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To be Sold. -Price £ 650. A PLANTATION, COTTAGE, and PADDOCK, called PEN-Y-VRON' about three miles from Mold, and near Coed Du and Rhyd-y-mwyn Iron Works. The Property measures about Seventeen Acres. The Mineral belongs to the Lords of Mold. Apply to Ralph Richardson, Esq., Cranford, Exmouth. V WANTED. WANTED, several COLLECTORS for the Flint, Holywell, and Mostyn Districts of Tolls. AllPersons applying for the above will be required to proluce a written character for honesty, &c Apply to Mr. Lloyd, Greenfield, near Holywell. Horses aud Carriages for Hire. OLD ANTELOPE INN, WELL STREET, J. HOLYWELL. RICHARD ELLIS RESPECTFULLY intimates that his Posting Department is now replete; and excellent and safe Saddle and Harness Horses may at all times be had, together with neat four-wheel'd and other Carriages. Charges strictly moderate. Excellent Accommodation for Travellers. WILLIAM OWENS, Saddler & Harness Maker, WHITFORD STREET, HOLYWELL. WO. respectfully announces that he has just re- ⢠ceived a large assortment of Patent Enamelled Leather Leggings, and also Brown Tanned, of all sizes and patterns, suitable for Winter wear. HORSE CLOTHING of every variety COMPLETE. Leather Portmanteaus, Railway Wrappers, Waterproof Chaise Aprons, and Driving Capes, Single and Double Texture Mackintoshes, of the best ma- terial, made to order. SLATES. ON SALE, at Llanerohymor Lead Works, near Holywell, a large assortment of SLATES of the following qualities and sizes:â BEST BLUE. I STEIFBD. I INFERIOR. 22 in. by 12 in. 24.in. by 12 in. 24 in. by 12 in. 20 in. by 10 in. 22 in. by 12 in. 22 in. by 12 in. 18 in. by 10 in. 20 in. by 10 in. I 20 in. by 10 in. 18 in. by 10 in. 18 in. by 10 in. 16 in. by 10 in. 16 in. by 10 in. 1 16 in, by 8 in. For further particulars and prices apply at the Office of the above Works, or to Mr. HENRY WILLIAMS, Royal Hotel, Greenfield. J TO BE LET, ND entered,upon December 31st, 1863, all that A HOUSE AND SHOP, in Well-street, Holywell, heretofore occupied bv the widow of the late Mr Robert Winstanley, watchmaker. Apply to Mr. Hugh Williams, Bagillt-atreet, Holywell. BLACK SILKS. V PATTERNS POST FREE. The Novelties for the Season are the DRAP DE LYON. DAUPHINOISE. DRAP DE FRANCE. GROS DE LONDRES. ARMURE. These new makes of Silks are superior to any yet introduced. They are RICH, BRILLIANT, OF SOFT FINISH, MAY BB RELIED ON WB. WEAR, Being imported direct from Lyons, they will be charged 20 PER CENT. XJNDER REGULAR PRICES. GEORGE Aim ipnray JJEE, 2H, 24, 26, BASNETT-STIIEET, LIYKBPOOL. RAW BONE AND NITR0P#SPHATE MANURES, "V FOR GRASS, WHMT, 8SIg.) c. DA VIDBAILL AND Co., WAVERTON MANURE jftUBKS, CHESTITB, HAVING arranged with Mr. OWEN JONES to act as.thei|JH|lj^ &e Holywell District, would respect- fully solicit from the Landowners and Tenant Farmerfj^Htf&cfr wdera. The Bones and Manufactured Manures are pure and of Samples, Price Lists, &c., may bo bad on application toâ. Mr OWES JOfjPpPanton Place, HolywreU 'f. MUSICAL CIRCULATING AND PRESENTATION LIBRARY, ON THE LONDON PRINCIPLES- » TERMSâTwo Guineas per year, (for shorter periods in entitling the Subscriber to MUSIC to the amount of one half of the subscription. i.i, i' BOUCRER & CO, 27, -B R I THE NEWEST MUSIC DAILY FROM LONDON. Half Price for Cash including the NEW OPERAS OF BIANEA,_ -QUEEN T AZE) ROBIN HOOD, ETC., ETC., NEW ND SECOSD-HA'ND PIANOFORTES, HARMONIUMS, &c., In every variety, fodfale or Hire. INSTRUMENTS T A K E.W IN EXCHANGE. '!