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FLINTSHIRE QUARTER SESSIONS. WEDNESDAY. Th? Epiphany Quarter Sessions for the County of Flint wore cn;maenced at the County Hall, Mold, on Wednesday forenoon. The magistrates present were âJohn Scott I;ankes, Esq., (chairman), C. B. T. Roper, Esq., Major Wills, Ll. F Lloyd, Esq., F. Phillips, Esq., and Capt. Roper. CHIEF CONSTABLE'S REPORT. The following report was read by the Chief Consta- ble â Chief Constable's office, i. Holywell, 6th Jan., 1864. M.y Lords and Gentleman,âI have" the honor to lay before â' you the several returns for the past quarter. Pay to all ranks â is, t552 48 lid; contingencies, KISO 2s 4d making a total of J6702 7s 3d. The amount to be handet' over to the treasurer to the credit of the police rate is, E57 6s 2d; to superannuation fund, £ 19 2s 2d and the order for convey ance of prisoners to gaol amounts to £10 18s. Seventeen indictable offences were reported to the police 12 persons were apprehended, 2 dis- charged, and 12 committed for trial. In the last quarter ending Sep. 30th, 7 cases were only reported, 4 persons were appre- hended, I discharged, and 3 committed. There would appear by comparing this with the Sept. quarter, a considerable in- crease in the number of offences, but in referring to a similar period of 1862, December quarter gives 16 cases as reported, 14 apprehensions, 3 discharges, and 11 committals, showing an increase of one offence, as compared with the corresponding period of 1S62. In cases disposed of summarily 175 were appre- hended and summoned, 25 were discharged, 1 dismissed on ray- ment of costs, and 150 were convicted. During the previous quarter 362 were summoned and apprehended, 73 discharged, and 289 were convicted. In a corresponding quarter of 1862, 2i8 were summoned and apprehended, 86 were discharged, and 4 193 Were convicted there being a decrease in this over the previous quarter of 197 cases, and as compared with the same period of 1862 (December quarter,) 103 cases. It is with much regret that I report three cases ofwitful burning, which have occurred recently in the Holywell division, namely, two rick- ⢠yards, and a large tract of mountain covert, belonging to Mr. [ Shipley Conway. The force is full, one man only ocing wanted | to make up the reserve. I am s"rrv to reportthe officer station- 1 ed at Bangor disabled by illness from doing police duty. His beat is and has been worked by adjoining1 constables and nothing has been reported of any moment for some time in that clivi- t sion, with the exception of a few cases of drunkenness. I beg to state that I haveprorcoted the inspector stationed at llanmer V, from tbs rank ot inspector to tnat of superintendent. He is an ""h. Energetic good officer, and fairly deserves this trilling nominal mark of approval. At the station houses and lockups at Khyl, tho hutinir mnpliir.prr is and the roof not water- proof at Holywell the roof is bad and chimneys smoky Hawarden the cells are damp from bad state of roof at Han. mer 5 more chimney tops are wanted, and some painting and papering is icquired. I have the honor to remain, My Lords an.1 Gentlemen, Your obedient servant, PETER HUOWSE, r Chief Constable of Flintshire." THE COMMITTEES. The names of the members of tho Police, County Rate, Lunatic Asylum, and -Gaol committees were read over by the clerk (A. T. Roberts, Esq) Mr. Falkner Lloyd asked how it was that the name of the Rev. Mr. Roberts had been taken off the list of this committee. That gentleman had been asked to attend there and it was found that his name was not upon the committee His name had beeu upon the committee, and he had acted in it. After some discussion it was agreed that the name of the Rev. Mr. Roberts and Mr. Philips should be added to the list of the members of the gaol committee. The committee as now constituted consists of Mr. Philips, Mr. Lloyd, Major Wills, Mr. Bankes, Captain Massey, and the Rev. Mr. Roberts. The additions to the standing list are Mr. Philips and the Rev. Mr. Roberts. VISITING JUSTICES' REPORT. Mr. Falkner Lloyd read the Visiting Justices' report- Mr. Falkner Lloyd read the Visiting Justices' report- which was very satisfactory. The accounts were examined and passed. The governor was instructed to issue the notices for the contracts to supply the gaol for the next six months. GAOLER'S REPORT. This report was also read. COUNTY SURVEYOR'S REPORT. The report, which was a lengthy one, had reference to Pont Robin, St. Asaph, and Rhydlan bridges, and Hanmer, Overton and Rhyl Lockups. THE COUNTY REFORMATORIES. It was announced that the reformatory at Kingswood was so full as to prevent the admission of any more boys. A reformatory in Glamorganshire was open to receive bovs, and the Justices' plerk was instructed to write to the authorities at Glamorganshire, that the magistrates were aware of that institution being available. In reply to one or two questions it was stated that the terms of admission to the Glamorgan- shire reformatory were the same as those to Kings- wood. RETENTION OF COUNTY LAW BOOKS BY THE EXECUTOR OF THE LATE CHAIRMAN OF QUARTER SESSIONS. ..q Certain law books belonging to the late Chairman of J 8 P1-' quarter sessions (Mr. Richards) bad been retained by his executor, Mr. Morgan, on the ground that they were the property of the deceased gentleman. Mr. Roberts (the present clerk) had been instructed to write for them, and a letter was now read from Mr. Morgan, declining to give them up upon the grounds already stated-namely, that they were private pro- perty.