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CITIZENSHIP and SERVICE. a IFtattonal Iprogramme for dealing with the urgent needs of the day has been planned by the C.E.T.S. JL and should be carried out id, in evers Ipartsb Full particulars from Dr. C. F. Harford, Secretary C.E.T.S., 50, Marsham St., Westminster, S.W.I, which will explain the flberrte iSnglattb Campaign < t iii" II 11'11 .1' '.1' à U SPECIAL APPEAL ] I FOR THE I J HOSTEL ST. LUKE. 1 i A Nursing Home for the Clergy, their wives, widows, and children. Medical or 5 Surgical Treatment, Nursing, Board, and Medicines, Free for necessitous cases. Paying Patients received from 10s. 6d. a week. Out-patients treated. The Committee very earnestly appeal for Funds for the V rebuilding of the next-door house to increase the number of f Beds to 30, and so enable the greatly increasing number of £ £ Applicants to be dealt with. low ⬠DONATIONS are also urgently needed to meet the increased cost of maintenance of A the Hostel. Every person giving a donation of not less than Ten Guineas is entitled to become a Life Governor. Every Annual Subscriber of not less than one Guinea a Governor. 3 » The Clergy and Churchwardens are asked to give a Yearly Offertory especially on St. Luke's 2 Day, October 18th, or on Sundays before or after October 12th and 19th, 1919. « | Patron: H.R.H. PRINCESS CHRISTIAN. President: THE ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY. £ f Vice-Presidents: THE ARCHBISHOP OF YORK, ARCHBISHOPS OF CAPETOWN i | and MELBOURNE, and 52 BISHOPS. í Chairman and Hon. Treasurer: ARTHUR H. TRITTON, ESQ. £ Secretary: MAJOR C. P. ALDRIDGE. g S BANKERS: Barclays Bank Ltd., 4, Vere Street j W. 1. £ 1 14, FITZROY SQUARE, LONDON, W. 1. J ;r:I1._Jl_IIU'Jl'I1-ÃA,A'II'II_II'II,.I1.l't_I'II-.d-d' f. II II ø Q, II q ø' d. ,.ø. niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiininiBiiiiiniiiniiiiiiiirnFiiHiiiyniiiiur'; Serve Creamola Custard with Boiled or Baked Puddings A pudding that ordinarily would fall flat" is made most appetising by the addition-of Creamola Custard. The rare flavour of Creamola imparts relish to all kinds of everyday puddings." To make the best Creamola pouring Custard, follow the simple directions given alongside Cf^SAMGIA The Queen of Custards Is sold by Grocers everywhere in ifd., 31d., 7d., and Is. 2d. packets also in large air-tight tins is. 4d. If you cannot obtain send P.O. for, is. 6d. direct for i lb. packetâpost free. I D. K. PORTER & CO., GLASGOW. HOW TO MAKE CREAMOIvA POURING CUSTARD. i INGREDIENTS.âOne pint of milk, one i tablespoonful of Creamola, one heaped tablespoonful of castor sugar, a strip of I lemon rind, nutmeg to taste. j METHOD.âTake three tablespoonfuls of milk from the pint, and with them mix I the Creamola to a thin paste, rinse the milk saucepan with cold water and set the milk j to boil, adding the lemon rind, and after- wards the sugar. When the milk reaches boiling point stir in the Creamola ann- I tinue stirring until three minutes after I the custard has thickened.. Pour over j pudding and serve hot. L ⢠⢠Creamola Recipe Book Free* Send P.Csfor one. till! HlllJUUUHllHlJ JIHI.¡! lUlU Ii lllllllHI II1JIIlIU H1HJI!I.lHlllHllIIIU ¡ II(tIl1UHIH 1II1IIIIll HI:: IfuIUllllllllH1UHUHUIIIHlIUm IIHIHUíl lila,