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(Bxcmsions. CARDIFF AND WESTON SERVICE, By the LADY MARGARET. CARDIFF. LEAVE WESTON, j&c d âin.Tune. 2.35 p.Di a"m'' 12"20> Sat- ^â11-15 a.m., 1.25, W"mT, 12?0N'l2540 2W MON.-6.15, 11.35 7 i S6.i5X'30pS. 3,5°' i.M. LO?|rA V& WHIT T^ES.-7.15 a.m., 6.0 FII KV⢠410 12A0> 2-15> 3 °. ^-50. 5.15, Wed 7.15,7.20 p.m. 4.10 6 30r^m a m' 2-°- Wed- 8â»â »»â , 3.0, Thurs' 9Lâ7 i?" â 5.15, 8.0 p.m. 5 0 7 is anL' 2A0 Thuls- 9-â8.30 a.m., 3.45, SW 10-P ft 6.0,3.15p.m. 5*30 -n m a m" 3'15' Fri- 10.-9.10 a.m., 4.15, â 8.0 p.m. CHEAP EXCURSION from CARDIFF for BLRNHAM, SATURDAY, JUNE 4th. Leave Cardiff, 12.30 Buinham, 3.45. J- OtfditF IT"TUESDA Y- '<â¢Â» Bnmham ^.15 ^ee Bills wHITSTJN HOLIDAYS. SPECIAL EXCURSIONS FROM CARDIFF. LORNA DOONE, BONNIE DOON, LADY LWI\.RNTTM^IARGAKET. &Eâ TO ^TOMOUTH, ILFRACOMBE, AND TENBY. JUNE, 1892. ILFRACOMBE. SATURDAY, | keave Cardiff, lO.oO a.m. and June 4 2.30 p.m. Ilfracombe, 8.15 p.m. By Earl of Dun- The Steamers will call off Lyn- ^venat 10.30 a.m. mouth on the Down Trip. Doon Fares Whole-day Trip, Fore at 2.30 p.m. Cabin, 3s Saloon, 4s. Half- Holiday Trip, Fore Cabin, 2s 6d Saloon, 3s. Saloon, 3s. f^lLlRXCOMBE and TENBY. wHlT-MnvT>A r- Leave Cardiff 6.30 a.m., Tenby MONDAY 5.0 p.m., Ilfracombe 8.45 p.m. BonniA rw- ⢠Passengers for Tenby will join a m e J-,oriia iJoone at Ilfracombe. The "⢠steamer will call off Lynemouth on the down trip. 10 Passengers will have about ten TLM» A hours at Ilfracombe and about five "^KACOMBE hours at Tenby. Fares to Ilfracombe, single, fore and cabin 3s, saloon 4s to-and-fro TFVBV s;UHe fore cabin 4s, saloon 5s. iSY- Fares to Tenby, single, fore cabin 4.s to-and-fro same day, fore cabin 5s, saloon 6s. BWNT1C^?AY I' Y NMO [JTII XL FR ACOMBK 7D°ON, Leave Cardiff 7.30 a.m., Efra- ââ â- a,m- combe 3.15 p.m., Lynmouth 4.0 p.m. WEril-1'^ LYN310UTH & ILFRACOMBE. BONNTTT'TS&X; Leave Cardiff 8.15 a.m., Ilfra- ~h ti DOON, combe 3.15 p.m., Lynmouth 4.0 p.m. see bills. DEVavP L'RSIONS-FROM~CARDIFF TO~ an'l CORNWALL via ILFRACOMBE, for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. 7, 3, 9, 10, or 11 Days, â¢Â«Tnr>v. By .Saloon Stearaers âjj>RNA DOQNE." BONNIE DOON," &C. ^eave Cardiff. Steamers From Ilfra- 4âI June. combe. â 10.30 a.m. 4âSaturday 8.15 pm and 2.30 p.m. I 7-Tuesday. 3.15 p.m. j 8âWednesday. 3.20 p.m. 9âThursday 2.30 p.m. I lQ-Friday 3.15 p.m. â 11-Saturrlay 4. 0 p.m. THim?}j?Jlction with 'the above sailings to Ilfracombe, fa rm,. ?1 RETURN FARES FROM CARDIFF are Bft'lwavip0n w't'1 '-he London and South-Western On s VcmPany to the stations mentioned below. Satr.rrUâ June 4, to return any day up to Ce^e<^ e (Sunday and Whit-Monday ex- rail tUxu fares from Cardiff, including steamer and mil, to Saloon Fore D'k and 3rd and 3rd Class. Class. Branny.. Stations. s. d. s. d. Bwnst^Wrafton 5 6 -⢠4 6 6 0 5 0 BIDSOI1'? 