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Holywell,âOur Christmas Market this year was a very excellent one, and a better show of meat could not have been witnessed in any town in the Principality. The displays of Mr. John Jones, Mr. Thomas Price, Mr. John Thomas, and Mr. Denton were exceedingly fine, and very creditable. The Messrs. Hodgkinson and Redfern, Flint, and Thomas Davies, Tremeirchion, and other neighbouring butchers also exhibited very superior meat, and the show in this respect far exceeded any previous year. The Welsh weathers from Tremeirchion were exceedingly prime, and could not be surpassed. They were fed by Capt Pennant. Presentation to G. H. Bond, Esq., Mostyn. âA large and influential meeting of the coalmasters of East Worcestershire took place on Monday week, at the Dudley Arms Hotel, Dudley, the object being the presentation of a set of silver plate to G. H. Bond, Esq., late of the Kingswinford Tiled House and South Staffordshire, (now principal of the firm of Bond and Son, ruining engineers, of Nottingham,) who has for the past twenty-seven years held the position of Secretary to the East Worcestershire Coal Trade. Mr. Bond has recently left the district, and consequently the leading members of the trade resolved to present him with a substantial token of their satisfaction at the manner he had performed the duties of his office. A considerable sum was speedily raised, and it was decided to apply it as above stated. The plate con- sisted of a beautifully chased and massive tea and coffee service, tea urn, centrepiece, salver, cake basket, and four sauce kdles, the total value being X220, The centrepiece bore the following inscription :â" Present- ed to G. II. Boni, Esq., in recognition of his valuable services as secretary to the East Worcestershire coal trade, during a period of twenty-seven years." There was a large attendanc3 of subscribers, and Mr. J. E. Swindell, in presenting the testimonial, reterred to the essential service rendered to the trade by Mr. Bond, and the loss they would feel by his removal from their miJL-Mr. Bond responded in appropriate terms, and the meeting was brought to a conclusion. Holywell.â Christmas Tree.âOur readers will notice by advertisement that a Christmas Tree will be exhibited at St. Wenefred's chapel on Tuesday and Wednesday next, the proceeds of which to form an Harmonium Fund. The tree, we believe, will be par- ticularly atti ac!ive, and as it is the first ever exhibited in our town, we would respectfully urge our fellow parishioners to go and have a peep at the tree, and take home with them a good supply of its miscellaneous "fruit." Tickets to be had of Messrs. James Davies and Son or at the door on the day fixed. Holywell.âOn Sunday week the Holywell or 4th Flintshire Company of Volunteers attended divine service in the Parish Church. They were accompanied by their band, who played on their march to and from church several appropriate pieces. The National Anthem was beautifully played on the organ at the conclusion of the service by Mr Field. T,he Talacra Harriers,âOn Christmas Eve this lively pack, accompanied by its worthy and respected owner Sir Pyers Mostyn, met at the Traveller's Inn, and had one of the best day's sport of the season. The attendance in the field was unusually large, the runs were exceedingly long, quick, and good, one of which, unchecked, lasted forty mtnutes, and a better cross-country gallop was never witnessed, which contributed, as our readers may well imagine, much pleasure to the numerons sportsmen, but to none more so than Sir Pyers, who upon all occasions is delighted when he affords good sport to his friends and neigh- bours. Holywell.-GRAND CONCERT.âWe beg to call the attention of our readers to the forthcoming Concert of Mr. Field, our organist, which takes place cn the 14 h inst. The programme contains an admira- ble selection, and the performances of the Blackburn Orpheus Union, being so well known and highly ap- preciated, any remarks of ours are therefore unnecessa- ry. We hope Mr. Field will be well supported, and that his Concert of the 14th will be a forerunner of many others.




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