, Car- marthen, on Thursday. There were present:â j Bonville, Owen, Llanelly. Bourne, J., Llanelly. Buckley, W. J., Pembrey. Davies, E., Conarth. Davies, T., Llanarthney. Davies-Evans, Col. H., Ltanybyther. Davies, J. Trelech. Emlyn, Viscount, Llanfihangel-Aberbythich. Evans, Rev T., Cilycwm. Evans, Gwilym. Llanelly. Evans, Rav W. E., Llanon. ⢠Evans, J., Llangendeirne. i\ Evans, Daniel, Rbydcymmeraa. Evans, T., St. Clears. Harries/Evan, Llanifhanjjel-ar-arth. Howell, W., Pembrey. Hughes, Gwynne, Llandilo Urban. Jenkins, Thomas, Carmartheu. Jenkins, T.Llanelly. Jones, D. L Abergwili. Jones, W. N., Bettws. Jones, C., Conwil. Jones, Col. D. E., Llandovery. Jones, George, Mothvey. Lewis, John, Llangeler. Llewellyn, J., Whitland and Llanboidy. Maybery, Joseph, Llanelly. Morgan, D. Riion, Carmarthen. Morris, C. E., Llangunnor. Morris, Thomas, Llaiietepban, Morse, D., Laugharne. Norton, Henry, Carmarthen. Parry, D. C., Llanelly. Phillips, Thomas, Llanelly. â 'â¢â yri'i h" Phillips, R»»v P., Llanelly. ⢠j i Philipps, J. L:, St. Ishtnael. ro;, Powell, T., Llaudilo Rural. Rees, Dr Howell, Quarterbach. Stephens, D. Kidwelly. Thomas, D. H., Carmarthen. .< f ) Thomas, H. J., Llanegwad. Thomas, J. Glyn, Llangennech. Thomas, Rev William, Whitland and Llanboidy. Tregoning, J. S., Llanelly. ¡,. Wilkins, Henry, Llanelly. i Wilson, W. J., Llanelly. The members absent were Mr Lewis Davies, J.P., Cayo Sir James Drummond, Bart. Lord Dynevor; Mr James Jenkins, Llangadock. PUBLIC ADMITTED. The Council voted the admission of the public, and a large number of the inhabitants of the town and neighbourhood available themselves of the permission. PROVISIONAL CHAIRMAN. On the motion of Mr Maybery, seconded by Mr W. Howell, Dr. Howell Rees, Quarterback was elected chairman of the first and second meetings of the Council. Dr. Rees, on taking the chair, commenced to addressed the Council in Welsh, when Lord Emlyn interposed, and asked that what was said might be translated to the Court. The Chairman said he should translate it him- sen. Lord Emlyn We are all anxious to know what is said. The Chairman (continuing), said he had felt it his duty in that the first meeting of the Car- marthenshire County Council to address a few words to them in their dear old Welsh language. He thanked them very sincerely for the great honour they had done him in electing him to the post of provisional chairman. He acquiesced the more readily in the apppointmeut, because the responsibility would not be very burdensome, nor of very long duration. The county of Carmar- then was to be congratulated upon its Council. It had been elected by popular sufferage, on that the first time that the principle had been re- cognised that representation should go with taxation. Now, that the electorial war was over, he hoped that all bitter feeling would be left outside the Council Chamber, and that all would unite to work harmoniously and earnestly for the common good of the county (applause). CANDIDATES' EXPENSES. The Clerk of the Peace was authorised to apply for authority to receive candidates'declara- tion; CLERK TO THE COUNCIL. The Clerk of the Peace was elected provisional Clerk of the Council. ELECTION OF ALDERMEN. The Chairman said the next business was the election of 17 aldermen. Lord Emlyn said he wished to say one word. He was very glad to hear the chairman urge that all bitterness should be put aside. Some of them had felt it a pity that any bitterness should have been introduced into the matter; and they should all agree now to work harmoniously for the good of the county. Anything he could do to promote that he would do (applause), and he was sure he could not be charged with having stirred up strife or promoted any contest. As to the election of aldermen, it would be very desir- able that they should be unanimous. It was very clear that one party had a large majority in the Council, and the power to put in aldermen who were all of their own shade of opinion. He understood that several meetings of that party had been held, and he would ask whether any decision had been come to as to electing aldermen from that party which did not belong to the .Majority. The reason he asked was, that in case any such decision had been come to, were the majority in favour of giving to the minority the opportunity of stating whom they would like to have elected. If that was granted it would tend to securing for the Council a harmonious start in their difficult and complicated work. The Chairman said the Liberals had met and decided to allow the Conservatives three alder- men, namely, Lord Dynevor, Mr J. L. Philipps, and Mr Hugh Nevill. Lord Emlyn said that three was less than the minority were entitled to, though he recognised that the majority had power to do as they liked With regard to Lord Dynevor, that gentleman was very ill-too ill to bo spoken to on business âbut he (Lord Emlyn) understood that Lord Dynevor, before the election, expressed himself averse to being made an alderman, and he thought he was authorised in saying that Lord Dynevor would not accept the appointment. He would, therefore, suggest that the majority should consult the feelings of the minority as to whom they would elect in the place of Lord Dynevor. After a little discussion, in the course of which it was agreed to allow the minority the choice of an alderman in the place of Lord Dynevor, Lord Emlyn said the minority were quitp, prepared to accept the nomination of Mr J; Lewis Philipps and Mr Hugh Nevill for alder- men. Mr J. S. Tregoning proposed Sir James Hills- Johnes, K.C.B., V.C., in place of Lord Dynavor for alderman. Mr D. H. Thomas seconded, and then Thb Council adjourned for quarter of an hour to allow Councillors the opportunity of tilling up their aldermanic voting papers. THE VOTE. The vote resulted as follows :â Votes. John James, Liandovery 40 W. O. Brigstocke, J.P. 38 tD. Raudell, M.P. 38 Dr. J. A. Jones, Llauelly 37 fLflwis Morris, M.A., J.P- 37 Col. Gwynne Hughes, J.P 30 *H. Nevill, Llanelly y6 *J. Lewis Philipps, Carmarthen 35 Sir James Hills-Johnes 35 *W. de G. Warren, Tenby ail Robert Scourfield, Llanstepban 33 tT. Williams, Llwynhendy 33 Bowen, Llandilo 32 i'J. Bagnall Enns, J.P. 31 *D. Jame.,q, Bailibedw. D. Richards, Ammanford 30 Joseph Joseph 27 Those with an are to retire in three years, II and the next meeting will decide which of the ) three with a f shall retire in three years, the voting yesterday being a tie. The others will hold their seats for six years. Only Mr J. L. Philipps is a member of the Council. Amongst the non-elected were Messrs W. R. Edwards, Carmarthen, 19 votes; D. Evans, Llanelly, 18; J. Lewis, Llandovery, 14; and about a dozen others, who received from ten votes to singles. The Council then adjourned for 40 minutes, so that the list of aldermen might be printed for I the voting three and six years period.