6 6 5 6 Bstow 70 â¢â¢ 60 South 7 6 6 6 Tavistoek^ad, Eggesford 7 0 5 6 ExI°^port'^mout'li12 0 10 6 AhotV^i; 90 76 Sween Carll w F 8tat'01!s and for regular service be- London an(^ Ilfracombe in conjunction with the Sc)uth Comwnii ^"uth-Western Railway to Devon and "rnwall see June bills 1512 Edwards, Robertson & Co., Agents, 105, Bute Docks, Cardiff. GrREAT WESTERN RAILWAY^ QuickCXX,EL ELANDS, via WEYMOUTH. Best Route. Shortest Sea Passage. ft»,i?00th t0 Guernsey in alwut 4% hours. Powerful ptyf tc^ Jers°y in about 11/2 hour" tod everv w ^tâ¬a-mors fitted with electric light Weath»» IJ .8st improvement, lea^e Weymouth, DAILY (\t circumstances permitting, at 2.20 a.m. and Jersey mornings excepted) for Guernsey diff^t'9'7?^^1 connection with the Boat leaves Car- 3,30 7098 excepted? TRAINS are run DAILY(Sundays Western with the London and North FORD IK?'?1':VLA THE-SHREWSBURYAND HERE- Manche'tpr <'il>etlwefcn CARDIFF and LIVERPOOL, and the" Norti^t.8r>Cariisle, Glasgow, andEdinburgh, leavinc capt^tt^? J^nS'and and Scotland generally, By Trainr^" F 9-° a.m., 12.35, 4.5, and 7.40 p.m. LLANeli V the Service to and from Whtr Statin^ NEATH, BRIDGEND, and WaLEs ami tu tPle occupied between SOUTH 18 '"atevialiy reduced. THROUGH j^Awr? E^ run froin CARDIFF, and Principal Statioi^ are in 0Perat'0!1 between all â51LA>[BERT, General Manager. | D OF THE MIDNIGHT SUN." NORWAY, SWEDEN, AND RUSSIA. H ° L I D A Y TOURS. PNGeKIE^E of ROYAL MAIL PAS- Electricity hixunciisly fitted, and lighted uties of visiti'nfr fv?en e. quickest and best opportu- scenei-y 0f Nac> nr» "Magnificent Fjords and mountain These Steam^ u at very reasonable cost. sencer service Sfv!^e heen specially built for pas- Bioclation in IK Saloons and Sleeping Accom- passengers thlatve of tbe, ship?~this Position a 3 ',le maximum of comfort-. KULLtoBFRr^1'1^ s are from DAY 6VERY TUESDAY and THURS- r. CH1IT^V(:KR every TUESDAY. every^pr^lV and CHP.ISTIANSAND » GOTHFv^M every THURSDAY. inL evp^ SATURDAY Moin- GRIMsry J 8' LONDON t» cm £ ?JlNBTJRa every TUESDAY. CHRISTIANSAND ^tclas, P FRIDAY Moming accommodat)nv,a'Sse??e,r. ^tsamers, mostly having their HULL to ST PVTCC P8' are also despatched from â » C0'P\SFESLIURG. WEEKLY. GRIMSBYV^ENHAGEN, WEEKLY. For Pr AIjM°, ev«Ty WEDNESDAY. TH,DS. W, es, with full particulars, apply to 1354 8. WILSON, SONS & CO., Limited, HULL. JOHN BOVEY & CO., CARDIFF, Agents for South Wales. _tJa laft far Classification. OWNING OF NEW BANKED TRACK. A&DIFF ATHLETIC GROUND, ROATH-ROAD. ^^APJrc^ORTS IN CARDIFF ARE THE Wm £ SU1NS' ATHLETIC SPORTS. Commencin^"o ,ONDAY AND TUESDAY, Visual fnv p. ^9 P-m. each day. Enormous entry, P^tots eaph ,» es anc* Footraces, nearly 200 com- London t-y' A'1 ^e local cracks and athletes Swansea &P' ^insham, Bristol, Bath, Frome, and r; â'âExcursions from all parts each day. JjAWjsr TENNIS. CHAMPIONSHIPS OF WALES. TWO CTIPo EVEVTv'J GUINEAS EACH, AND OTHER R LAX>IES AND GENTLEMEN. X B ANNUAL moURNAMENT, 4tK £ °th, 7th, and 8th, 1892, on the Ground lAWN°TENNIS CLUB, NEAR ftef4^^PAY ^LOCAFBYENiS ONLY. cThe Gronn,?- .ndicapper, Mr N. L. JACKSON, "wtion. r ^tuated close to the Penarth Railway Provided each^C^eon antl Refreshment Tents will be Acc<>a»noda«l-. â¢y'. There is ample Dressing-room Son. 111 Club Pavilion. secretary, i\ p. ADEY, 6, Kymin-terrace, â Penarth. V> RpHlLLY CASTLE EISTEDDFOD. ^eSJO^rJ'CHOIUL COMPETITION will CLOSE o the rh; MEETING. Be in the Castle Grounds Seconded3*0 Choir sing. Me^^ioraiPrize and Braas in Afternoon 1^. wanted at Carmarthen.