â > I iL *Q^URRAY'S PURE FLUID MAGNESIA O is recommended by Physicians since 1807, for t Bile, Additien, and Itadigestion.-They also order his t Cordial Camphor (3 grs. per oz.) as the best restorative for weak nerves, or low fevers-His Lemon Si/rup mixed with either Fluid, forms a brisk Aperient for any age-bottles Is. and 2s. 6d.âTo guard against false liquids, the Patentees labels are subscribed Sir J. Murray, Pltysician to the Lord Lieut." Agent for Ifolvwell-MR. ROBERTS. CHEMIST. ^MICHAEL PARRY, Wholesale and Retail, TIMBER MERCHANT, SSIO) IF L I 3SJ" T 3 TT AVING now discharged a PRIME CARGO of XX very superior Timber, consisting of ELM RED and YELLOW PINE, BALKS, with PLANKS and LATH WOOD, &c., respectfully solicits orders for the same, which shall be immediately attended to, upon the most moderate terms. r» S: ^as a]f.0 eon8tantly in stock very superior OAK Timber, Slates, Laths, Boards, and other build- ing materia. l.- âââ ESTABLISHED, 1826, thomasTickers* NITROGEN ISKD BONE, BLOOD, AND ANIMAL CHARCOAL N A N V R B S, WORKS:âSANDBACH, CRBWE, CHESHIRE; HAZLEHEAD, PEN I STONE, near DON CASTER and MANCHESTER BONE MILLS. For further particulars and list of prices apply to MB. THOS. AOTBURY,GALCHOG, NOUTHOP, FLINT'S; Agent for North Wales. All Goode delivered Carriage Paid, in 1 cwt.. bags EDWARDS & ROBERTS, Wholesale and Retail Timber Merchants, HOLYWELL. EVERY description of British and Foreign Timber Boards, Planks, Laths, Felloes, Coffin-lx a"ds. &c., &c., always in stock. Also, BRICKS, &e. YARDS :âDee Bank, BAGILLT, and Halkyn .t., IELOLTWELL. Timber valuations ectreetly made. G. LINDSEY, PORK, POULTRY, GAME, AND DAIRY PROVISION SALESMAN, No. 10, Skinners' Place, Leadenhall Market, LONDON, RESPECTFULLY solicits consignments, and to assure those who may favor him with GOODS for sale, that by strict attention and prompt letunis, to merit confidence, and give satisfaction. t,- RATS. RATS!! RATS! IMPORTANT & VALUABLE DISCOVERY. HARVEY'S method EXTERMINATES all the Lais on the Premises in ONE WEEK, without the use of Poisons, Traps, Dogs, or Ferrets, andeaves No Dead Rats in the Holes, Simple in its operation, Trifling in its expense, CERTAIN in its SUCCESS, permanent in its result. It has proved an IMMENSE BOON to hundreds o/ Farmers; is INVALUABLE to all Persons whose Lands or Premises are infested with these obnoxious and destructive Vermin; and is universally acknow- ledged to be the Greatest Success of the Day. Sent, post free, by the Inventor, on receipt of 30 Stampa AddresS-WILLIAM HARVEY, Wellington Road, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. TIIOMAS OWENS, Joiner, Builder, and Licensed Appraiser WHITFORD STREET, HOLYWELL GENERAL FURNISHING WAREHOUSE, New and second-hand Furniture of every des- cription always in Stock. Every description of Timber for building purposed, Laths, fire bricks, tiles See.âalso Coffin Boards, and an assortment of Carnarvonshire Grave Stones and Tombs. Also NOW ON SALE,âSpring and other small Carts, Pheeton and Harness, small Gig aiid ditto, and a miscellaneous assortment of useflil articles. Water-closet and apparatus complete. Horse and Trap, lor TTire. j NJ-JEELE R AND WILSON is CELEBRATED LOCK-STITCH t SEWING MACHINES, WITH RECENT IMPROVRMUKTB T i | HEMS. | «^FEMS| OW Tucim G GATH^S. «T Bnni BaAxdr IT ComJ LONDON, 1862. PARIS, 1861. | OMMUOTION GRATU. f Machines carefWlr packed ant safe deliwy guaranteed to any pwt of the country. < Prospectus and Sftmplea sent to snyaddrew. 