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PONTYPOOL" HANIUTKT VOLUNTEERS CHALLENGE Cur.- The fe- cond monthly competition for the above cup came off at the Cwmlickey ranges on Thursday. There was a brisk competition, Corporal Moxham being declared winner, having scored 45 points. Captain Williams followed closely with 44, and Corporal Davis with 43. On the ast occasion the cup was w >n by Captain Williams. VALUABLE DISCOVERT tor THE ILLin. Tf yonr hair is turning grey or white, or falling off, useri lie Mexican Hair Renewer," for it will positively restore in every case Grey or White hair to its original colour, without leaving the disagreeable smell of most "Restorers." It makes the hair charmingly beautiful, as well as promoting the growth of the hair on bald spots, where the glands are not decayed. Ask your Chemist for THE MEXICAN HAIR REKZWEE," pre- £ ared by HENBY O. GAT.LUP, 498 Oxford Street, ,ond<>n, and sold, by Chemists and i'enumort •vtrj wLorfcdt Se Cd per Bottle.