âWrite to â l^ejob^ l?l!'vans. Builder, Carmarthen or, apply SS"at East-pa^ 7^ Earthen. NOW READY. THE JUNE NUMBER "W E I* S H E V I'E W EDITED BY **KNEST BOWEN ROWLANDS, J PRICE 6D. Bv il5'na^ra,eci aid contains :â Tttr. PARLIAMENT. PART II. HE c°Mino S7OL^ionK°WLANI>S' QC" M'P' W^b seaside placSUdy Florence Dix1k" Tiâ. Pictures of Aberystwyth, Borth, «*UDtE§ ou ri,rf dno' Khyl, Tenby, Penarth, etc. THE STAGE, SUNDAV r. By Liknon- "AY CLOSING AND SHEBEENING, "KLSH Nojipc, By J. WOODFORD CACSER. n\r.»- Wni»T^S9KS 0F THE MONTH, A 0MA*N SETBpw? Y Romance. Pf,T_ ^ffYN Book II., Chapters XIII. and ruuriCAl jjQjgg XIv- By JANE AMBRACH. Tii« <1 â (BLNAT^i THE DUCHESS OF TKEOKKY. ,y^h wted WILL MORGAN). all Newi6v ?an be procured at Smith's MESSRS p tiofjy vb' an(i of the Publishers, âELLIS AND CO., ^RURY-COURT, w.c. 1440 LIGHTING ELECTRIC PUMPING. ELECTRIC HAULING. 2RR P^D?CIPAT.COLLLER!ES IN SOUTH WALES SUPPLIED BY C* HOWELL, IiAUEIiVI A^RL^R S0UTH WALES FOR CO., LXI>. 1^1 %naim&& SUftriggfls. J^ NATIONAL DRINK REFORM. Our prisons a.nd onr workhouses are filled with people ruined through drink. Our judges attribute the majority of the crimes committed to tbe-gatne cause, and our people are now thoroughly convinced that some radical cure must be found to reduce this national failing. A great temperance wave is passing over the country, but the rock which so far has stopped its progress was the entire absence of a really good non-alcoholic beverage. How are the people to do without liquor, when no proper non-alcoholic substitute offers ? It was my happy lot to remove this great stumbling- block in the progress of temperance, and to discover a sound substitute for alcoholic beverages. This is a bold statement to make. I, however, make it, without fear of contradiction, as I have the unimpeachable testi- mony of thousands to back me up and I have not only discovered the Drink, but I have also built a large brewery capable of producing 150,000 bottles of this new national beverage per day. The Editor of the Lancet thought the subject of my discovery of sufficient importance to warrant the send- ing of a Special Analytical Commission to my brewery. The report of this Commission (Lancet, 21st Ma y, 1892) winds up as follows :â Kops Ale affords an excellent and satisfying drink in hot weather, and while it contains all the tonic and refreshing qualities of beer, it can never be accused of stealing a march upon the mental faculties. It keeps well, as our examination of samples solue months old shews. The public, and especially the teetotal public, may evidently drink Kop Ale with confidence; it contains nothing that is injurious, but is, on the con- trary, a salutary and palatable beverage, possessing distinct tonic and stimulating properties by virtue of the choice ingredients which form the basis of its preparation." Full copies of this report be obtained from me free. Hundreds of scientific men have liade similarly favourable statements. Clergymen of tJJ denomina- tions are my strongest supporters two great men- who, unfortunately, are no longer among Us-Cardinal Manning and the Rev Mr Spurgeon, gave