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v- ONOE ONLT jjjjjjj IN FIVE YEARS. In deference to the expressed wishes of many friends â¢, the Directors have resolved that Life Proposals carried out in the current year shafl partici- pate in the next division of Profits. E RS ONS destrnts ertaking advantage of this privilege are invited to forward their Proposals to the Offices, or to any of the Company's Agents without delay. or The new Life Business Ãf this year is 65 PER CENT. ABOVE that if last year. tttttj ANTHONY DILLOAR. 'lCI'ehI'1 t. tJr. c. tWtmClAL INSURANCE COMPAHT. 1861. High Stred, WREXHAM. Strut, 77, Buchanan Strut, tQHDQN. GLASGOW. A PPLICATIONB for AGENCIES to the PEOVIN- CIAXi INSURANCE COMPANY are invited to be made on or before FRIDAY, the 13th NGYEM- BER fiext. when A Meeting of the Board will b held to consider the. same. A. DILLON, Secretary. ClIIEF OFFICES, "WBKXHAM. The Directors will entertain applications from reai- deals m country districts as well as from those in towns n^HE HANDSOME SHEET ALMANAC of the PRO. VINCIAL INSURANCE CO<v?- f A N Y, for 1864, designed by Messrs. Grant and Co. Ludgate-hill, London, will be forwarded on application to the Offices, or to any Agents of the Company. (Established 1852.)



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