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Tea. Grocery, and Provision Warehouse, I SEED AND CORN STORES, BLAKKET QTBZZT, PONTYPOOL. WILLIAM Fo DAVIES BEGS to return hw sincere thanks to the Clergy, Gentry, and public generally for the liberal ^pp^MCorded to him since he has entered upon the above Old-established Business; and trusts, ty unrenntting attention thereto and supplying First class Articles at reasonable prices, to merit a confiuance of their patronage. Teas. Good,Useful, Pleaaait Drinking Tea 11 8d 1.0 28 Od per lb. *⢠<*» Coffees (Fresh Boasted in the Berry.) Superior Plantation 12 4d pw lb. Very Pine do. jg 8d Choice Mountain Berry H Fresh Ground Coffees ⢠Sugars. Moist Jamaica Raw and Denerara Crystals, Refined and Double-Refined Lamp. 7 A Supply of Englith and Egyptian Beam, Oflt" Brøn, Sharp*, Matte, Indian an* BarHt, Noeb always on hatid, at lowett Priem w Amatt for tbe DroitwWh SakWotiOs ftafined and. Agncnltatal Salto. The only DIRECT Line of Steamers to PHILADEL- PHIA is the I AMEBIC AN LUTE 1 UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. 4EW LIVERPOOL TO PHILADELPHIA t EVERY WEDNESDAY, Calling atquzmmowx every THUKSDAT First-class, fjill-powered Iron Steam- ships are appointed to Sail: ILLINOIS May 16 PBNNSYLYANIA May 28 â¦CITY opLnraBie*. May 80 INDIANA J une o ILLINOIS June 13 â¢LORD CLIVB June 20 â¢Jfo Intermediate Passengers carried on voyage maraea taus The only TRANS-ATLANTIC LINK sailing under the UNITSu STATEIl FLAG, and carrying the American Rafts for saving life, besides the usual complement of Lifeboats and an extra number of Life Preservers. The accommodation for all classes ot passengers is equal to any ot the European Steamship Lines. Every Steamer carries a Surgeon and Stewardess. Passengers and g<u>ds are landed at Philadelphia on the Wharf of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, which has the shortest and most direct route to all places in the Western States. Passengers by this Line can pass direct into the Rail- road Cars without leaving the Landing Wharf, and under the same roof, there are REFRESHMENT ROOK, United States Letter Box, Telegraph Office, Exchange Office, and Baggage Express Office. CABIN PASSAGE, 12 to 18 Guineas. Return Tickets, at reduced rates. STEERAGE PASBAOB as low as by any other FAST line, including an ample supply of Provisions. Steerage Passengers are forwarded to New York or Boston with- out additional charge.. D INTERMEDIATE PASSAGE, including Beds, Bedding, and all necessary Utensils, and separate table, £8 8s. Apply in Philadelphia, to Peter Wright and Sons, General Agents, 307, Walnut-street; in Queenstown, to N. & J. Cummins & Brothers and in Liverpool, to RICHARDSON, SPE^CJ> & FO., F 17 and 19, Water-street J. MORGAN, Post Office, Pontypool THOS. H. THOMAS, ffigh-St-, Tenby. JNO. THOMAS. Church-st., Tredtgar A LLAN LINE. SHORTEST OCEAN PASSAGE TO MERICA. COMPOSED OF TWENTY FIRST-CLASS ROYAL MAIL STBAVERB. SAILING DAYSâfrom LIVERPOOL,everyTUES- DAY and THURSDAY to CANADA, and every AL- TERNATE TUESDAY to HALIFAX and BALTI- MORE. forwarding Passengers on easy terms to all parts of CANADA and the UNITED STATES. Surgeon and Stewardesses provided free for all classes of Passengers.. Passengws who secure their Tickets before leaving florae are met at the JtUUway Station in Liverpool by An appointed Agent of the Company, who takes charge of them until they go on board the steamer. THE CANADIAK GOVERNMENT grants ASSISTED PAl- SAGES by the ALLAN LINE. For Rates of Freight or Passage, apply to ALLAN BROTHERS and Co., Alexandra Buildings, James-street, Liverpool; or to J. R, MORGAN, Poet Office, Pontypool. Queensland Emiarration. SAILINGS FROM QILZATWITAIN, -41 CITY OF AGRA Ist MLYI (rOID London, for Maryborough & Brisbane. '« SCOTTISH BARD, 15th â â Townia,ville.& Rockhampton. A' WINDSOJ4 CASTLE,7th June â â Brisbane. » RENFREWSHIRE," lit July, from Glasgow, Brisbane. Female Domestic Servants free. Apply to local Agent; J. R. MORGAN, Port Office, THE AGENT GENERAL FOR QUEENSLAND, 52, Charing Cross, London, 8.W. n a PAfERHANGINGS NEW PATTERNS. E. JONES, STATIONER, &c., George Street, Pontypool, HA8 received A LARGE STOCK OF PAPER HANGINGS, <whieh he now offers at very low prices. Commenting fit Zd per piece. TO BE GIVEN AWAY .-GRA.Tlg! A New Medical Work, entitled, HOW TO ENSURE HEALTH, or, the confidential Friend," This Book should be read by everyone of either sex. BEING a guide for the Safe and Sure Treatment and Cure of all Debilitating Diseases, such as Nervous Debility, Mental and Physical Depression, Palpitation of the Heart, Noises in the Head and Ears, Indecision, Impaired Syjht and Memory, Indigestion, Prostration, Lassitude, Depression of Spirits, Loss of Energy and Appetite, Pains in the Back and Limbs, Timidity. Self- Distrust, Dizziness, Love of Solitude, Groundless Fears, and "laiiy other ailments which if neglected bring the sufferers to an eaily Death. Together with Hints on Chronic Rheumatism, Goul; Neuralgia, Epilepsy, fIys- teria, and all disoases of the Nervous and Alimentary System. This Medical Work (112 pages) gives PRESCRIP- TIONS, with full INSTRUCTIONS for their prepara- tion and use. Contains also Friendly advice on HY. OIENE, or the WAY TO PRESERVE HEALTH. Sent post free for ious stamp, or by letter post three a tamps. Advice by Letter, Gratis. SPECIAL ADVICE IN ALL DISORDERS PECULIAR TO FEMALES. THE FEMALE'S FRIEND and ADVISER will be t GRATIS to any addresson receipt of STAMPED ENVELOPE. Hp Address. Messrs BARNES# Co., 48, Lonsdale Square, Marnsbury, London, N. Important to Ceuntry Patients. MESSRS BARNES & Co. may be consulted personally JtM. or by letter, in all private and confidential cases, And for the benefit of Nervous Sufferers who eannc-t visit them they will, on receiving a description of their aae, .enclosing a stamped envelope for reply, be ready o give their opinion upon the nature of the case, and the principles of treatment necessary to effect a perfect -Oure.