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EPITOME OF NEWS. BRITISH AND FOREIGN. More than five weeks have now elapsed, and there has been no intelligence of the missing laden colliers which sailed from the Tyne and adjacent north country ports in the last week in November for London, and it is reduced to a certainty, it is feared, that they have perished with their crews. The Rev. J. W. Brooks, prebendary of Lincoln Cathedral, and vicar of St. Mary's, Nottingham, luui Jut j published a letter on the subject of the Church services, in which he expresses an opinion that "intoning is a decree of Satan." In London the number of charges of drunks and incapables" and drunks and disorderlies" have been much more numerous than usual this Christmas. Two of the Peninsular and Oriental steamers have met with accidents. The Rangoon, In her passage from Calcutta to Suez, stranded near Aden on the 10th inst., and by the last accounts was in a very critical position. For- tunately, passengers, mails, and cargo were all saved, and had reached Suez. The Bengal, with the outward mail, was detained at Aden with her pinion shaft broken, but the passengers and mails won Id be taken on by the Benares. Five bushrangers entered the house of Mr. Rothery, a magistrate, at Limestone Beach, Australia, as he was sitting down to dinner. They handcuffed him and ate his dinner, calling for champagne. After dinner they played the pianoforte, and, before leaving, tried two or three horses, so as to select the best. Six-fingered babies are reported, by Dr. Macgowan, of the array, to be comparatively frequent among the negroes of Northern Virginia. The doctor, from his observations, estimates that at least one per cent. of the young darkies of that region are bora thus abnormally "polydactylous." A fatal affray took place on Christmas night at Liverpool, when two Irishmen were stabbed by two coloured sailors from Manilla; and one of the wounded men has since died, while the other continues in a precarious state.â Also, on the following night, a wife was killed by her hus- band. The woman was intoxicated, a state in which she was found much too often for her husband's peace, and a quarrel arose, in which the husband dealt a blow that proved fatal. Lord Elgin was perfectly collected up to the time of his death, and himself ordered telegrams to be despatched to England, as well as to the several local governments, and gave all necessary orders respecting the return of his family to Europe. After taking leave of his family, he made his will, and desired to be buned at Dhurrumsalla. The New York correspondent of the Philadelphia Press says the Russian officers weri astonished at the number of well-dressed females, "representatives of wealth and blood," who swarmed their decks during the stay of the fleet ip New York, begging everything which might serve as souvenirs from their gallant hosts. Snuffboxes, cigar-cases, charms, and baubles-some of them of great value, and gifts of friends or relatives at home-were asked for in a manner that would admit of no'refusal whatever. A Prague letter mentions that the Duke of Cobur has ordered 30,000 uniforms, for the army of the Duke of Augustenburg, frem a large tailoring establishment in that city. This order is to be executed with the least possible delay. The South Australian Register states that Mr. Har- graves has been engaged to prospect for gold in that colony. His expenses are to be paid to and from Sydney. His salary is to be 1,0001. a year, and he is to have a reward of 5,0001. on discovering a payable gold field. A party of men will also be provided to accompany him. A bill for legalising the marriage of a man with the sister of his deceased wife has been read a third time and passed, in the Legislative Council of South Australia. A letter from Naples says :â"Vesuvius has become covered with snow, and now presents the appearance of a sugar-loaf. It is a vast cone, quite white from the summit to the base. We have also a wind so cold that it nips the face, and any one might fancy himself at the foot of Mount Viso, in the midst of the snows of the Alps." According to well-proved statistics, the recent legislation" of Mr. Gladstone does not seem to have exerted any material inlluence on the French wine trade. Lady Cunninghame Fairlie has presented to the National Lifeboat Institution 300J. to defray the cost of a new lifeboat, which she wishes to be called the Wallace. An Ostend letter mentions that during the late gales not less than nine flshing-boats belonging to that port were lost, five of them with their entife crews, numbering in all about thirty men. ciSn« rt f 0 'fK\ograTmer, publishes the following lonlTn^MK1^ rle3T^el tvmas' th6 novelist, iaw ^by .the hue. but by the tetter. Yes! the 'San of »-vhich w be^K Published, is paid for at the rate Siia fact "11" 8 can guarantee the exactitude of h rerr,iail18 f f W11 tic animal of the bear species WLI hee" du- °ut °f aJand s,iP near Talbot, in NEW South wales. The animal when alive must have been 10 feet in length, 4t feet high, and most probably weighed over a ton. According to the Cincinnati Price Current, the number of hogs received there for the season up to the 2n4 inst was 175,658. About 