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EPITOME OF NEWS. BRITISH AND FOREIGN. Vegetable ivory, in contact with concentrated sulphuric acid, takes a splendid red colour, almost equal to magenta. At first it is pink, but gradually becomes deeper, until it attains a purple when the acid has been allowed to act for twelve hours. A fire occurred last week in the Belfast Lough, a very pretty piece of pleasure ground, formed by the mud scraped out of the channel, and much frequented as a healthful promenade by the people of the town. It is called the Queen's Island. A movement has been set on foot for the purpose of providing a testimonial for "Talhairn," who is well known throughout the Principality as "the Burns of Wales," whose health has failed him, for his services to Welsh literature. The testimonial is to be one of a sub- stantial character, in the form of an annuity. Last week sixty-four persons died in London at the age of 80 years and upwards, and a pensioner is registered as having died in Newton-street, Shoreditch, on the 29th December, at the age of 100 years. At Edmond's, late Wombwell's Royal Windsor Castle Menagerie, Hackney, a Bactrian or double-humped camel gave birth last week to a very fine young one, which, together with the mother, are doing well. This is the only instance on record of a camel being born in England. The bazaars of Delhi and Umritsir look to see if we are to be beaten by the Hill tribes, just as all India looked to Delhi in 1857 and thus what was at first a trifling frontier war, such as we have fought 20 times since the annexation of the Punjab, has become a matter of Imperial interest. âLetter from India. P A correspondent sayp, that at the funeral of Thackeray there were many actors, some even of the humblest kind, and among them was Mackney, the nigger melodist, whose comical face for once wore a rueful expression. At a meeting of the London Volunteer Corps, Colonel M'Murdo stated that there had been a decrease of 4,000 efficient" volunteers as compared with the previous year. The falling off was, however, only apparent, as the force had vastly improved. There had been an increase in the force of 12,000 men. Dr. Andrew Reed wrote the following epitaph for himself" I sprang from the people; I have lived for the people-the most for the most-unhappy; and the people, when they shall know it, will not allow me to die out of their loving remembrance." The star of fashion in Chicago is a Canadian half- breed. She is said to be surpassingly beautiful, and is the petted and idolised wife of a rich man, who took her when a little child from her mother's lodge, had her educated in a convent, and for a time set all Chicago wild with his lovely foreign" bride. All the footmen at Osborne have changed their sombre suits to scarlet liveries. The pages and dressers in immediate attendance on the Queen continue to wear black. The Montreal papers give an account of the marriage of Lieutenant-Colonel Lord Abinger, of the Scots Fusilier Guards, to Miss Ella Magruder, daughter of Commodore Magruder, late of the United States Navy, and niece of Major-General J. B. Magruder, commanding Confederate forces in Texas. The marriage was celebrated at Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal. The Danish army in the field now numbers 40,500 men. A prospectus has been issued of the International Race-course Society, with a oapital of 50,0002., in shares of lOl., for the purpose of buying or renting lands upon the Con- tinent, or is England, suitable for race and steeplechase courses. [What next 1] Five persons have been killed and a number injured by a collision on the Northern Railway of France. In addition to the four grand balls at the Tuileries, which every year give such powerful aid to the commerce of Paris, there will be, every Monday, a more select ball in the private apartments of the Empress. The third of those select fetes will be a fancy-dress one. The decision of the Court of Exchequer, on the application for a new trial in the Alexandra case, was given on Monday. The Chief Baron and Mr. Baron Branlwell were against a new trial; Barons Channell and Pigott were in favour of it. The court was thus equally divided, and in order that an appeal might lie, Baron Pigott, as the junior baron, withdrew his judgment. The rule for a new trial being therefore discharged, the Attorney-General gave notice of appeal to the Exchequer Chamber. A wreath is exhibited at a fair in Gloucester, this Christmas week (says an American paper) that is composed of the hair of one hundred different residents of that town, none of whom is under seventy years of age, while ten of them are