ras their aid, the latter using Kops Ale at his own table, and ifc is only necessary to read the reports in 7)ki Christian World, The Presbyterian, ajid others, to obtain a reflex of the opinion of the clergy I have even succeeded in convincing the most unlikely community-sportsman- that there is more virtue in Kops Ale as a thirst quencher and for training purposes than in akoholic liquor (vide Sportsman, Sporting Tinwf< Jfan of the World, Cycling, C. T. C. Monthly voaette, Field, Football &-c.) For farmers and farm labourers Kops Ale is equally valuable fvide Farmer and Stockbreeder), and to the working man the new comer has proved real blessing. The Working Men's Union have awarded IIle a Gold Medal, and in my immediate neighbourbood the- labouring classes to-day spend their mooey cheerfully on Kops in preference to alcoholic liquors. Thus grand results have been achieved, and still I; have only worked in a small circle. There are to-day millions of people in England who have flevej heard of KOPS ALE. I can now conclusively pr°Ye that Kops has the right to be called a national dnnfe reformer, and I now call upon every right-minded Inan to he! me in the great work which I have undertaken. The true way out of Darkest England is. a. reduction- in the drink traffic. It will empty our prisons, it will reduce our poor-rates, and prevent much of the misery and crime which now prevail. Let the Ple of Eng- land know that they need drink alcoholiC Averages no more, as a drink has been invented which will be equally acceptable to them, and still produce no foul effects. Let the publican know tbt he can now sell a drink which will give him as much Profit as beer, be preferred by his customer, and not tjjift him. Let these facts be proclaimed throughout the length and breadth of the land, and we shall soon hear no more of drunkenness and crime. H. LO^SNFELD. Kops Brewery, Fulhain. London, May 30th, 1892. GIG ANT I C gCJtfOESS LARGEST TEA SALE IN TH ORLD. OVERONEMILLIONP ACKETS SOLD WiEKL Y OF L IPTONIS WORLD J> EN OWNED T EAS. C DIRECT FROM THE TEA GARDEN TO THE TEAPOT. NO MIDDLEMEN'S PROFITS TO PAY. MAGNIFICENT BLENDED TEA (Pure 4 Fragrant), 1 S PER LB. SPECIALLY.SELECTED CEYLON, ISDI", AND CHINA BLEND, 8 4D PER idS. EXTRA CHOICEST CEYLON A INDJAlt BLEND, jS D PER LB. FINEST. THW WORLD CAN F&ODUCE. NO HIGHER PRICS* 5, 7, 10, and 20 lbs., Pacfced ia Patet* AirtL4bt Canisters without extra Charft. Being Sole Proprietor of several of the 1I1011t famous Tea and Coffee Estates in Ceylon, including the cele- brated Estates of Dambatenne, LftymastMte, Monera- kande, Mahadambatenne, Mousakelle, Pooprassie, Hanagalla, and Gigranella, which cover '"onsands of acres, I am in a. position to supply custoUHH direct at Planters' prices, thus saving to consrflNrs of the fragrant beverage not less than six to eight inter- mediate profits. REFRESHING AT ALL TnflS T I P T O N S I DELICIOUS ORIENTAL BLE. FINEST COFFEE AND CIRICORY IOD, IS, & Is 2D peR LB. PURE COFFEEH RICHEST AND BEST, IS 6D PER LB. NO HIGHER PRIC & LIPTON, TEA AND COFFEE PLANTER, CMMON. Tea and Coffee Shipping WareboiWes MADDEMA MILLS, CINNAMON GMDENS, COLOMBO. Ceylon Office