âThe magistrates were of opinion that the books were county property, and ought to be given up. They were resolved to enforce their claim. THE COUNTY AND POLICE RATES. It was agreed that the county rate for the ensuing quarter should be £ 800; and that the police rate for the same period should be S400. PROPOSED AMALGAMATION OF THE FLINT BOROUGH POLICE WITH THE COUNTY CONSTABULARY. A deputation consisting of the Mayor of Flint, (J. JL Huntley, Esq., and the Town Clerk, (P. Ellis 'Eyton, Esq ,) waited upon the magistrates in refer- ence to a proposal emanating from the Borough of Flint, to consolidate the borough and county con- stabulary. The deputation were now ready to enter into arrangements respecting it. It was arranged that a meeting of the police committee should be summoned, for the deputation to lay the matter before them, and the committee could then draw up a report upon the scheme, for the next meeting of the magistrates, which it was agreed should take place on the 125th inst. THURSDAY. Trial of Prisoners. STEALING TIMBER AND SHIP-BUILDING TOOLS AT FLINT. William Evans, (35) labourer, surrendered to his bail, and was charged with stealing three pieces of timber, used as the ribs for small pleasure boats, a smoothing plane, a beat plane, and a brace, the pi-iiperty of Messrs.. M'Cullum, Furguson, and Bird, ship-builders, of Flint, t on the 18th day of November.âMr. I. Williams appeared for the prosecution, and Mr. Swetcnham for the defence. Committed to prison for two months, FELONY AT OVERTON. Catherine Francis surrendered to her bail, and was charged with stealing a tin can, a looking-glass, three silver spoons, and a silver watch chain, the property of Mr. James Jones, of Overton, who was the executor of the late Mrs Elizabeth Roberts, with whom the prisoner had lived as maid-servant. Sentenced to four months' imprisonment with hard labour. FELONY AT IIOLYWELL. John Williams (44), miner was charged with steal- inga sack containing some wearing apparel and groceries the property of John Roberts, on the 24th December, Mr. Ignatius Williams prosecuted, and Mr. Swetenham defended. The Jury returned a verdict of Not Guilty, and the prisoner was discharged, the learned Chairman advising him to adopt this motto for the future, "Be careful." THEFT AT MOT.D. Thorn as Emmanuel, alias Emmanual (22), shoemaker, pleaded guilty to stealing a black silk scarf and a pair of worsted cuffs, the property of Mr. Dykins, of Mold, on the 8th November. A previous conviction having been proved against him, he was sentenced to 18 month's imprisonment. STEALING COPPER AT HOLYWEJL. Joseph Amos, (44) labourer was charged with steal- ing six pounds weight of copper, value 5s., the pro- perty of William Keates and others (prisoner's masters), of Holywell, on] the 6th November. The prisoner had been employed as a washer at the copper works of Messrs Newton, Keates, and Co, Holywell, and about the date mentioned he sold 6ttis of copper for lOd. to a man named George O'Neil who afterwards sold it to Mr. Jukes, marine store dealer, of the same place. The copper had been in the shape of a pan, but was beaten up when sold by the prisioner. The jury found the prisoner guilty, and he was sentenced to six months' imprisonment with hard labour. STEALING MONEY AT TRYDDYN. Edward Morria, collier was charged with feloniously stealing two sovereigns, one purse and one key, the property of James Pendlebury, at Trvddyn, on the 9th day of November, 1863. Mr. Ralph prosecuted; the prisoner was undefended. The jury after a short deliberation found the prisoner guilty.âSentence 9 months' imprisonment hard labour. STEALING HARNESS. Michael Davies was charged with feloniously steal- ing one back band, the propeity of the Coed Talon Colliery Company, his masters, at Tryddyn, on the 4th of March, 1863. Mr. Ralph prosecuted, and Mr. Williams, defended the prisoner. Not Guilty. STEALING A LEG OF MUTTON. Hugh Ellis was charged with stealing a leg of mutton the property of John Cunnah, at Buckley. Mr. Swettenham prosecuted, and Mr. Williams defended the prisoner. Not Guilty. MALICIOUSLY WOUNDING AT MOLD. Edward Williams and Thomas Williams, the one described in the calendar as a labourer and the other as a collier, were charged with having on the 9th Dec., 1863, at the parish of Mold. unlawfully and maliciously with a stick and by other means wounded one Robert Jones, with intent to do him bodily harm. Mr. Sweten- ham prosecuted the prisoners were undefended. The prisoners having each addressed the jury, stating that they were challenged by prosecutor first to fight, the jury brought a, verdict of guilty, and they were each sentenced to eighteen months' imprisonment, with hard labour. â¦




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