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A THING TO BE PROUD OF. Many hard things have been said against pride, some of tnem undeservedly. Pope calls it "the never failing vice of fools," without distinguishing what are and what are and what are not legitimate objects of pride. The man who lives a long life w ithout making one enemy has achieved something of which he may justly be proud, while the man whose pride is founded on the giory achieved by his ancestors is a fitting object for ridicule. A man who was boasting of the wisdom of his ancestors once met with the retort: "So all the ability of your family was possessed by the first generatton." Similarly, the great Lord Chesterfieid (whose family name was Stan- hope), in a fine spirit of satire, placed among the pos traits of his ancestors two old heads which be labelled respectively Adam de Stan- hope and Eve de Stanhope. Only a few things jnstify pride, and among those few goqd health must be numbered. To have inherited sound health speaks well for your parents to preserve sound health, or win it back when lost or impaired, speaks well for yourself. To no one could health be more import- ant than to Mrs Waller, of 14, Skipton St., London Road, Sonthwark. For the last three years Mrs Waller has scarcely known what it is to be free from pain bnt thanks to Mother Seigel's Curative Syrwp that is taow past and over. I used," stated Mrs. Waller on 27th November, 1902. "to look forward to meal times with dread because of the agony that I suffered after eating. Cut- ting pains, like the stab of a knife, used to seize me between the shoulders, and run idown the left side. At times my chest felt as tight as if it had been encased in iron bands. Frequently I would be violently sick after taking food, and my heart palpitate painfully. Sometimes an awful feeling of Jaiatnets would seize me, when I would tremble like a leaf. My system was thorough- ly run down. I could not sleep, and my nervousness became so intense that I was afraid to go out myself and dreaded to be left alone. I was fast becoming weary of life when a friend advised me to try Mother Seigel's Curative Syrup. I did so, and felt a little better after taking one bottle. When, however, I had taken a second bottle I ex perienced a great change for the better. There was less pain after eating, less heart palpitation, and I felt stronger in every res- pect. With the completion of a third bottle my sufferings ceased, and once more I enjoy the privilege of good health."