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.t' 1 7 "We must keep on our subscription to the 1, Y.M.C.A., John. Think of all they did for our boy when he was in Yes, and think of all they can do for thousands of other jg ⢠< pi lads growing up here at home. England would be a better Jj n 1 place to live in if there was a Y.M.C.A. in every town jjj i v and village. Fm glad you reminded me. Well send the Jj 4 | â¢* cheque tonight" p HI ==! | The ion s I needs j i the work of the e A. j | V To carry otit our full social Programme will cost a I I large sum. 1 j | We need the thousand pound cheques of those who | can afford to give thousands. We need the shillings I and sixpences of those whose generosity is greater j I than their means. I Will | Our work is national, and we make an appeal to the ⢠YOU i whole nationârich and poorâmen and women-â employers and workersâ all of you. post this I TO-DAY? Every gift to the Y.M.C.A. will help towards making our country a 13, Loadoa-WG1- I« « a/>⢠/» f 99 I-bare pleasure in enclosing £ land tit tor heroes to live in, TOWARDS THE FUNDS OF THE Y.M.C.A. ) Please send your gift to-day, 1 N arne. H. 1 Address J Reghtered under the War Charities Act.^ v I à [¡i!l,! 'II ¡II ilPlli 11111 III hI! ill! hi IIi LtlliJJJJlli1 Jill C.F.N.. 1 Published b, the 110ME PUSLISHhlG Co,, LTD., 17. Tavistock-BtreeW Covent Garden. London. W.C. 2. and printed bv W. AND SONS. LTD., Fetter-lano, Won. E.C. (. -Octqbet 17. 1919.