-Address Messrs BARNES & Co., 48, Looadaie- aquare, Barnsbury, London, N. 6.R:it\ \t\JH:l:ïtjlIf S COUGHS 1 COUGHS and WINTER COLDS Consumption, Bronchitis and other affections of the THROAT and LUNGS are quickly RELIEVED and permanently CURED by Brown's Herbal Remedies." All who Buter are requested to test the efficacy of these Medicines. Sample bottles are supplied tree of charge by all Country Agents, or oan be had by post from the Proprietor. Address :â0. P. BROWN, 2, King-street, Covent Garden, London. Prof. Brown's "Treatise on Consumption," 44 pp., free by post. Prof. Brown's Complete Herbalist," post free 5s.-The above can be had of the Agent for Pontypool, E. B. FORD, Chemist, George-street. To those who Buffer from Irritation of the Scalp from Scurf, Dandriff, or loss of Hair H. FOX'S NUTRITIVE AND SEDATIVE CREAM 18 a certain remedy.âSold by Messrs Roderick & Wood, And by the Maker, H. Fox, Coromercial-st., Pontypool. BIRMINGHAM GOODS, Jewellery, Wntches, Har- raoniuros, Household Furniture, &c. Agents Wanted. Enlarged illustrated bookfrea. Apply-Henry .MRY. Birmingham. Notice is Hereby Given, THAT the Business of Horse Slaughterer, heretofore carried on at Mamhilad by WILLIAM PANNIEHS, now deceased, will in future be carried on in the same place by me as Executor of the Estate of the late WILLIAM PANNIEBS, WILLIAM PANNIERS. 11th May, 1877. West Hide, Hereford. WILLIAM PANNIEBS, Deceased. ALL persons having any CLAIMS against the Estate of the late WILLIAM PANNIERS, deceased, are re- quested to forward particulars of the same to us on or before the 26th instant; and all persons indebted to the same Estate, are requested to pay the amounts of such debts to us forthwith. EDMD. B. EDWARDS & SON. Town Hall, Pontypool, May 9th, 1877. The Oldest Wholesale and Retail Provision & Family Grocery Trade, CRANE-STREET, PONTYPOOL, (AND GRIFFITHSTOWN,) ESTABLISHED 1787. DANIEL & JONES (late Herbert J RETURN their sincere thanks to the Clergy, Gentry, and Public generally for the very liberal support they hate received since taking the business, and whilst they respectfully solicit a continuance of the same, they are determined that nothing shall be wanting on their part to give entire satisfaction. Every effort will be made to ensure good quality, moderate prices, and punctual attention to all orders. Good Strong Congou at Is 8d per lb. Fine do. 2s Od â Superior do. 2s 6d â The Best Mocha Cofees, Sparkling Lump., Crystals, and Detnarara Sugars, Prime Home-cured Bacon, Cheddar, English, and American Cheese Salt and Fresh Butters; English, American, and French Flour; Beans, Oat8, Bran, Barley Meal, Maize, Sharps, Malt, Peas, Oatmeal; Preserved Fish, Salmon, Lobster, Sardines Australian Beef and Jfutten, in 2Ib., 41b., and 6lb. Tins, at Lowest Prices. Agents for Huntley & Palmer's Biscuits Spratt's Patent DogBiscuits, 22s. per cwt.; Worcestershire Fine Salt, Manure ditto. N'.E-D. & J. strongly recommend their 2s and 2s ad Teas, as being of superior quality. < ⢠TnOB THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE. JB Bee Deuteronomy, chap, xii., 88. WORLD FAMED WORLD FAMED Trade Mark,â" Blood Mixture." THE CREAT BLOOD PURIFIER* RESTORER SKIN DISEASES, Eruptions, Blotches, Ulcerated 0 Sore Legs, Old Sores, Glandular Swellings, Can- cerous Ulcers, Spots, Pimples, Pustules, Boils, Carbuncles, Ringworms, Scald Heads, Sore Eyes, Erysipelas, Itch, Sourft, Discoloration* of the Skin, Humours and Diseases of the Skin of whatever name or nature, are literally carried out of the system in a short time by the use of this world-famed Medicine. THOUSANDS OF TESTIMONIALS FROM ALL PABTS. IMPORTANT. ADVICE TO ALL.-Cleanse the JL vitiated blood whenever you find its impurities bursting through the skin in pimples, eruptions, or sores; cleanse it when you find it obstructed and sluggish in the veins; cleanse it when it is foul. and your feeiinge will tell you when. Keep the blood pure, and the health of the system will follow. As this mixture is pleasant to the taste, and warranted free from anything injurious to the most delicate .constitution of either sex, the Pro- j»ietor solicits sufferers to give it a trial to test its value. CLARKE'S WORLD-FAMED BLOOD MIXTURE is sold in Bottles, 2s 3d each, and in casea, contain- ing six times the quantity, lis eia-&nffieient to effect a permanent cure in the great majority of loug-standine cases,âBY ALL CHEMISTS and PATENT MEDI- CINE VENDORS throughout the. United Kingdom and