UPPER CHATHAM-STREET, COI^MBO. Tea and Coffee Sale Rooms: MINCING-LANE, LONDON, E.C. Wholesale Tea Blending and Duty Paies BATH-STREET and CAYTON-ST^&ET LONDON, E.C. Coffee Roasting and Blending StO-ke 203, OLD-STREET, LONDON, lt,C. General Offices: BATH-STREET, CITY-ROAD, LONVOZ% E.C. LOCAL BRANCHES: Cardiff Branches 7, HIGH-STREET, and ST. MARY-STREET. Swansea Branch: ARCADE BUILDINGS, HIGH-STMET. Llanelly Branch 9, STFPNFY-STUIRW. Bristol22, WINE-STREET. Branches all over the Kingdom Purchasers at Lipton's are Supplied First Hand. NO MIDDLEMEN'S PROFITS TO rAY. Agents wanted for the sale of Lipton's Teas and E4e Coffees where not already represent. 1222 R UDMANI'S S TAINOLEUM.-8t.a.inS d j R UDMAN'S TAINOLEUM.âVarnishes in R UDMAN'S STArNOLEUM.-One Station I R UDMAN'S STAINOLEUM.-NeW WOOd, R UDM.AN'S STAINOLPUX-MoOTS,,&e. RUDMAN'S STAINOLEUM.-ITL repftoeats j J^UDMAN'S ^TAINOLEUM.âMahogany s R UDMAN'S TAINOLEUM.âOak, ut. RUDMAN'S ^TAINOLEUM.âRosef^Ood, R UDMAN'S STAINOLRUAL-FbouY- Ac. j J^UDMAN'S TAINOLEUM. âSold ery. R UDMAYS STAINOLFUM-wherO- in J^UDMAN'S ^TAINOLEUM.âbottl«,»6d».and R UDMA-VS STAINOLIroM.-l/ "os.;1hpt.. Ift UDMANIS gTAINOLEUM.â1/3 Pt, 2/ J^UDMAN'S TAINOLEUM.âqt., 3/9; 14 gal. w DMAN'S STAINOLF-UM.-71-; StIJ.,12¡-. Makes worn furniture'equal "to-new. SOLE MANUFACTURERâ J A M E-S T> U D M%*N, li 1282 CAMBRIAN COLOR WORKS, BRISTOL. HAXELL'S HOTEL, WEST StRAND, -<LiL LONDON. TELEBRAMS HAKELLLONDON.- PERSONAL ATTENTION. HOME-LIKE. Convenient for City and Theatres. Single Bedrooms from 3/0 Double â 6/0 Plain Breakfast (optional) lli Ta&le d'Hote Breakfast (optional), the best in "l of, London f Electric Light Attendance f iSoCnai«e- E. NELSON HAXELL & SON, proprietors. 1268 HEWETSON, MILNER, & TlJEXTo N LIMITED. Complete House Furnishers and Decorators, 200 to 215, TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD, LONDON, W HEWETSOJFS NEW CATALOGUE FRFV By POST. The Best Illustrated Furnishing Guide ever Pub lished, and contains ESTIMATES for completely Furnishing Houses for £ 150 Os Od, £ 300 Os 0d, £ 500 Os Od, etc. CARVED OAK DINING-ROOM SETS from £ 19, 10s Od, including Sideboard, Telescopic Dining Table. 6 Chairs, and 2 Arm Chairs. ALL-GOODS CARRIAGE PAID. Established Nearly Seventy Years. HE W E T SONS-, TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD, LONDON. 86*9 itosimgg &ftfaggg&g. B. E VANS & COMPANY ARE NOW MAKING A GRAND RUMMER gHOW of JflASHIONS AND NOVELTIES, AS WELL AS NEW GOODS IN ALL SECTIONS OF THE ESTABLISHMENT, fJlHIS DAY, S ATURDA Y, JUNE 4TH, AND FOLLOWING DAYS. g EVANS & COMPANY, Having made preparations on an unusually large scale for the above EXHIBITION, have much pleasure in inviting their numerous customersa.nd visitors to Swansea during the Great Agricultural Show, to take a walk through the establishment and inspect at their leisure the GRAND DISPLAY of Costumes, Millinery, Mantles, Ladies' and Children's Outfitting, Laces, Ribbons, Gloves, Sunshades, &c., which include the latest artistic developments of the most eminent pro- ducers of fashions. They would also draw attention to the Mnifi. cent Stock of Dress Materials of all kmds, Household Linen, Furnishing Goods and Cabineti Furniture. SPECIAL.