4 I;" ISDN HURDLES at WERN, near FLINT. nrso BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY the _I| following Iron and Wooden Hurdles: y r 288 Iron Park Hurdles 6 rails. H 1 HO Do. Do. 4 & 5 do. 224 Smaller Do. 2 do. 40 Wooden Do. For Price, apply to Mr. ISAAC TAYLOR, Lead Agent, FWNT. ti | FLINTSHIRE DISPENSARY, l VfOTICE IS riEREtti GIVEN, that the General i. l Annual Meeting of the Trustees, Benefactors, abd Subscribers to thc^above Charity, will take place at the Board Room of the Institution, Bagilit-street, Holywell, on Wednesday, the 27th day of January i|stsnt, at Twelve o'clock at Noon, for the purpose of auditing the Accounts for the past Year, for appoint- ing Officers for the ensuing Year, aAd for other general purposes relating to the Charity. EDWARD JONES, f Honorary Secretary. 1 Holywell, Dec. 30th, 1863. J I AGENTS WANTED V fOR a well known MANURE which commands a |L neady aale, is highly recommended by Customers fur several years, and sold carriage free Liberal terms givun. Address, B.C., 10, Pall Mall East, London. I f Kinah&n's Celebrated Old LL Whisky. â¦TTINAHAN'S LL WHISKY V. COGNAC 'JV. BRANDY.âThis celebrated old Irish Whisky rivals the finest French Brandy. It is pure, mild, mellow, delicious,$nd very wholesome. Sold in ^bottles, 3s. 8d.âObserve the red seal, pink label, and I AQENT FOR HOLYWELL,â ⢠THOMAS HUGHES, WINE & SPIRIT MERCHANT. SPREAD EAGLE IKN. f Old Wines and Spirits of the finest t description, in Sealed Bottles.. MESSRS. GABRIELS INVENTION. OSTEO E I D 0 N- PATENT, MARCH 1ST, 1862, No. 560. ABRIELIS Self-adhesive Patent Indestructible MTXERAL G TEETH and FLKXIliLK GUMS, without palates,, springs, or wires, and without t)i One set lasts a lifetime, and warranted for mastication a ru. articulation, even when all others fail. Purest materials oulr, at half the usual cost. MESSKS. GABRIEL, The Old Established Dentists, 27, HAELEI-STSEKT, CAVENDISH-SQUASH, AND 34, LTDOAIK-HM, LONDON, LIVERPOOL, 134, DtrKE-ST. BIRMINGHAM, 65, NEW STREET. ONLY ONE VISIT REQUIRED FROM COUNTRY PATIENTS. Complete Sets from 4 to 7, and 10 to 15 Guineas. GABRIEL'S PRACTICAL TREATISE ON ARTIFICIAL TEETH, and the only effectual mode of supplying them, (Post Free) explains their numerous improvements. Gabriel's new work should be read by all who value health and before consulting a dentist.âHERALD. In addition to their own 'nventions, Messrs. Gabriel supply with equal success, every known method, whether English French, or American, in Gold, Platina, Guttapercha, Incorrod- ible Soft Gum, Lentum, etc. Gabriel's Patent White Euamel, the only permanent stopping that does not discolour the teeth. Specially adapted for Front Teeth. WANTED WANTED, a steady young MAN, to take charge 0 a pair of Horses, and to make himself generally useful on a Farm. He must be a good Ploughman, and be able to give a reference as to character.