over ninety, and one is a centenarian. The lady who made it is fifty-nine, and has been four years about it. In the workroom of a joiner, who shot himself dead at Birmingham, a few days ago, was found a coffin lined with flannel, which he had prepared for himself. Upon the coffin was pinned a sheet of paper, upon which was written :â Tell hour worthy Coroner that I Died by a gunshot wound Inflicted by my own hand to get out of my Misery and the Extortionate Good for Nothing Docktors." Among the -visitors to the Queen at Osborne has been Professor Max Muller. A rival to Niagara is said to have been discovered in the Valley of the Snake, or Lewis Fork, of the Columbia. In the London office of the Electric Telegraph Com- pany alone, there are a dozen machines and operators for Liverpool work only. The fact appears to be established that an American house in China supplied Prince Satsuma of Japan with ordnance and small arms. The late Mr. Thackeray, before his death, settled 3002. a year on each of his two daughters. He leaves behind a considerable amount of property besides. Joseph Lane, an alleged deserter from the Federal army, was shot at Morria Island, Charleston, on the 18th uiji. He denied his guilt, and at the last moment exclaimed, We will meet in heaven. I die an Englishman 1" Margaret Godfrey, an abandoned woman, under I sentence of one month's imprisonment, escaped from the Sheffield prison on Tuesday last, but in doing so injured her spine, and was re-arrested in the infirmary, to which, it is supposed, she had been carried by her paramours. It is stated that Captain Napier, who recently paid off the Malacca, at Portsmouth, before the period usually allotted for officers to fly the pendant in one oommissioi>, will probably be selec te d to command the iron-cased ship Research, lately launched at Pembroke. "Matrimony.âA gentleman, aged 27, with an annual income of 350i., wishes to correspond with an amiable and well-educated young lady, with a view to matrimony; for- tune no object.âPlease address (enclosing carte de visite) Bachelor,Post-office, Over Darwen.Advertisement i?& "Ma?t. chester Examiner." A New York journal announces that the value of of the prizes captured by the Federal navy since the com- mencement of the rebellion amounts to 100,000,000 dollars, of which one-half has been distributed among the captors, and the other half placed to the credit of the fund for the relief of disabled seamen. The proprietor of an almanack at Yarmouth, having offered a prize for the best local conundrum, the judges have selected the following from about one hundred sent in What is the slight difference between a fashionable lady's dress and the trade of Yarmouth ?-The one is extended by her hoops, and the other by her rings [herrings]." The heir-apparent of Italy is badly off in his selec- tion of a wife, being limited to three princesses, all of them German. It is taken for granted, of course, that Princo Humbert will not be permitted to marry either a Protestant or a princess of the house of Austria; and it is taken for granted that no Austrian princess would be permitted to marry him. Some enterprising ladies in New York are deter- mined to give a death-blow to crinoline, but wisely see that some equally witching attraction must be substituted. Their notion is very short dresses, a la" buy-a-broom girl," dis- closing much of the leg, and a very high ankle boat, some- thing in the style of a Balmoral. It is said that the English life insurance companies have respectfully declined the proposal of the French life insurance companies to take a share (80,XXKM.) in the large insurance proposed on the life of her Majesty the Empress. It is said that strychnine has been administered to some of the brigands near Carignano by a very zealous friend of Italy. It is only correct to state that the zealous indi- vidual was arrested for his pains by an ungrateful country. The farmers of the Wolds of the East Riding of Yorkshire appear to be leading a very anxious life just now since the incendiary fires stopped, burglaries have heguJ1. A wolf recently make a raid through three villages in Galicia, and before the animal was Tilled it had wounded,& number of persons. The Earl of Stamford and Warrington has been celebrating his birthday at Bradgate, Lancashire, one of the means of celebration being a game battue. In four days the noble earl and his party shot 8,794 head of game. Her Majesty has expressed a strong opinion against any important change being made again in the uniform of the Royal Navy. Alston, a breaksman, of Preston, was run over and killed at Penrith Station, on Wednesday, as he was unloading some