-B. EVANS & COMPANY make their enormous purchases on Prompt Cash Terms: this, and the Ready Money System of Selling, enable them to offer all goods, whether iNovelties or Plain Household Requirements, at the Lowest Possible Prices. Swansea, June 4th, 1892. 1046 SHOPPING BY POST. QREAT jgHOW OF SUMMER gOODS, THIS DAY AND DURING THE WEEK. F. CORDEUX, SONS, & CO., ST. JAMES'S, BARTON, JJRISTOL, Have now on Sale all the Newest,and most Varied T description of LADIES' SUNSHADES, T âsuk and other combinations 3/11 to 10/9 LADNV TRIMMED SUNSHADES, r «TwTJ^,broWere<i Lace Flouncing, &c. 8/11 to 21/6 LADIES GAT ATLET GLOVES, All the New Shades 4%d to 1/6% T TVTUA, Per Pair. LADIES' KID GAUNTLET GLOVES, Narrow or Circular 2/6% LADIES'ENGLISH DOESKIN GLOVES, SPECIAL 4-Button and Gauntlet 1/11% T A RVTTTIR, Per Pair. LADIES' CASHMERE HOS: r A T»TP< £ uJLf^sllione(i and wearing 10%d to 2/6% LADIES' RIBBED VESTS, For summer wear 4%d to 1/0% REAL JAPANESE SILK SQUARES, 8pecialline. LONG CLOTH SHIRTS, W/2101/11 great bargains, all selling 2/6% each. GENTS' AND 60YS' COLLARS, TIE§, SCARVES, HANDKERCHIEFS, HOSE, &c., In Great Abundance. PARCELS VALUE 20s CARRIAGE PAID TO ANY RAILWAY STATION. 1296 F. CORDE, SONS, & CO., ST. JAMES'S BARTON, gRIS'IOL. SPRING AND SUMMER, 1892. JOTHAM AND SONS. JOTHAM AND-SONS, BESPOKE TAILORS. J. & SONS' BESPOKE DEPARTMENT is Stocked with all the Novelties from the best known manufacturers, and all Orders entrusted to their care are cut by Artistes of acknowledged ability, and made by first-class workmen. PATTERNS WITH PRICE LISTS FREE. 'JOTHAM AND SONS, READY MADE CLOTHIERS. (^ENTLEMEN'S~READY-MADE CLOTHING In Splendid Variety. J & SONS Manufacture ail GARMENTS offered for Sale, and by so doing can ensure STYLE and FIT quite equal to Bespoke. JOTHAM AND SONS, JUVENILE CLOTHIERS. J. & SONS have been long acknowledged as FIRST JUVENILE CLOTHIERS in the Princi- J pahty. Every Speciality and Novelty in stock at. prices and qualities which cannot be surpassed. JOTHAM AND SONS' HOSIERY AND FANCY DEPARTMENT. JOTHAM AND SONS" NOTED LADIES' GLOVES* JOTHAM AND SONS' t NOTED GENTLEMEN'S GLOVES JOTHAM-AND SONS' NOTED GENTLEMEN'S SHIRTS. JOTHAM AND SONS' Ties, Collars, Fronts, Umbrellas, Handbags, Travelling Bags, and Portmanteaux. JOTHAM AND SONS' HAT DEPART- MENT. This Departmentlis well stocked with the Latest Styles in SILK HATS, the Latest Novelties and Shades in FELT HATS, TENNIS and CRICKET CAPS, TRAVELLING CAPS, and HAT CASES and all the Newest Styles in STRAW HATS. JOTHAM AND SONS, GENERAL OUTFITTERS. SPECIAL NOTIC JOTHAM AND SONS respectfully in vite everyone to Walk Round their Departments and jlnapect their Goods Irrespective of Purchase. 