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I * .Holywell Petty Sessions



â 0 FLINT PARISH CHURCH. OPENING OF THE NEW ORGAN. Ox Thursday, the 7th inst., the above interesting ceremony was duly celebrated. The want of an organ had long been experienced, and the subject having been taken up by the worthy Rector, the Rev. Thos. Williams, was of itself sufficient tjatansure success,âa pleasing evidence of which was obse rvable on the opening day. I In the morning Divine Service took place at 11.30. The prayers were read by the Rector, the lessons and communion by the Rev. Robt. Eyton, Northop, and the Rev. E. Smart, Henllan, and a most admirable sermon preached by the Very Rev. the Dean of St. Asaph. The services were full choral, and the organ was therelore brought out to the greatest advan- tage,âMr. Gunton, Chester Cathedral, presided and most admirably performed his part. The parish choir was assisted on the occasion by the members of the Hint Choral Society,' numbering over fifty, under the able direction of Mr. Ciizncr, of Chester Cathedral. The musical services were most creditably gone through, and we may safely say could not have been excelled in any ChurCh in the Diocese. Morning Service over, the Rev. Rector and Mrs. Williams, with their wonted liberality, invited a num- ber "of their friends to partake of a most sumptuous luncheon, provided by them in the National School- room. The choir was also entertained, and including the visitors, fully 200 partook of the Rector's generosity. The chair was taken by Mr. Williams and the vice- chair by Mr. Smqjt, Henllan The health of the Bishop and Clergy was proposed, and with it was connected the Dean of St. Asaph, and many tlianks to him for his very excellent sermon. Mr. Huntley next proposed the Rector of Flint and Mrs. Williams, ami in so doing paid the wo? thy couple the highest of compliments, and the applause with which their names were received, loudly told that no compli- ment that could be offered was greater than they deserved. The health of the Chief MagistrateâMr. Huntley, the Town Clerk-Mr. P. Ellis Eyton, Mr. Gunton, Mr. Cuzner, &c., were also proposed and duly acknowledged. We should here remark that the new organ was built by Mr. Bryceson Brothers, London, and contains the following stops :âdulciana, diapason, bass, diapason treble, open diapason, principal, twelfth, fifteenth, cor- nopean, bourdon, and an octave and a half of pedal pipes, all enclosed in a general swell. Aft. Gunton ex- pressed his unqualified admiration of the instrument. The Church in the morning was crowded, and amongst those present we noticed :âSir S. R. Glynne, Bart., The Misses Eyton, Cornist, The Mayor of Flint and Mrs. Huntley, Dr. Muspratt, A. Castle, Esq. and Mrs. Castle, London, Mrs. Bate and family, together with leading families of the surrounding neighbourhood. In the evening Divine Service was held in Welsh, when the Rev. E. Smart delivered an appropriate and impressive sermon. Greenfield.-The employed at the extensive xttftUs of Messrs. Newton, Keates, & Co., were enter- tained by Mr. Keates to a dinner, on the 2nd and 9th insts. respectively, provided at Greenhill and the Royal Rotel, Greenfield. Upwards of a 160 partook of the sumptuous cheer, and most agreeable evenings were spent. Mr. Thos. Hughes, the manager, presided, and Dr. Davies occupied the vice-chair. The health of the firm and that too of Mr. Keates were given and heartily responded to. Miraculous escape from Drowning in the Dee.âON Tuesday last Henry Ashwin, Esq., of Plas Llanerchymor, and Richard Ashwin, Esq., of Aldington Manor, Worcestershire, with a c. ew of three men were out duck-shootitig in the screw steam yachtâ Artful." At 11.15 a.m., when some two and a half miles from shore;" the Yacht struck on the Bagillt bank, and in- stantly capsized: There .being a very strong flood-tide running up at the time it was almost a miracle that no lives were lost. The Yacht's boat which was lashed by h short painter to her stern would have immediately filled had not the painter been cut iu a moment, so as to liberate the boat from the rtfWi of water as will as to keep it clear from being stove in by the surging Yacht. The above two gentlemen with two of the crew clung to the boat, and eventually succeeded in getting in. The engineer, who was in the engine room at the time of the catastrophe, was unfortunately left clinging to the wreck and managed to get on the upper side. A few minutes, however, sufficed to entirely bury the vessel in the waves, and as there was« only one our in the boat, which was moreover half full of water, it was impossible to make any head again*t the terrific violonce of the tide to rescue the unfortun- ate man from his perilous position, and only for the timely aid rendered by the steam yacht Erin," (belonging to J. C. Buxton, Esq., of Daresby Hall. Warrington,) he would undoubtedly have perished, as she lowered a boat just in time to save him from a watery grave, as the tide swept him from the vessel, The other boat with its four occupants were also picked up by the "Erin," and treated with every kindness, and landed in safety. The crew of the "Erin were liberally rewarded by Mr. Ashwin for their kind services. The cause of the accident is attributed to the yacht having grounded on the bank^in such a posi- tion that the whole of the star-board beam was at once exposed to the full force of the tide, aad she was con- consequently unable to resist so sudden a strain.â

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