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CHURCH FAMILY TALK. ââââ« Bishop Preaching n Hospital. IT is not often thak a Bishop preaches a harvest festival sermon in a hospital chapel, but that is what Lord William Cecil did at the Devon and Exeter Hos- pital last Sunday evening, saying how thankful England ought to be in having a good food-supply in spite of the long war. The Archdeacon of Sudbury. SYMPATHY will be felt for the Arch- deacon of Sudbury, who is in a nursing home where he has undergone a serious operation which was performed by Dr. Ivor Back. The operation was very f-:uccessful. and the Archdeacon hopes to resume his duties about the middle of November. A Bishop on Extravagance. THE new Bishop of Chester, address- ing a meeting in his Cathedral city last week, said that at a time like the pre- sent, when all were exhorted to practise care and economy, there was something rather horrible about the extravagant sums paid for costly win-es. One of the most insolent challenges one could make to the poor was to spend, it might be, j on a single bottle of wine what would provide food for a family for a whole week. A Coincidence in Psalmody* WHILST the sixty-seve-th psalm was being chanted in St. John's, Penzance, on Sunday evening, and the choir were singing Show us the light of Thy coun- texiance," the electric light all went out. But the singing was co sti ued from memory. ad the service was carried 011 by the aid of a few gas jets, which were lighted for the i irst Lesson. A Literal Fulfilment- THEKE has recently come to the know- ledge of a correspondent an instance of the literal fulfilment of verse iii. of Psalm Lxxxiv., the sparrow hath found her an house, and the swallow a nest, where she may lay her young, even thy altars, O. Lord of hosts." For some little time ago a nest was discovered at I the back of the altar of the Cfiapel be- longing to the Duxhurst Colony, in Surrey. Oxford Education in Ycmr-Own Home. A NEW college is to be started in Oxford. It is conducted by University graduates who desire that the benefits they have themselves received from an Oxford education, should no longer be denied to the masses of the people. The | watchword of the college is: An Ox- ford education in your own home." Tuition is conducted by correspondence, each student havi g his or her own tutor, at Oxford. In this way, while the spirit and inspiration of Oxford education is available for every, student, the heavy residential fees are avoided and everyo e is able to enjoy the benefits of a liberal education. Those who are interested should apply for full particulars to tl:e Warden, Oxford Correspondence College, Ltd., 65. St. Giles, Oxford. A "Bishop Manufactory" AT a meeting of the Pradford ParIsa I Church Congregation to bid farewell tc eheir Vicar, who will be consecrated Jishop of Truro on Saturday (St. Luke's --lay), the People's Warden said tlial ix years ago they formed a company to lmt finishing tout-hes and polish on Vicars. When Dr. Woods, their former Vicar (now Bishop of Peterborough), was appointed to the Episcopal bench, the members of the Bradford Parish Church were in the retail business, but new they were in the wholesalf-k I Parson and Business Man. The same churchwarden said that, unlike many Vicars, not only was Dr. Guy Warman a spiritual man, but ne was one of the best business men he h; d ever known." This is high praise from a business lay man, for usually the laity are wont to accuse the clergy of un. businesslike habits. Reader of the Temple Married. AT St. Jude's Church, S. Vv., ti.e mar. Tiage has taken place of the Rev. R. F. I-tynd aad Miss Henrietta shaw, ««augh* ter of the late Henry H. Shaw and 1\1, s. Shaw. The uncle, of the brine, the lit v. Sir Charles Shaw, Bart, officiated, and Canon Barnes, late Master of tlu Temple, and Prebe.sdar^ E. Ea nkJ Wilmot, Vicar of St. Jude's, assisted, Miss- Uremia Hamilton attended th bride, and Major Ryr.d, D.S.O., 1-t.A., acted as best man. The bride was gixer away by Colonel Russell, R.A., in th< absence of her brother, Mr. John Shaw, R.A. A reception was held afterwards at 11, Courtfiekl-gardens, kkauly lent uj r. and Mrs. Harry Tatnir. i he Rev. R. F. Rynd 'is Reader of the Te-mpte Church. Anthony TroIIope- RdH'KUHiNG to inlorie-e Verird's iiiteregt, mg sketch of Anthony Trojiope, it, is in- teresting to note that the popular n.evelist was a frequent visitor to me » Saracen's Head Hotel, Chelmsford, amending much time there in correcting the proofs of his numerous novels, many of which appeared in weekly parts. Seated one day at a table in the window, he was thus employed, when two clergy Mea entered, having purchased at a shop close by the last number of Barchestei Towers." Hastily cut: nig tie paper open, one of them exclaimed, Cou- found that Mrs. Proudie! I wish sht were dead." Trollope looked up and quietly remarked, She shall dip in the next number." The surprise of the clergymen at finding themselves in the presence of the novelist can well bf imagined. WATCHMAN.

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