1407 ¿' a ,7" A,"L8-QP>S-: JpURNITURE -AL PS A LSOP FURNITURE WHOLESALE ALSOP JpURNITURE STEAM ALSOP jjjlURNITURE CABINET à LSOP JpURNITURE WORKS, ALSOP pUENITTOEF^AXgJ^DALSOP JIURNTTtlRE BRISTOL. à LSOP TTIURNITURE CATALOGUES A LSOP J- POST FREE. Jt\. ALSOP, BROADMEAD, gRlSTOK 1 'l e. (f ;¡j t" t,.1, JJERBERT ASHMAN & CO 2 3, 4, and 5, BROADMEAD, BRISTOL, LEATHER MERCHANTS, AKD UAKEBS OF TBER MACHINE BELTING, HOSE" PIPES Ac., &e> Price Lists on Application 1298 -Complete Sot, One Guinea J- warranty. GOODIUN AND Co., 56, Qaecn-st. Cardiff I30jmi4 %uahuss ^itbnssss. ROGERS' AK ALES AND PORTERS In 4% Gallon Casks andupwards. PALE AND MILD ALES from lOd per Gallon PORTER AND STOUTS from Is pe Gallon BREWERY, BRISTOL. CARDIFF STORES, WORKING-STREET 996 1161 LET THE VOICE OF THE pEOPLE DEOIDE Whether: the SPLENDID STOCK of SPRING and SUMMER CLOTHING now Showing at MESSRS MASTERS & CO. S ESTABLISHMENTS does. or does not JJREAK THE J^ECORD FOR STYLE, QUALITY, AND PRICE. MASTERS & CO. have great pleasure in calling the Aattention. of the -public to the fact that they have completed-their Purchases for the Spring and Summer, and beg the favour of a visit of inspection Addresses well known throughout South Wales and the West of England. 1189. LIEBIG COMPANY'S-" Makes the I?YTT) A PT Best Beef Tea. xLAllvAv^l Finest Meat Flavouring Stock for OF Dp1!?!? Soups, Sauces, Made Dishes, <Stc. â Each Jar of Gennine Extract Bears JUSTUS VON LIEBIG'S Signature in Bine Ink across the Label. COOKERY BOOKS (indispensable to ladies) sent free on application to LIEBIG'S EXTRACT of MEATCOMPY. (Limited), 9, FENCHURCH-A VENUE, E.C. 8973 Patterns Post Pree. COTTERELL'S ART WALLPAPERS. An IMMENSE STOCK of the NEW DE- SIGNS all ready for immediate despatch. PRICES MOST MODERATE. THE NEW PATTERN BOOK is now in the hands of responsible Decorators and Builders. See that each Pattern bears the Trade Mark, "CE." COTTERELLB ROS., 11, CLARE-STREET, 8, BALDWIN- STREET, AND 2 and 6, MARSH-STREET, BRISTOL. ââââââââââââââââ 4 1295 Patterns Post Free. CROSSLEY'S "OTTO" GAS NGINE. Many later Patents and Impwvements, the result of Twenty Years' Experience and Experimenting. REFERENCES TO ALL TRADES IN ALL TOWNS. REDUCED PRICES ON APPLICATION. £ JROSSLKY JgROS., J^IMITED, OPENSHAW, MANCHESTER. The largest Manufacturers of Gas Engines in the world. A FEW SECOND-HAND ENGINES IN STOCK. WALES AND THE GENERAL ELECTION. POLITICAL PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE CONSTITUENCIES. HOW WALES WILL STAND IN THE NEW PARLIAMENT. We have arranged that a member of our literary staff, a nati of the Principality, and long and intimately associated with Welsh journalism, shall, during the next few weeks, visit the South Wales Constitu- encies and sketch from life the political portraiture of the various counties. It is intended that these sketches shall be a faithful reflex of the political needs and aspirations of the people; and they will be published in the South Wales Daily News two or three times weekly imtil their completion. Our sole aim will be to represent the actual situation in each-eon- stitvency so that readers will have reliable data on which to base forecasts of the results of the forthcoming general election âas far as Wales and Monmouthshire are concerned. The next Photograph-No. IBâwill be a Political Sketch of GLAMORGANSHIRE We invite, from residents in4he various districts, communications which would in aavy way facilitate the work of the writer of these articles. Letters should be for- warded to the head office, Cardiff.

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