the world, or sent to any address on receipt of 30 or 132 stamps by the Proprietor. F. J. CLARKE, Chemist, Apothecaries'Hall, Lincoln. Wholesale All Patent Medicine Houses. LONDOFDEPOT: 150 OXFORD STREET. Pontypool: 23 Stephens (late Haddock.) B. Ford (late Conway.) A NEW MEDICAL WORK By HENRY SMITH. Doctor of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Jeua, and Doctor of Medicine of the Metropolitan Medical College, New Yorlt, by Examination, 1860. Just Published, Enlarged JSdiUpjt, 144 pages, Crown 8vo., Free by Post Two Stamps, iu Envelope, Tiebilitating and Nervous Diseases; their U CAUSE, CONSEQUENCE, SYMPTOMS, AND TREAT- MENT. This work prives THE RESULT OF TSVPSTV-MGHT years' special ?BACTICK for the Core of all Diseases of the Nervous System, Nervous Debility, Mental and Physical Pepreseioji, Palpi- tation of the Heart, Noises in the Head and Ears, Indecision, Impaired Sight and Memory, Indirection, I of Energy, flaiiis in the Back, Constipation, Blushing, Hysteria. Timidity, Self-distrust, Dizziness, Love of Solitude, Groundless Fears, Muscular Relaxation, &c. 9 It is a GUIDE TO HEALTH, STRENGTH, aadflOOEOUS OLD AGE, invaluable to the Nervosa, bedcntaiy", Dyspeptic, and those whose constitutions hare become -drmUtated ana relaxed from Irregularities of Life, Ihtem peri ace, Ciimate, Age, or Disease, or rom Over-taxed or Abused Energies, whether of body or mind. Gives Instructions and Advice for the Treatment of Nervous and Pbysical Debility, Local and Constitutional Weakness, Premature Decay, «nd all Djtfocders resulting from loss of vital force. Also by same Author, by post, seven stamps in envelope. ON DISEASES PECULIAR TO WOMAN; Their Cause, Symptoms, and Cure. This Work js written for the Use of Females. It is a Guide to the Cure of a.S8 of Ailments to which the Female Constitution ispecu.inrly liable. NOTICE.-The above Medical Works will be sent direct from the Author, in an Envelope, on the receipt of the amount in at a nips. IMPORTANT TO COUNTRY INVALIDS.. CONSULTATION BY CORRESPONDENCE. THE AUTHOR OF THE ABOVE WORKS X will, for the benefit of Country Invalids, on receiving a deecription of their case, send his opinion, free of charge, with advice and directions for restoration to Health. # A Confidential Form of C«rrespondence containing yueS' timhi, 4fC. to assist persons in describing t fair ease, wtll sent posi-Ylts 4n receivinq a directed env*IOPO 4D DKESS HENRY SMITH, 8, Jtarton-cresoent. Lon4on, W. THE BEE-HIVE SHOP. TROSNANT STREET, PONTYPOOL. To Married Men and Bachelors, Spinsters and Widowers, Forgemeu and Potters, Colliers and Labourers four patronage J ask this year of '77 And I'll execute yovr orders well and honestly, ly heaven. CRARLES MJfAr OJ £ sells all hinds o/FURNITVEJC ft BkbdxKA, At prices so cheap, it soil I pay j»r your wedding. His GOODS are all ooo» an$well made, uou will find, It will pay you well to bear him in mind. Dent think of the CAaRIAGB-ll.B delivers (feds FMUE. Look at that It's a saving of trouble, you see. He'll be happy to see you ift Trosnant-street, where Me "Its COUCiliCS and WAS a"do good BASV cbaik. MATTRESSES, alto, in 97-RAW, PLocx, and BAJa, So come t. his Shop-you'11 find everything there, N,ew Second-hand Furniture bought, sold, or exchanged. Goods delivered per own Van, Free of Cost. CHARLES MINOR Gives the Bed Price for all kinds of ft.Ãj Wearing Apparel, I /« things that's old, in things that's new, Jn everything doth Minor do Brooms, Brushes, China, Glass,or Tin, At Minor's shop are found within. Wardrobes of every class he buys, Brooms, Brushes, China, Glass, or Tin, .At Minor's shop are found within. Wardrobes of every class he buys, 1f ithout regard to fit or size- In quantities both large and small, Bis old is ready to buy all. GRAND CONCERT OF VOCAL & INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC. THE PONTYPOOL PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY having performed gratis for a considerable number of years, an all oocasions when their services were re- quired, and having also been at great expense in purchas- ing Music, paying Gas Bills, and Hiring Pianofortes and Harmoniums for practice, have decided upon giving a CONCERT, The proceeds of which will be applied for the purpose of PURCHASING A NEW PIANOFORTE, So that the instrument will be ready in their practice room for rehearsals, &c., &c., whenever the services of the Society may be required. Several Professional Vocalists are to be engaged, whose names will appear next week, with the date. ZION BAPTIST CHAPEL, PONTYPOOL. ANNIVERSARY SERVICES WIN BE HELD ON SUNDAY, May 20th, 1877, when the Rev A. J. PARRY, of Clonghfold, near Manchester, will preachâ in the Morning at Eleven, Afternoon at Three, Evening at Six o'clock. Collections in aid of the Chapel Funds. Snatchwood School. room. TEA, TUNE, AND TALK, ON Thursday, the 24th of May, 1877, at 5 o'clock. Tickets, Is. each. The proceeds to be given to the St. Luke's Church Building Fund. HARVEY & Co., having made very large purchases, are able to compete with any Firnror C<% OPERATIVE STORES, and at the same time offer the public unusual terms. 