40,000 had been received at India- nopolis during the same period. The fall crops in the Federal territories this year will, it is estimated, amount to 452.446,128 bushels of corn; 267,302,7/Olbs. of tobacco; 15,821,3t>5 bushels of buckwheat- and 101,457,141 bushels of potatoes. Heenan while in training for his last fight expressed Z, â¢seJ, ln "° language of the occupation in which he was engaged. Isn t it a bloody and brutal thing," he is reported to have said, a man like me to be getting ready to stand up and knock another man about for some money?" ^J-aharaj ah Dhuleep Singh, who has recently purchased an estate at Etveden, near Thetford, Norfolk, regularly attends divine service at the parish church on Sundays. A man has just been removed to the insane hospital in Concord (America), who buried two children in September last, and since then has been in the habit of standing sentinel by their graves during the midnight watches to save them from imaginary intruders. The Giornale di Roma publishes a decree from the Holy Roman and Universal Inquisition, by which the Abbate Pietro Mongml, parish priest of Oggebio, in the diocese of Novara, is subjected to major excommunication for having published several works against the temporal sovereignty of the Pope- In the country around Chattanooga, for an area of about nine hundred square miles, there are no preparations for crops of grain-all is desolate and in decay. « A carrier in the employ of Messrs. Pickford and Co. was crushed to death by the fall of a sugar tierce at the Plymouth station of the South Devon Railway on Saturday afternoon. A Mr. Young, of Kentish Town, London, has com- mitted suicide by deliberately placing his head on the metals of the Hampstead railway. He was fearfully muti- lated. The name of the river Rapidan" is a corruption of It-ipia Ann, and the river was named after the English Queen Anne. xyy a lutspnuo m n ax«jvtouajiroi, «bv iu«v "TUu HUB- sians in Poland read3 "The Ruffians in Poland." Another piece of ecclesiastical patronage to the pre- sent Premier! The Hon. and Very Rev. Dr. Pakenham, Dean of St. Patrick's, Is dead. He was uncle of the present Earl of Longford, and brother-in-law of the great Duke of Wellington. The French are deep in the solution of the meaning of the following diplomatic eni;ma:-A pheasant rose at Compiegne. Lord Cowley shot aud missed. Prince Metter- nich shot at it and missed when the Emperor levelled and fired, and shot the bird. The Seine, which was predicted by a French weathjr prophet to overflow its banks at the end of the pre- sent month, is now as low as lm. 90c. above the ordinary level. The Secretary of State for War has issued- in- structions that a separate and distinct record, of the mi- nutest kind, be kept at the expense of the Crawley court- martial, in order that a clear statement of the expenditure may be forthcoming, should any question be raised in Par- liament when the estimates are under discussion. The farmers in the south of England have been obliged to abandon the practice of feeding cattle chiefly on wheat on account of the mortality it produced. Another Incendiary fire on the Yorkshire wolds oc- curred on Wednesday night in last week, making the twelfth within a short period. As the conflagration was early discovered, it was confined to the stack of corn in which it originated. Black squirrels are swarming in the Canadian woods to a greater extent than for many years past, and the weather-wise predict a severe winter in consequence. An enormous skateâa fish of the thornback species âwas caught oft Portland last week. It was 7 feet long and 6 feet wide. A Federal recruiting agent has been arrested in Montreal. He offered bounty to the amount of 750 dollars fer veterans." A letter found on his person concludes as follows:" If you should start with any (recruits), send a tele- gram and call them boxes of medicine, or say, if you have ten men, that you have ten dollars, so I can know, and Canadians won't know." A new discovery, or rather application, of photo- graphy has b'een made by a Mr. Shirras, of Aberdeen, who is busy transferring photographs from paper to china. Colonel Crawley's expenses from the pending court- martial have been variously estimated at 3,0001. and 5,000i. Mr. Vernon Harcourt's retainer was 5001, and 50i. paid for every day e-ployed.-British Army Review. There is such a scarcity of foxes in Ayrshire, that Lord Kglintoun's hounds will have to'be given up. In 1863 the Federal armies lost, in killed, wounded, and missing, 92,770 men. iku new judge, Mr. Serjeant Shee, is fifty-nine years of ago. 'He is the first Roman Catholic who has been promoted to the English judicial bench since the time of Queen Mary. There have been eleven changes in seven years among twenty-eight English and Welsh bishoprics, so that the average career of a bishop does not mucb exceed fifteen or sixteen years. General Halleck, of the Federal War Department, states that a remount for the whole service once in two months is the rate at which our cavalry horses are used up, by want of skill and often culpable neglect of the animals. 