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HOLYWELL. MEETING OF RATEPAYERS. ON Monday week last a meeting of ratepayers adverse to the removal of the market from its present position was held at the White Horse Ilotel. The following is a copy of the placard calling the meeting, which was attended with one or two exceptions by the gentle- men whose signatures were attached to the notice, and also by several others,â" WE, the undersigned, Rate- payers of the Township of Holywell, do hereby invite the attendance of our fellow Ratepayers who may feel opposed to the removal of the Market from its ancient and central site, and who also object to the Local Board borrowing so large a sum as S4000 on the security of the rates of the Township, to attend a Meeting of Rate- payers entertaining similar opinions, to be held at the Royal and White Horse Hotel, Holywell, on Monday, the 4th day of January, 1864, at 12 o'clock, for the purpose of petitioning the Local Boatd not to carry out their present views and to take such other steps as may be deemed expedient. Edward Jones, William Parry, William Owens, James Davies, John Jones, John S. Smalley, William Williams, Rich. Ellis, Jos. Wm. Lloyd, John Thomas. Thomas Gregory, Thomas Price, Rich. Lloyd, Francis Edwards, Thomas Owens, Joseph Peters, James Bowen, Tho. Bell, Edw Jukes, Joseph Garner, Thomas Jones. Mr. Samuel William- son, Mr. Thomas Smedley, and Mr. James Hall, representing the opposition party were also present, together with a few others. Mr. J. V. Harrison was voted to the chair, who read the notice convening the meeting, and also the memorial which had been prepared for the purpose of petitioning the Local Board against the removal of the market, and also to oppose the motion made for power to borrow 14000 for market purposes. The following is a copy of the memorial: "To THE HOLYWELL LOCAL BOAltD.- Gentl omen,- We, the undersigned, a majority of the Owners and Ratepayers of property, in the township of Holywell, in the county of Flint, being aware that it is the intention of your Board to remove the market place of the town of Holywell from its present ancient and accustomed place, and where the market has been held for time immemorial; and also that it is the intention of your Board to borrow the very large sum of £ 4000 for the purpose of erecting a market place or market hall, upon the security of the rates of the township, whereby the Ratepayers will bo burdened by an in- crease of the rates, which they already feel sufficiently oppressive and heavy,âdo hereby respectfully and earnestly submit to you the impropriety of carrying out such resolution, which wo feel assured will not tend to improve the business and convenience of the town, but will inflict upon the inhabitants of the township at large a very serious injury, by imposing upon them (many of whom are not resident in Holy- well) an increase of taxation, and the probability of plunging them into an almost endless and expensive litigation with the principal Owners of property of the town, who have already made known to your Board their determination to resist, by all legal means in their power the removal of the market from its present site. We also respectfully submit to your consider- ation whether, under any circumstances, the steps you are purposing to take may not be considered premature, inasmuch as the approbation of the Marquess of Westminster to the proceeding has not been secured, and a lease of his tolls obtained and you may be assured his Lordship will do no act whereby unfair- ness and illegality can be in any way fostered or encouraged." Letters were read from Sir Pyers Mostyn and Capt. Pennant agreeable to the objects of the meeting, and expressive of their regret at not being able to attend. A discussion here Snsued as to the incorrectness of the motives alleged to the opposition party, in which Mr. Williamson, Mr. James Hall, and others, took part, who denied the contemplated expenditure of X4000 in the erection of a market. Mr. Williamson in reply to some observations res- pecting the tolls, remarked that he could assure the meeting that the Marquess of Westminster was quite willing to grant a lease of the tolls of the market. The memorial (Mr. W.) stated was in some instances incorrect, and the latter paragraph with reference JJto the Marquess and the tolls he strongly opposed. Several gentlemen at this stage of the proceedings addressed the meeting, and by some it was advanced that the Marquess would not grant the tolls for the purpose of building a market to which the majority of the Rate- payers were opposed. The Rev. Canon Jones stated that while he had studiously avoided taking part in the proceedings they were then discussing he must say he was opposed to the borrowing of so large a sum as £ 4000. After a few further remarks the vicar, so as to meet the views of the opposite party, moved that the words "to ob- tain powers be inserted before the words to borrow the sum of £ 4000" &c., and it was also agreed that the paragraph respecting the tolls be omitted. The Meeting then terminated. +


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