6 per Cent, discount on every pur chase over £ 1.. We pay great attention to our COSTUMK and Mantlh Departments, & send out some hundreds from our own form of Self-Measurement. Never having one returned. SILKS at wa prioes, RTNENS CASHMERNS. Ourfar famed MEnnfOMatw All the new DRESS MATERIALS, CALICOES, SHEETINGS, MXLS, CARPETS, BLAWKETS, &e., &c. Pattens free. All Orders must enclose remittance. Prompt attention to Post Orders or Telegrams. Lambeth House, Westminster Bridge, London. THE QUEEN'S LAUNDRESS SAYS THE GLENFIELD STARCH IS THE BEST SHE EVER USE P. HE ALLIANCE SOCIETY, 51, Moorgate To INVESTORS: 5 per cJent. Interest Bonuses tc Drawings To BORROWERS: Advances free of Interest. Prospectus on application. A. R. WORMALD, Actnanr. E. T. R. WILDE, Secretary. AGENTS WANTED. Y ONDON and SOUTH AFRICAN BANK (Incorporated by Royal Charter I860), 10. KINO WILLIAM STREET, LONDON, E.C. Paid-up Capital £ 400,000 ISSUES LETTERS of CREDIT and DRAFTS on its Branches at Port Elizabeth. Graham*- town, Cape-town. Durban (Natal). Bills negooiatedajid sent for collection, and all Banking business transacted. Interest at 6 per cent, per annum (payable half-yearly) allowed oil Deposits fixed for 13 months or longer periods. lVriLNER's SAFES, Best and Cheapest Xf-E. SAFEGUARD against FIRE and THIEVES. Phoenix Safe Works, Liverpool. ~VJ\TALKER'B CRYSTAL CASE WATCHBS. v T are superseding all others. Prize Medals, London, 18M Parle 1867. Silver from £ 3 3s. Gold from £ 6Ss. 68.Cornhill, E.O. 880,Regent-st.,W. It TO, Strand. W.C. Descriptive Pamphlet tree. I# 1 OnOPATTERNS of NEW SILKS Wft A vV/V/ or Dress Goods post frea. 3W SILKS from 1 to BO Gs. Fancy Dreeses 7/6 to 8 Of. Trad* Write to D. NICHOLSON Co., SO to 5S, St. Paul'i if ark Ctborah Yard, loadte, E.C. Established 1848. SILKS and DRESSES from L-ON-IDON. PATTERNS SENT FREE. RICHEST BLACK, COLORED and FANCY SILKS From 2/8 per yard. lOO New Washing Fabrics from fld. yd. lOO New Textile Fabrics from 6d. yd. lOO New Black Fabrioa from 6d. yd. BAKER & UMP, in, Regent Street, London, W. "DOTAL DEVON SERGE for LADIES' X* DRESSES woven of pure wool only for SPRING and SUMMER WEAR. The Court Circular, Myra's Journal, The Milliner and Dressmaker recommend it as the best, the otteap- eat, the most durable. Prioes from 1/3 per yard. IT IS ALSO WOVEN FOR BOYS' HARD WEAR & GENTLEMEN'S SUITS WALTER TRUEFITT's, 1, New Bond ⢠v Street, London. Hair in all the newest styles as worn ta London and Paris, Black, Brown and Golden I).res, Kalo- trikos the beat dressing for the Hair. Astringent Lotion stops its falling. Sempervivens is the best Restorer. Qentlamen's CEata. fto. Best Articles at moderate prices. fTlRUNKS and PORTMANTEAUS. fTlRUNKS and PORTMANTEAUS. J- HARROW SON. Old Bond St., London, "is a reliable Honie." AvpleUm's Guide. 1878. Illustrated Cataloguepogt froo. TO MILLINERS AND OTHERS. END 30/- for 1 dozen Millinery Bonneta "V also 9/- for 1 doz. ChiMM13,8, Straw Hats tnmmed in aU ooloura. Drasi Caps kept in stook from S/-to 6Q/- pa* doxen. Laoe Curtains. Antimacassars, Flowers, Feathers, febbons, Chenille, and #2j.IRDERrS (Rolled & Rivetted) C^STIN<5§^ ⢠& BUILDERS'IRONMONGERY- Ohas. Williams & Co., to, Cannon St- London.) assigns free. TllE "PLANT A MACHINERY SUPPLY ASSOCIATION (Limited). Manufacturers, Fanners, &o., supplied with Machinery ana Implements for their Business under an improved Purchas* HIRE Stst *m of easy payments extending over 1, B, or â¢> years. Particulars and opinions of the Press post free. Head Off-leas, St ft 58, Great Western Areade( Binnfa^nini To FARMERS, AGRICULTURISTS, SHEPHERDS, 4c. Foot Rot ft Lameness in Sheep effectually cured by the nse of BAGSHAW'S FOOT ROT DRESSING. Sold in Bottles 8/8 and 3/S eaoh, suffloient for 40 or 70 Sheep, as originally made by JOHN BAGSHAW, Belstead. Sole Proprietors and Manufacturers, f^VRIMWADE, RIDLEY 4 CO., Wholesale Druggists, IPSWICH. To whom applications for Agencies in nut be made. TEAMSHIP SHARES.âAs an Invest- ment.âMessrs. HUNTIJSY. BERNER Ie 00. SteatMhip and Share Brokers, West Hartlepool, have for DISPOSAL SHAKES in some flrst-class STEAMSHIPS. It is well known that such vessels owned in the North of England are a capital investment, & that dividends ranging from 12 to 25 per cent, per ann. have been returned for the holders of the same, auoft steamships being insured; the investot;a have no risk opt CH pital in such prope: ty,« by the simplicity of registration 4n the Custom House a title of unQualifi^d security jis for ALL PURPOSES. The "WIGZ ELL A HALSEY "Improved Patent. OFFICES. 82. MARK LANE, LONDON. KC.â WHY PayRetSPncesforJEWELLERY when you can buy at wholesale prioes ? SilvOTGenava^ f*Wl»h Levers warranted, SO/ Hunters, 95/ Lad»~ Gold Genevas trom 06/ Ladier Gold Levers, £ 8 108. « Gents' Gold Levers. HoHating Cases £ 18. Weddmg ainys, Keepers, Diamond *ing8, Pins. Brooches, Ear-nnrs, â¢Chains, 8ea.fa. Keyn, *0. GUIIH by the best Makew, baddiOTr OT any goods of Birmingham manufacture can also be obtameo. Country orders must enclose remittance or give two gooa *«f are noes.. *«f are noes.. Aw goods not approved will be exchanged if iminjurea- H. HUTCHCTSOH & ^ns, Cuanbridge ( 'reaoant, BirnuiiyftaP; lVr°NEY ^EASY TERMS. £ 10 to £ 2,000 JJJ_to Male or Female in Town or Country, on note of nana. Stock in Trade, Crops, Farm Stock, to assist pereons into buhj Sess Furniture without removal or publicity, alsoon deposit M Deed^ Bonds, Sfc tfes. Reversions, Freehold 0 per Cent, interest. No sureties, fees or law oosts..Distance no object. N. b.