435,000 horses will be neededfor the coming year if the evil remains unchecked." While all Europe is in a commotion relative to the claims of this prince (the Duke of Augustenburg) to the duchy of Holstein, his Royal Highness is said to be very comfortably and quietly enjoying himself in pursuing field sports at Coombe, near Honiton, In Devonshire. At the close of 1860 the number of locomotives on the railways of the United Kingdom was 5,80i; at the close of 1861 it was H,15fi; and at the close of 1862, 6,398. Allow- ing 2,5002. as the cost of each engine, the 500 new locomotives annually called for, represent an aggregate of no less than 1,250,000. The owners of patent medicines held a meeting in London, last week, to take steps to oppose a bill about to be brought into Parliament injurious to their interests. It is stated on very good authority that Professor Kingsley sent his famous "Water Babies "to the editor of a well-known magazine, who returned it, saying that he was surprised that such a talented man could write such non- sense. Macmillan saw it, gave the author 701, a month, and left the copyright in his own hands. Its success is now well known. M. de T-, a Parisian celebrity who has just ruined himself for the third time by his extravagance, has given rise to the remark of a severe moralist that "M. de T- will ruin himself for the fourth time."â"How is it possible?" was the reply "he has, so to say, only the fttraw on which he lies." Very well." responded the mo- ralist calmly, "he will eat that." A New York printer has blundered on the frue meaning of his French Majesty's* oft-repeated reliance "on the masses," when, by a transposition of type, he set it up as "them asses." A new Balmoral shoe factory, at Hartford Con- necticut, is so arranged that the shoe goes through thirteen different hands, and comes out complete in about ten or fifteen minutes. An experiment has just been made in Paris of the comparative merit of a newly proposed system of sweeping the streets. A brigade of street sweepers were assembled on one side of the Place de la Concorde, each armed with a broom; on the other side a sweeping-machine, drawn by a horse, oil which the conductor rode. The experiment, however, did not prove decisive. The Boston Post says the Archduke Maximilian parts his hair in the middle like all founders of dynasties. [A very good thing for his people, as he shows no tendency to favour eithewside. J A ciborium set with garnets for holding the con- secrated wafer used by Mary Queen of Scots on the morning other execution at Fotheringay, is in the Possession of Sir John Maxwell, Bart., at Pollok House, Renfrewshire. The French have improved upon the English sewing-machine, both in price and portability; for twenty franca a little affair may be purchased, which, when screwcrt on to the table, will, by turning a handle, sew as fast as half a dozen pretty girls. A very clever man has died in Alexandria of tetanus. I allude to Robert Heller, the magician, who delighted the world for so many years with his clever magical tricks. An accident happened to a train near Baltimore, by which an iron spike was driven through one of his feet. -Letteo- froin iVeiv lork. Artemus Ward says: -"I have already given two cousins to the war, and I stand ready to sacrifice my wife's brother, rather'n not see the rebellym krusht. And if wuss comes to wuss, I'll shed every drop of blud my able-bodied relations got, to prosekoot the war." A correspondent with the Confederate army, on its retreat from Lookout Mountain, says: I Roads very bad for somemiles, the teams overworked, and suffering for forage and rest. I saw a mule lie down when the harness was removed, and go as soundly to sleep in two minutes as an infant, and that while hundreds of waggons and thousands of men were marching by within a few paces of where it rested." At a fashionable up-town hotel in New York the cost of boarding pet dogs has been fixed at one dollar per day. Some of the ladies in Hartford (America) appear in the streets without hoops, but with dresses that come only to the ankle, disclosing Balmoral boots and striped stock- ings. One of the Hartford papers thinks this a pleasant reform." In New Jersey they make bouquets out of brilliant coloured insects. The personalty of the late Mr. George Smith, of the London banking-house of Smith, Payne, and Smith, has been sworn under 500,0001. General M'Clellan's report to the Federal War Department of his campaigns will, it is said, make three volumes, of a thousand pages each. The trial of Bishop Colenso was opened on the 17th of November, at the Cape of Good Hope. Two bishops con- ducted the prosecution, whilst the Bishop of Capetown and two suffragans occupied the bench. Dr. Colenso, through an advocate, denied the jurisdiction of the court, and protested against the proceeding. The churches throughout Paris were crowded on Christmas Pve by persons who arrived from all quarters to assist at midnight mass. Every seat was occupied in the church of St. Roch before 11 o'clock, and crowds who ar- rived afterwards remained standing and kneeling until after 1 in the morning. The celebrated hymn Minuit Chretiens, c'est Vheure solemnelle, better known by the name of Noel d'Adam, v ;>s listened to in profound silence. It was sung with exquisite la: te hy a jouug lady born blind.