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HOLY WELL. THE CHRISTMAS TREE. To a journalist it is ever an agreeable task and a labour of love" to chronicle the successful accom- plishment of a praiseworthy object. It is now our pleasing duty to announce that our Christmas Tree was a great success, and exceeded the most sanguine ex- pectations of all parties. That it would be a failure we never thought, knowing as we do the zeal and energy upon other occasions evinced by the church-going people of the town,âbut that so large a sum as fifty pounds would be realized we never calculated upon. A few weeks ago only the idea of getting up a Christmas Tree was first thought of, with a v,ew of obtaining funds for the purchase of a Harmonium for the Sunday Schools and Wednesday evening lectures, and on Tuesday and Wednesday, the 5th and 6th insts., the object was most successfully achieved. The folio wing ladies and gentlemen contributed to the tree:âMrs. Astle, Penymaes; Mrs. Bate, Kolster- ton Miss Birch, Mold; Mrs E. J. Davies, Saithaelwyd Cottage Miss Davies, High-street; the Miss Davys, Meadow Cottage; Mrs. Denker: Miss Donnell. StaWbridge; the Miss Dykins, Greenfield; Mis?' Charlotte Dykins, Greenhill; Mrs. Moses D. Edwards; Miss Alice Edwards, and Miss M. E. Edwards, White Horse Hotel; Mr. Field Mrs. Gamer Mis., M. A. Gurnev Miss Harrison, Castle Ilill; Mrs. J'lhn Hughes, IJigh-street Misses C. and S. Hughes; Miss E. IluteEfield, Greenhill; the Miss Inglebvs; Miss Grace Jackson; Mrs. Hugh Jones; Mrs. Johnson Jones, Pistyll; Miss Jones, Penypylle Miss Ame lia Jones; Miss Jones, 16, Panton pLce; Miss Helen Jones, Chapel street; Miss Ellen Jones, High street; the Misses Jones, Whitford street; Mr. E. Jones High street; Miss J. Jones. Greenfield; Miss Jones, 2, Panton place Miss Jones, Penyball; Mrs. Leigh, the Miss Leighs the Miss Lloyds, London house Miss S. LI iyd. Vicarage the Miss Mathers, Glyn Abbot; Mrs. Morrison, Birkenhead Mr. William Newby; Miss M. A. Parry, Mold; Mr. John Powell, Well street; Miss Smalley, Mrs. R. Smedley, Mrs T. Smedley, the Miss Smedleys, Miss Stevens, Paper works Mrs. M. Vickers, Mr. E. J. Vickery, Miss Whitehousc, Mrs. Betty Williams, Peni-rnaes; Mrs. James Williams, Well street; the Misses Williams, Well street; the Misses Williams, Chapel street; Miss Winter, Mrs. J. H. Wolstenholme, Miss Wynne. The articles sent in numbered 800, and were, as might well be imagined, of a miscellaneous description, and with which there was no difficulty in dressing out the tree, although it stood fifteen feet high, and which was kindly given by Mrs. Jones, Penypylle. The tree was placed in St. Wenefred's Chapel, and the ancient edifice was most tastefully decorated for the interesting occasion, in a manner which evidently to. spoke that other hands than those of the lords of the creation had been at work, for taste and elegance were everywhere deseernable,-thatks to the fair and gentle hands of the ladies, who not only in getting up the tree, but also in decorating the chapel, were most busily engaged. To attempt to describe and to enumerate the mis- cellaneous fruit of the stately spruce would be impossible on our part, suffice it to say that its branches were laden with every description of fancy work, and also with most useful and suitable articles. The tree was first exhibited in the morning and also in the evening of Tuesday, and on the evening of Wednesday. On the first day it was visited, inspected, and, we are happy to say, deprived of its decorations to a very large extent, and a brisk and thriving trade was throughout the day carried on. In the evening, when lit up, the effect of the tree was particularly striking, and the scene was really a picturesque one.- The busy bum of commerce (!) was every where to be heard, and as a proof of the very superior abilities of the vendors in the sale of their goods, we may men- tion that every article was disposed of by Wednesday evening. Raffles for many of the articles were made, and little ducks of frocks, as the ladies termed them, and other similar interesting articles, occasionaliy fell to the lot of forlorn bachelors, whose bewilderment as to what they should do with them was commensurate with the hearty laugh with which their success was generally greeted. During the two days' exhibition Mr. Field, the organist, kindly presided at the piano, and greatly con- tributed to the enlivenment of the proceedings. Throughout the two exhibition days the Vicar was most actively engaged, and apparently appeared to be highly delighted with the successful undertaking of his congregation, and, we may safely add, that a closer tic between pastor and people no where exists than may happily be witnessed between the respected Vicar of Holywell and his parishioners. At the close of the proceedings Mr. Cole proposal a vote of thanks to he Vicar, who while thankfully acknowledging the compliment, remarked that his services were not worthy of any marked notice, but that especial thanks were due to the ladies, which at another time he would propose. The proceedings were then brought to a close by singing the National Anthem in which all the company present joined. -â



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