âThis bein* a genuine Office (Kst Alwh^isjo) for all Mercantile aud other Monetary transacti.m^. Boi rowers Will do well to at once write or cwisuit Mr. H. OAJttJLiat, i«6. Strand, London. If by letter, state amount required. XT~b~R T S E- E N 0 V 0 -JL Instantaneously cleans Kid Gloves, Silk, Velvrt, Furs, Sec., &a.. also Lace Good., without unpleasant odour, fcMtirely supersedes Benzine and all Fluids. For sale by all Chemists, Drapers and Purfumers (prioe 6d-, 1/- aid 2A per b'XJ.or of Her« St Co., «A.. Store Strtfit, Bedlacd Square, London. BEWARE Ot* SPTJ«JoUB IMITATION'S. ^.rtn tiREEMiN's MAKING POWSEH. Xj Tt»'le [TRY IT,] Mark. This Article on merit has gw*8d universal »PP«»v^ and induced many Imitations.âEvery genuine packet s^nea G. FREEMAN & HIIJ3YARD. Manufacturers, Dover ltoad, Borough, l/)ndon. â Also kent in Stock by every l.onaon Wholesale TtTBEroVpitUIT SALT. IJ (Prepared from souad ripe Fruit). It is the best preventive and eure for BJiowruess. Headache, 8kin Eruptions, Impure B.ood, Pimples 0^.tue Faoe, Giddiness. Feverishness. Mental Depr-e^oon, Want of Appetite, Sourness of the Stomach, Coi.sfip^ion y mnt Ipg, Thirst, ftc., wad to remove the effects °* ^lor8 01 and Drinking. Pwe 2/9 and 4/0 Sold by all 0 emiRt46 âTOHN p'ARCY & SON, Brewers of FORTES, and BTOUT, AxoNA04 BBBWEEI, DUBLIN. w (ZiMssfiit Brewery in Ireland tout one)* Pmtiiatin* Agents retired iu all towns in which there are none "PACKET TEA! PACKET TEAM J- AUENTB WANTED in 11,11 parte of the Kingdom for the Iale of the FOO CliOW F^OI'O.HPANX's TEA. Tlmitwd by Connoifisears to be the best. Who resale at the Company â Warehouses, Street, London, K-O, L S I a, W, A."E O S K & c o.« IGHTHOUSE COLZA OIL FOR UOSKAAIO& AND OTHER Merchants & liettnerB of all Iciirds of Baruing & Lubricating (»'1» PKICB LIST FKHB ON APPMCATIOII. Offices, 66, Upp »r Thames oudoa, V.(J. flHlAr J E VyMiX E RY ârfhonk wili hnd best a*aortiuent & lowest prices at StlLLJrWrON â¢â¢ 12, HeuadsdiuJh, l.ondon. Clocks. W atol>ae.Cutlery.CoaiibB.8peo- tainlefcPcn3. Pipes,Puises.Cutaiogueetr«*. Estd. 18>7. CiasnQ"1/' Post fcae for Five Sta'J,)TJ8 from M*. et T. CONGREyE. PECJfHAM, LONDON. "CONSUMPTION, ITS ONLY Si:CCES8FUL TBEATMEST, (Xcw Edition) trtii many InterestingJJasej of Curt J MITCHELL, the Invontor of PRESS-TOO M for the Manufacture of STEEL PENS. Established 1822. MAKER to the QUE E N. Steel pens for ali writers.-London Depot. N6. 111. (JheapsMe. WorksâXewhaU jireet, Birmingham. l^HEAP GARDEN NETTING.â-Good Vv Tanned Vetting for Fruit 'frees, Strawberry Beds. «<J.. Cheapest in Britain, 6E n»r cwt,, .or less Seiiiiy per BQiiare yard. Terms Cash, JOJIN WOOD^A AHD, High Street. Pktenvreen. Fife, N.rt. â â¢TIIHRY ARE THE BEST WE KVEE TRIED. Public Opiuwn, They come as a boon and a blessing to men, The Pickwick, the Owl «nd the averiey â "They are a treasure."â.>ta>nlord. Hie HrisHOO 1 LNS. fd. and 1 Specimen Boxe«. aASi*'ted. by Po«*t. fatei^es JU Blair St. v E«lfiihH»-?]i. »>td Everywhere WM. POTTER HAS received a large quantity of MILLINERY n BONNETS for Whitsuntide from 2s lid upwards âhandsome and cheap. Also, a lot of STRAW HATS, BONNETS, FLOWERS, FEATHERS, &c. May, 1877. Parish of Trevethin. TO O WNERS of COTTAQE PROPERTY. OWNERS who have not already sent in their lists of occupiers, are respectfully requested to do so, it being my intention to resign the appointmentof Collec- tor of Rates for the above parish at the end of the present quarter. It is neeessaty that the lists shoald be received at onee, so that I can complete the Register for School Board and other Elections. I am, Ladies and Gentlemen, Yours obediently, T. WAITE. Wanted Immediately, APPRENTICES and IMPROVERS in the Dress and A Mantle Making BaginomL-Apply to Mr*rQpNH, Clarence-street, Pontypool. N. B.âMrs Gunn, having just returned from London, is prepared to execute all orders iu the latest fashions for the present season. For Sale, A CART suitable for a Farmer or Haulier. Apply to JONES & SUMPTION; Pontypool Brewery. To be Let, TN the early part of June, the DWELLING-HOUSE, Garden, and Appurtenances now in the occupation of Mr FRANCIS MOKGAN, of Trosnant.âFor full particu- lars apply on the pretnises. POTYPOOL.-To Let immediately, a Double- Licensed House, containing 12 rooms Three Clubs Pont Apply to WAITS & SON, Auctioneers, Furnished Apartments to Let, A SITING-ROOM AND BEDROOM, or TWO IX BEDROOMS if required.