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THE USK GRAMMAR SCHOOL. I Mr Robert Farqubar M'Kerrow, of 91, Finsr borough Road, South Kensington, London, son of Mr M'Kerrow, of Nicholas-street, Pontypool, was last week uuanimously elected Master of the above school. On Monday last a meeting was held, under the presideqey of his Honour Judge Falconer, to consider the provisions of the proposed new scheme which the Endowed Schools' Commis- sioners had sent down. The chairman gave a full and lengthy account of the school for many years back. He stated that the Usk Grammar I School, with an income of only £100, could not possibly compete with the Monmouth Grammar School, which had an income of £2,500. He had been informed that morning that a memo- rial had been hawked through the town, in a dirty, low, and mean way, agains scheme in question. (Shame.) the promoters of that memorii in a manly and open way, by cal. and explaining their views? (Hear, tie&i.j dis. Honour then reviewed tne new scheme, and pro- nounced it a really good one. (Loud cheers.)— Col. G. R. G. Relph went over the various pro. visions of the scheme, dwelling at considerable length on those parts of it which were consi- dered to be of very great interest to all. The school, in his opinion, had been very badly con ducted (hear, hear), but if the new scheme were adopted it would never again fall into such a state. (Cheers.) There were sonje provisions in the scheme which he should like to see al- tered. Instead of the tuition fees of any boy being not less than £4 per annum let it be not less than .£2 per annum. (Cheers.) Instead of admitting boys into the school under the age of seven years he should like it to be not under eight years. (Cheers.) Instead of the govern- ors being elected for five, six, or seven years, he should like it to be for three, four, and five years (Hear, hear.)—These amendments were put to the meeting separately and were carried unanimously.—The following resolution was then carried :—" That the resolution be signed by the chairman, and forwarded to the Charity Commissioners."—The Rev J Matthews said the school had been so miserably conducted that it had been of no use whatever to the town. It was not for him to say where the fault lay. The trustees (who were the governors) blamed the master, and the master blamed the trustees. But now that they had a new master, let them have new governors. This could ouly be done by adopting the new scheme. In the adoption of the new scheme the meeting had acted wisely. The rev gentleman moved a vote of thanks to the chairman for presiding, which was seconded by the Rev W. Morgan, and carried with ac- clamation.


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