â Enquire at Top-y-Fron, Flint. HOLYWELL TIMBER YARD. EDWARDS & ROBERTS BEG most thankfully to tender their grateful JO acknowledgements to their numerous patrons for the liberal support they have received as Timber Merchants, and avail themselves of this opportunity of intimating to their friends and the public generally that they have now added to their present business that of CONTRACTORS & JOINERS, and respectfully solicit the favor of public patronage in this department, assuring all parties who may honor them with their commands, that their orders shall at all times receive their best and immediate attention. Every description of Joiners' and Wheelwrights' work undertaken, either by day or contract, any Estimates for the erection and completion of every kind of Building forwarded on application. The most experienced and able workmen at all times employed. Starch Manufacturers to H. R. H. the Princess of Wales. Aâ' GLENFIELD PATENT STARCH, AWARDED THE PRIZE MEDAL, 1862. THIS TOMVAIXBD STARCH 18 USED IN THE ROYAL LAUNDRY, And pronounced by Her MAJESTY'S LAFNDKESP to be THE FINEST STARCH SHE EVER USKD. HER HAJBSTTTS LAOE DRESSER DECLARES IT TO BB THE BEST SHE HAS TRIED, AND THE ABOVS AWABS BY 80MB OF THE XOIT BKUTBNT 90UMTMO MM OF TBS AGB, Confirms ita supwiority. o,ralumn ft Co., Gxjuooir ABD LONDON rsr^j- EDUCATION. i Hope Cottage, Pen-y-maes, HOLYWELL, FLINTSHIRE, P- MRS,~AST £ E RESPECTFULLY announces that th«a»ea of berv establishment will be resumed sftw tfijfg?hnstmas Vacation, on Monday the 25th JanuHay, 18$%^ Terms, &c., may be had on application, fv > Jan. 1st, 186.. u ⢠} z,- i-, Grammar and iCommereiftl Sdiool, BEYNPORD HOUSE, HofcY-VYELL. School be Re-O]^^ Jan. 1st, 1864. PERTHYTERFYN COTTAGE, Boarding and Day School. is HOLYWELL. MRS. M. VICKERS RESPECTFULLY announces that her School will be Re-opeued on Monday, the 25th of January 1864. Chapel Street, Holywell, THE MISSES JONES' BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL. WILL be Re-opcned on Wednesday, the 20th, day fT of January, 1864. b Jan. 1st, 1864. CLAREMONT COTTAGE, HOLYW MLI- MRS. THOMAS JONES begs respectfully to intimate that her School will be re-opened on the 18th JANVABY instant. l BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, GREENFIELD LODGE, HOLYWELL. V THE MISSES SWINDELLS beg to intimate that the duties of their School will be resumed January 25th, 1864. THE MISSES WHITEHOUSE RESPECTFULLY announce that their Boarding and Day School will be re-opened on WEDNES- DAY, JANCAEY 20th, 1864. January 8tb, 1864. MR. J. M FIELD, Professor of Jfwie, and Organist of the Parish Church, HOLYWELL, BEGS respectfully to intimate that he receives D Pupils for the Pianoforte, Organ, and Harmonium. Terms on an Agency*; in connectiojf^fith"hjs fathers estaElis^! ment at Blackburn, for the sale of Pianofortes, Harmoniums, Sheet Music, and every other Article connected with the Music Trade, and solicits an inspection. Sheet Music at Half-price. Pianos repaired and tuned by the year, or otherwise. CLAKEMONT COTTAGE, Holywell, Oct. 21st, 1863. READ the Naw Medical Work entitled DEBILITY, ITS CAUSE AND.CURE, or a Warning Voic to Young Men on the Cure of Nervous Debility, Loss of Memory, Dimness of Sight, Lassitude, indigestion: Dislike to Society. Local Weakness, Muscular Relaxation, Languor, Listlessness, Depression, &c., which, if neglected, result in Consumption, Insanity, and premature death. This work is illustrated with hundreds or cases and tesimonials from patients, showing clearing the treatment by which they were cured; with plain directions for perfect restoration to health and vigour. Sent post-free to any address, on receipt of a directed envelope, enclosing two postage-stamps. Addresf ⢠Messrs. SMITH, 8, Burton-crescent, Tavistock-square London W.C. V Consultation by Letter without Fee. MESSRS. SMITH will, for the benefit of persons differing from NERVOUS DEBILITY, &c., on receiving a rtescvipton of their cases (enclosing a stamped directed envelope for reply) send a written opinio. 