âApply to Mrs CHAKI-BS, Milliner, Dress, and Mantle Maker, Clarence-street, Ton ty pool,âApprentices Wanted to the Millinery, Dress, and Mantle Making. Division of Pontypool. To the Overseers of the Poor of the Parish of Llanvrechva Upper, and to the Superinten- ent of Police of the Pontypool Division, in the County of Monmouth. I JOHN WILLIAMS, of Pontypool, in the County j of Monmouth, Innkeeper, DO HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that I intend to apply to the Licensing Justices at the Town Hall, Pontypool, on the Second °ay of JUNE, 1877, for » Litense to hold an Excise License to sell beer and cider by retail, to be consumed on the premises, at a Stores situated at Llanrrechva Upper. Given under my haHd this fifth day of May, 1877. JOHN WILLIAMS. To the Overseers of the Poor of the Parish ef Trevethin, the Superintendent of police for the Division of Pontypool, and all whom it Wmay concern. E, EBENEZER HARRIS DAVIES and WIL- LIAM SAND BROOK, now residing at Pontypool, in the parish of Trevethin, in the county of Monmouth, DO HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that it is our intention to apply to Her Majesty's Justices ef the Peace, for the Division of Pontypool, in Petty Sessions assembled, at the Town Hall, Pontypool, on Saturdav, the 2nd day of June, 1877, for a License to hold any Excise Licenses to sell by Retail Beer aud Porter, to be Consumed off the premises, at our premises situate at George-street, Pontypbol, in the said parish, of which premises we are the owners, and which are now occupied by us as a Wholesale Ale and Porter Stores and Gingerade Manu- factory. Dated the 3rd day of Mav. 1877. West of England Loan Office. Established 1856. HONEY. NO sureties required. Cash advanced in sums of £ 10 and upwards to Farmers, Contractors, House- holders, Innkeepers, Tradesmen and others, on their own security, repayable by easy instalments. Distance no object. AGENTS FOB POXTTPOOL MESSRS. PHILPOT & WINGFIELD, Auctioneers, arket House Chambers. Price 3s., And may be had at the Free PRKSS PKIKTIKG OFFICE, or of the BOOKSKLLBRS, LOCAL REGISTER; OB, OthgttgIgJl ø $]øntJl'l1øl AND THE NEIGHBOURHOOD. WETTINO, Note. Noting" fot^SHUNCK r-1 Game, Poultry dt Garden from Id. Pgr. 7^ ^rite tor List* Singles 8 atampa. Darid Hwd JfaaAwter. BLACK LEAD in BLOCK, for polishing stov««, and aU IdDdI. of xroawork aaoal to burøÃhed steel, wiNMat wast* or dUlL Sold everywhere by aU Shopkeepei s th Id., ad., and 4d. mooka. aod 11. Boxes. Ask f- W. G. NIXETS BLACK LEAD mrnt see that uou have it. li. 80110 Londotb CA UT/O.V.J-rhZiZ ^several IrnitationT^" fiTTDA WATEIl^ LEM^nrS^B XA0HIRK8 HIBINO SYSTEM. R^RTTENLARS poat free, N- O S*rrTAX>OKS, BaokStrmfc U*TIT T^AMPLouGirr^feM^ wnm ivrun^f h,ead,k«&e thirst, with lSi-jnioe BRONOlIITIS, and NEURALGIA. ,np.. i. coLLTri BROWNB'B CHLOROrTNIl, MbuSthould obtotathe< iHmqf whtekta Bwvmp.beanngttejo"Dr. J m Oblorodrae." geedeoiaion of VfofeCfiKiaieenoF JulT l#th. 1MTlKSSoS tMtamooaaU from emiaent Phrs»ol*n«»ooonU,any Mbottte. w. c. Wtt*iw»o*i Ksi-j FB-as., y-^r f,i5252^ ^valuable in Phthisis^waoMdieOo^S oeoeac u very marked. l^AXS's I 1HX Blf|> In bottles*t V9- A«.a jpw> 1Q^ FtaaSSTTEtt E^eumati»m. Indigeetioi liTer "j* rr- te! Bend 8 or 8 tn Mr. Hftl* Addiaon SSI !fc«aSctoq â Pout frra»rsi* Fenny gtampa. A DVICB ANDI3»STRUCTION8 THU INVALID in 8EAECH of HEALTH. An r,dies for BOUANCHOWA, lirwrom AUeviaUon and Oawby ⢠new piomaa. P.1CV..a- MAri»chal Street. Abarteen. KM -"Ujon desire Monfty r^tnmed if requfliteq^ J^LL TEA DEALEIiS SONDOS? 4?^"WNJIAM JAT,n,kW&iolSI IXJNOQy,pwnext port sampla^oM gggggg. and information worth many Pooadia-Twr. T5J NATIONAL RELIANCB ICAOO^^NCB COMPA^M.^ AJ)VAI*CE8 Crm Ma to jf aaa; SMOKT-CHntillilKa patent 4o OOTTA TKBMIgALS <^eth«b«at core as applied S Castle, Somerset House.War Hospital, QreaveDMr Hotel, 80,000 daewhm U'l'liAJl EK GWE5TBOIJ FArarf BAXAXOKD AeapMt no&U steam I TOTaHT.lKHKl) 1SOU. I I THE PONTYPOOL t I General Furnishing &Bedding I I WAREHOUSE, I I Clarence-street, Pontypool, AND (BRANCH) 95, BROAD-STREET, BLAENAFON. I JOHN BEVAN, in soliciting the patronage of the inhabitants of this district, undertakes to I supply Articles of the Best Quality, at Lowest Prices. Goods Delivered Free of Charge per Spring Cart; and any not approved of may be returned forthwith. Agent for the Singer," Challenge" Eureka," and (i Angenoria" Sewing Machines. A great variety of every description of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, HARDWARE &c. SEEDS! JOHN KNIPE & SON, SEED, CORN, & PROVISION MERCHANTS, Crane-street, Pontypool, BEG to announce that they have just received a LARGE ASSORTMENT of GARDEN*, FLOWER, and AGRICULTURAL SEEDS which they can confidently recommend. Seed Wheat, Barley, Oats. Spring Vetches Clovers, Grasses, Early Seed Potatoes, tfc. I [ BEWARE OF WORTHLESS IMITATIONS OF PTEOKIT S PARIS BLUE mT_ Genuine is used by the Laundresses of THE PRINCESS OF WALES AND DUCHESS OF EDINBURGH. AGENTS REQUIRED In every Town and Village throughout the United Kingdom, to represent THE GOVERNMENT SECURITY FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, Limited. A Liberal Commission will be allowed, whereby energetic Agents may be enabled to secure a good addition to their income. e & j Applications to be addressed to the Secretary, JOHN J. BLAKE. 164, Queen Victoria Street, London, E. C. Cricketing Goods, Fishing Tackle, ARCHERY, CROQUET, BADMINTON, and all out-door games may be obtained at H. Fox's, Hair-drewer and Wholesale and Retail Tobacconist, Commercial-street, Pontypool. Tickets for Fishing in the Usk. EKVOUS DEBILITY.âGRATIS, a MEDICAL WORK, showing sufferers how they may be cured without the aid of quacks. Free on receipt of postage tamp. Address, Secretary, Institute of Anatomy, Bir- mingham. BVKBT VAX OW* TfcTJY LTJNDY s Celebrated HOUSEHOLD -PAIirT8 mixed ready for use. toJU «. 