telegraph poles. The Count de Paris, who i. now at Seville, is engaged to be married to the eldest daughter of the Duke of Montpensier, the Infanta IsabeL The Dumbarton Herald says that the increase in the population of that town during the past twelve years has been at the rate of 100 per cent. During a shooting match at Brighton, a young man named Oats struck a dog, which had seized a bird, with the butt-end of his gun. The charge exploded, and killed Oats. It is said that, among other forms of atoning for the murder of Mr. Richardson, in Japan, a handsome mausoleum, with a suitable inscription, has been proposed by Prince Satsuma, to be erected on the spot where the outrage took place. Dr. Cresswell, charged with manslaughter at St. Catherine's (says a New York paper), has been admitted to bail iin the sum of twelve hundred dollars. He claims to be a brother of the late Judge Cresswell, of the English Divorce Court. The New York Herald mentions the arrest of "Lieutenant Rooks, of the British army," as he was about to sail to Bermuda. The lieutenant had in his possession "a large number of unstamped letters and several inflamma- tory pieces of poetry." A controversy has been going on in the Times on the arbitrary powers exercised by railway companies in the con- struction of new lines, over the owners of houses and land. A correspondent of the New York Herald, writing from Havanna, states that the French minister, Vicomte de Saligny, became desperately enamoured of a lady, named Donna Dolores, at Mexico, and so neglected his duties that his recal was sent out. The minister demurred, and it was not until he was threatened, in a letter from the Emperor, with forcible removal, that he submitted to return. The New York Times asserts that the account of the King and Heenan fight, which appeared in the Times, was written by Mr. Thomas Hughes, author of "School Days at Rugby," Tom Brown at Oxford," &c., who reported the fight between Heenan and Sayers for the same paper four years ago. [We have our doubts.âED.] A fisherman belonging to Arnside met with a very melancholy fate in Morecambe Bay last week. He had been shooting wild fowl, when he was overtaken by the darkness and the rapidly rising tide. His shouts startled the fisher- men on shore, who went out in their boats to save him, but the tide covered and swept him away, thougbihe attempted rescuers were able to hold a conversation witnnim. Mr. Lafone, of Liverpool, who suspended payment in March, 1858, with mercantile liabilities for 246,5494., but who undertook, upon receiving a letter of licence, to pay ultimately 20s. in the pound, with interest at 5 per cent., has already accomplished that object, and fully justified the confidence reposed in him. "Commodore" Vanderbilt and his lady recently celebrated then- golden wedding at New York, and received presents from their twelve children. The commodore pre- sented Mrs. Vanderbilt a miniature propellor of pure gold, twenty inches long and five wide, with exquisitely wrought revolving towers, which filled the room with fairy music whenever the delicate machinery was set in motion. Notice has been drawn to the gradual subsidence of the scale of human measurement in the Imperial service. At the beginning of this century the French recruit was required to stand five feet two in height; at the Restoration the figure fell to five feet nothing while the latest propor- tion forced on military acceptance is four feet eight. The account that went the round of the daily papers as to the sparring trick King played on his landlord at Hassok's Gate, letting him aim at King's head, and then jumping on one side, is declared to be a canard-by the land- lord himself. While Colonel Fremantle was at Shelbyville he saw Bishop Elliott, of Georgia, baptise General Bragg. The bishop took the general's hand in his own (the latter kneeling in front of the font), and said, "Braxton, if thou hast not already been baptised, I baptise thee," &c. Immediately afterwards he confirmed General Bragg, who then shook hands with General Polk, the officers of their respective staffs, and myself, who were the only spectators. An immense quantity of smokeless coal (30,000 to 40,000 tons monthly) is being shipped from Cardiff to Nassau and contiguous ports for the use of blockade runners, to whom smoke is an abomination, as pointing out their where abouts at sea. A flower-stand, the gift of the ladies of Victoria to the Princess Alexandra, has arrived by the last maiL The stand is a very handsome one, and bears the inscription:- "To her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales, from the Ladies of Victoria, 14th of March, 1863.