MYSTERIOUS DISABfEAMANCE OF IANOTHER BRADFORD GENTLEMAN.|1866-06-02|The Brecon Reporter and South Wales General Advertiser - Welsh Newspapers Online
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MYSTERIOUS DISABfEAMANCE OF ANOTHER BRADFORD GENTLEMAN. The Leeds Mercury has the following On Thurs- day afternoon information was received at the police- office at Scarborough which leads to the impression that another gentlemen belonging to Bradford has come to an untimely end-whether by accident or by his own act is uncertain. The person referred to is Mr. Greenwood, brush manufacturer, of Bradford. Mr. Greenwood travels on his own business account, and in the early part of the present week he was at Scar- borough, at which place he received letters from his friends. On Wednesday he went from his lodgings, and in the afternoon of the same day was seen on the beach near Clayton, a few miles south of Scarborough. The place is very secluded and lonely but Mr. Greenwood was seen by a farm- ing man who was walking along the cliff top. The man was struck by certain gesticulations the stranger was making-hurrying to and fro, throwing his arms wildly about, and conducting himself in a rather extraordinary manner. Eventually he beoame still, and the observer passed on, thinking that exercise had been the object of the stranger's actions. Some time later he returned in the same direction, and then observed lying on the sands belaw what appeared Some time later he returned in the same direction, and then observed lying on the sands belaw what appeared to be a bundle of clothes. As he saw no one near he beoame alarmed, and at once went to the spot, where he found a suit of olothes ljingr, but not a, vestige of their owner was to be seen. There was a silver watch and gold chain, some money, and several letters and address cards, whereby the olothes were correctly sup- posed to belong to Mr. Greenwood. It is said that Jttr. Greenwood's conduct had been somewhat singu- lar his wife's letters had not been answered. Being alarmed, she proceeded to Scarborough on Thursday, where she learnt that her husband was missing from his lodgings. She arrived at the poliee-office almost immediately after Superintendent Pattison had received the information given by the rural police. Mr. Pattison did not disclose the fall oircumstanoes, and induced Mrs. Greenwood to return to Bradford, where her friends were ac- quainted with the real state of the case. There ap- pears no doubt whatever that the unfortunate gentle- man has been drowned and washed away by the tide. There are at least three singular coincidences in this event and the death of Mr. Blum, which it so closely follows. First, both gentlemen were inhabitants of (Bradford; second, both have met their end in an un- timely manner at the seaside away from home; and, third, it is uncertain in either case whether suicide was committed or not. It was rumoured in Scarbsrough that the body had been washed up and found: but the report proved to be incorrect.




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