8. » mad 7 lb. Tins whioh can be opened with andcloe«dagain. Dry,tariaj>dgl°«8y^IthineU^hfmrs. Thâ wmniMnf. of tiiane Faint* hare tndtieed many lnfenor tmiUt^r^ne which ^111 bear any comparison. It is nec«ei&rv that every Poixiutter should see that on every Tin Is stamped "John J. Lundy & Co.. LeitK, M some Retailers â¢therwjse give the common imitations, which they are induced to keep merely that they get it cheaper, and reap more profit. Bold by all Druggists. Grocers and Ironmongers. A CCTDfiNT INSURANCE COMPANt Jti (limited). No. T. Bank Buildings, London, K.G. GBJISIUIi AXX)U)MT«. | PKBSOSAIi IJIJUBIKS. EIILVIT Aocsroara. | DXA.TH BT AocrDswr*. a HABDINO. K*n<Wer. NPHE FREEHOLD PBOPEJFTTY -L rtrVBSTKENT ASSOCIATION (Limited). Offices, 13, Coleman Street, Bank, London. E.C. Bankers, NationalProvinotal Bank of England, Bishopsgate St Capital jCIOO.OOO. Bh&ree SO each. Interim Diwlends of £ o ner Cent, per Annum paid at Mid- summer and Christmas, ana a bqmu at ead of Financia.1 Yoar- The objects ot the Association are L-To secure a profitable return to Shareholders by making ftdvanoea oa freehold seourittes only. i.âTo aecure to persons having mooey to deposit a *eady 0md Mto moda of doing so at a uniform rate of interest. tâTo asaist the aonuisition of frvehold property by taatal- net payments, extending over a term of years. "_J_ Saa-etaiy. J. H. BDMQTOa rpHE HEAL PROPERTY TBU ST, Limited, JL10, B««ent St., Iiondon, S. W. Capital £ 1,000,000. In- vests exclusively iu RaaJ Estate. Beoeives DEPOSITS at 3J to 0 per Cent, per Annum, A offers sj>eaial advantages to the Work- ing pimphlot with fall details, gratis and post fro#. Influential Agents Wanted- Terms 4 particulars on aRplioftttok. rxrVB T N o v E L T I s. JLi PAAISIAV XAWTX.Bg a* "WHOLE*ALB P*IC*S. PA=SXAN KltiUWHKY XTWHOLESALB PMCM PA&IBIAV WHOLMUI PW<*S. moub»is8, Svery d«Mripti<«'of Goods at 'WHQLBSAT.a PB.IO&S. Patterns post free from JAKES SPENCE & CO.. CF Wholesale Drapers. &« W.TT.78*7B8T. PAUL'S CHURuHf ARn, LONDOW, E.O. A LBERT CRAPE, one FOLDTLHE^NEW Patent SSJS110* M *old8 of Make, is much ohO-V&-e" 'Vea" Ott-. Sold by &it Draper& 0M make, u awt che^)er & weargjbetter. Sold by al( Drapers. TfiUNEBAL Robes, &c.âfewest Styles, Beat -C Value. Hanmel and Cambric PrilHngts A Coffin Iirinp, RUM, M».fca Baaeti; Waddings. &c. W. CITAPTTV. Coventry. TTMPuRl'AN NOTICE.âTo Gentlemen have now ready their extensive assortment of jSfew Spring an3 Bummer Gtoods, consisting th^ewest deapis in cSgonals. Checks. MeltoM, .for Frock Ooats, Business Oo £ t« and Suits"also alarge wswtoent of Sootoh Checks for their famous ESmitoni for 8pn»« & 6ummar w^ar. 5000 patterns of Fancy Angolae, ChfiO*«icootch Cheviots and Stripes for our 13/- $POTisere. A variety of eaoh sent post frea with plates of fashion cards for Self-Measurements on application to B. ("UBITT 484. 548 & 5W, New Oxford Street, London.W.O. UOTAKALLBLEI) FINE ART Dis i INEAS for 15 SHILLINGS and I- 0 a GUINEA PRIZE GRATIS to alL Six magnificent EugTavingi by Turner, B.A.. An-dell, RAâ and Boovkr, R-A. «ue 80 by23, (genuine impres-uons froa, the SriiiSal Steel Plates), published at Ten Guineas the Set. euffl- d»t to furnish any pimns or Drawing Bx,om. sent securely packed on receipt of 10s., together with a Guinea Prize. Oni ^graving and a Coiyon for Guinea Pr«e free on reoejpt at aaO.-AJl orders addreee JAB. DRXTBK, Seoretaty, Art TF £ ION, PAULJEKKAB.O*S Fine Art Galleries, HO, Fleet-g* i.ondan. where he Mts are on view. Estd. 40 years. Ilro one staclp. JIJITHDAT or WBDDIN8 PRBSBNt. fiVHR NEW ILLUMINATED ALBUM, I Begistered. IS PBXDANT DU PARTERRE. (Oowpanion to the Parterre), HAVING 18 DIFFERENT COLOURBO DESIGNS. Onaiio 8itIe. bound in Russia and Morocco. A, HANBSOME PRESENT. lp beobtafcied of the Principal SUtionen and Booksettars. Sack stamped, Jleffuttered with the PublisbaiV initials T. J B. & 00. ENGRAVINGS, CHROMOS, Photographs. I -MJj &0. B BROOKS ft SONS, Carvers, Gildws ft Pub!Ws, ITI, Strand. Cornar of Surrey Street. The Cheapest House m London. BetaMished IY50. FINlfiST'^EAS.] ALBERT A. DEAN AND CO.. J- 41, Ludgate Hill, London. Choicest growths of the Season in China and £ a<ffa, Ja 4, 6, 8 and 8 lb. OaoiBters, Chests. Half Cheats or Caddie*. i I Coupons of the General r i Expenditure Association kind*, frws on applioation. | j gjTen w]ieTl required for Cash Carriage free on LB worth and upwards. IVTECHI's DRFSSING BAGS & CA§lS. Despatch Boxes, Tourists' Writing Cases. Jewel Oases. Writing Desks. Scissors, Razors,'Table Knives, the Magio, Rarov Strop & Paste, at Mechi's, 112. Regent St., W. Catalogues free. THE SOCIETY OF ARTS. ONE SHTLUNG MOIST COLOUR BOX. Unadulterated Pigments. LECHERTTEK BARBR ft Oo.. SO, Bannt Stma*, London. And all Artists' Colourmen. anil Stationary rriHE "Every-Day" DINNER SERVICE. JL Set for Ig. £4, 16s. A marvel of good taste, economy and indestructibility. Toughened Glass in great variety. Prices and patterns free by post. JOHN MORTLOCK, 203 k 204, Oxford BtMet. SO & 31, Orchard Street, Portman Square, London. W. P J- g/9, 3 3 ft best 3/11, none higher or better. Tapestry do.. yiOi. £ 30.000 of Furniture, Beastaads and Bedding at vary rednoed prices. All Goods warranted, packed and delivered free to any Railway Station.