1 with advice and directions for the most successful treatment and cure. Address Messrs. SMITH, 8, Burton-crescent, London, W.C.. A CURE TO BE HAD fR A TRIFLE J.-1 BY HOLLO WAY'8 OINTMENT. Bad Legs, Bad Breasts, and Ulcerations of all kinds. The cure of ulcers has won for Holioway'f Ointment an imperishable reputation, as this healing Ointment will restore any case however bad to soundness Many bad legs arise from imprudences, happening several years before and almost for- gotten if, then, there he any doubt as to the origin of the sores, the patient should read carefully what is written on secondary symptoms in the Book of Directions, as those sores never heal soundly until the systen has undergone a thorough course of Holloway's purifying Pills. Coughs, Colds, Sore Throats, Diptherja and Bronchitis. Any of the above ailments may be quickly cured if the Ointment be well and effectually rubed into the neck arul chest twice a day, leaving the parts constantly covered with a rag spread with the preparation if this treatment be adopted promptly, in six hours it will effectually stop the most al aim in 3 symptoms. It must be evident that an outward application applied to the seat of the disorder must be more effectual than any that can be taken by the mouth Holloway's Pills should be used according to the directions in orderto subdue irritation, inflammation or fever. Youthful Indiscretion. How many poor women suffer from the indiscretion o husbandsâwhich results in bad legs, swellings, loss of health, and rheumatism-as they supposeâalthough it is nothing of the kind-but the effect of a certain disease taking hold of the system-no ordinary medicine can cure them, because the dis- ease has sunk deeply into their constitution. Children often have sores, and bad heads, which do not heal, for the reason that contamination occurred before their birth. Let all who may suffer from such causes have recourse to the purifying and healing 1 roperties of these wonderful Ointment and Pills, observing carefully what is said in the book of directions on Secondary Symptoms, .which, if strictly followed, will effect any cure of the kind, but it will be a work of a little time. Both the Ointment and Pills should be used in the following -mm Bad Legs Bad Breasts Bums BunionB Bite of Moschetoes and Sand Fiee Coco-bay Chiego-ioot Chilblains Chapped hands Corns (Softl Cancers Contracted and 81ft Joints Elephantiasis Fistulas Gout Glandular Swellings Lumbago Plies Rheum atieam Scalds Sore Nipples Sore-throats Skin-diseases Scurvy Sore-heads Tumours Ulcers Wounds Yaws Sold at the Establishment of PXOPESSOB OLLOWAY, BMf. Strand, (near Temple Bar,) London; and all respectable Druggists and Dealers in Medicines, throughout the civilised world, at the following prices :-I I lid.. 28 8d., 4s. 6d., lis 22s., and S3sâ each Pot. â¢.â¢There is e considerable saving by taking the larger sixes N.B.âDirections for the guidance of patients in very disoder arc ai&xed t* each Pot.

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