âW Itf WAINB, Wholesale, Export and General Furnishing Warehouseman. 181 to Ut9, Newingtoa Butts, London, New Illustrated Prioedlist Gratif. T^RASS, REED;striw, A DILUM A BANDS, PIANOFORTAS and 9 A.»M0NJHM3 at Wholesale Prices at J. N orrg. Buxton Bd., Huddersfield. Prioee With drawings of «very Instrument past free-âATusic for anykindof Band. Patroniaedby th*Axmf,Navy,ftRi..e Corps. BeooixMwnd Instruments ar tn TlEADPORD's Patent "V0W1L Wrin»en>, ManfU?ASd| RM^OATAI^)GUES free by post, lib, Ml. 1« « 14S, "High n^,<i bcffBv Oreeoentjran Wwfa, Manchester, ft l%_BolA 6t, IJverpoo;. rrHE60U^MWARX LEAD & GLASS Co., -A HOCK *».» WABWOirsas. PAR* ST.. 1^>NI>OF, 6.E. LOWKET CASH PRICKS to the Trade for Sheet Lead and too. Sheet Zinc, Tin. fielder. British and Foreign Glaas, hite Lead, Oils, Colours, Varnishes. Plumbers* Brass Work, rought Iran Tubing, Rain Water Castings, ftc. Prices Ouirsot appUoatioin. Oxs Pmurr per square foot. P«EOGOON & Co., MANUFACTURERS \*J u Upper Thawcs Stre«t4 London, 59, George Square, Glasgow. 2, Goree Piasxaa Uverpool. IBON CHURCHES SCHOOLS A ROOPS, Jt. Erected by OBOQGON and Oø., Upper Thames Street, Londoa, 00, George Squat«, Glasgow. St, Goree Piaizas, Liverpool. msrPEfsimw SILlCAtE PAINTS, JL pjtOTBOT IRON from CORROSION; WOOD bom SXOA7. Do NOT BLIBTRE, Ahb NON-POISO-ruub, pfnwjur,'PWIBM, E0O*OMicAi. For HOT.'Kr", SHIP and aSNERAL USE. Manufaotored in all Colours bv the â IlTlOA** PAINT COXPANT. LIVK&toOL h\u& aotsfe, MM* cauRWis, U ftc., CAN BE CURED CHEAPLY & THOROUGHLY by the PISTRTFTING LIQUID Manufactured Transparent or in Colours, imiy by the LIVERPOOL SILICATE PAINT COMPANY, who are Also the Sole Manufacturers of the Jng Silicate Paint. â¢ETDWARI) PlifKn T)EOCACl £ s JLA AIUB TEN BBST. Buy or ALL GROCERS. JynS, JeUias. Marma^da. Piakles, Bauoee. Bloater I'asta. /NlJARKE'e Pyramid Food Warmers. 3j?>, 5/- ft Q', Clarke's Pyransirt Nisht T,ighJ« ir>r htatiriK ^T»rkr's TvtxlWmncEH- 'yhtjffcufe. iid, .Vit.aaj -t.y, (tI- 'yhtjffcufe. iid, .Vit.aaj -t.y, TROSNANT VILLA, H-INBURY.RO.AD, PONTYPOOL. ToPartiesFumishing, Connoisseurs inWorks of Ait, Collectors of Curiosities, Coins, Medals, Old China, Fossils, Butterflies, I Insects, Shells, &c. SALE OF EXCELLENT MbDERN HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE In Rosewood, Walnutwood, & Mahogany. PIANOFORTE, (by D' .A.lmaine f Co.); drawing-room suite, in green damask rosewood centre table, rose- wood side, occasional, and lady's work tables, rosewood J whatnot; rosewood reading stand; canterbury writ- ing desk; handsome 8-day clock, under glass shade; easy and arm chairs, in leather and hair; 8 dining- room chairs, in leather; mahogany telescope dining table, 2 insertions; lady's easy chair, in green rep pier glasses, in gilt frames; glass flower stands ;.lus- tres; china vases; OLD CHINA TEA. SERVICE, 32 pieces; mahogany hall table, with marine top; steel fenders and tireironti brussels and other Carpets; hearthrugs; OIL PAINTINGS; engravings prints; photos.; Singer's sewing machine (band or treadle) needle and wool work ornament; 7 pairs j. d«fc.atKX r-at £ r y.^g! -eau:f*V ⢠glasses beer glasses; custard glasses; cnger yMtt., dinner, dessert, tea, and coffee services; el;, .J and coffee pots; glass dishes; fiiltera; table lamps; kaffeekanne and stand barometer umbrella stands; mahogany 4-post French and iron bedsteads, with chintz furniture; hair and tn.llpuff mattresses; palliasses; excellent feather beds and bedding painted wardrobes mahogany and painted washstands and dressing tables towel rails; dressing find toilet glasses; mahogany and painted chests drawers; night commode; bed-steps; chamber ware; cane-seated bedroom chairs; foot and hip baths stair carpet and rods; kamptulican and a large assort- ment of domestic requisites, &c., &c. APPOINTMENTS OF TWO OFFICES; library of LAW BOOKS cases of .butterflies, insects, fonil* coins, medals, &c., &o. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY Messrs. WAITE & SON On the premises, as above, onTussDAxand W EDNEIIDA y, May 29th and 30th, 1877, each day punctually at 11 o'clock, by diiection of ALEXANDER EDWARDS, Esq., in consequence of his leaving the neighbourhood. The Auctioneers beg to call the atUtttion of the Public to the above Sale, the Furniture being in an excellent state of preservation; and the Grand Col- lection of Alexander Edwards, Esq., whose reputa- tion as a Collector and Exhibitor of Curiosities, Antiquities,$c., renders this an opportunity seldom to be met with. Goods may be viewed the day previous, between the jhours of 10 and 4 o'clock and mornings of sale. Cata- logues may be obtained of the AUCTIONEERS on Thurs- day, the 17th inst. Auctioneers' Offices: Clarence-street, Pontypool, May 3rd, 1877. P ANTEG & LLANFKECHFA PERMANENT BUILDING SOCIETY, GRIFITTH8T0Wy, POSTYPOOL. TRUSTEES. (Ft the purposes authorized by the Act of Parliament, 37 and 38 Viet., c. 48, s. 25 and 28.J Sampson Copestake, Esq. ⢠| i ha S. Comins, Esq., M.D. Edward James Philiips, Esq. I William-Collins, Esq. jWrn. H. Osborne-Taylor, E«q. | Alfred A. Williams, Esq. DIRECTORS. Dr. Cousins, Cwmbran House, Chairman of Directors. A. A. Williams. Esq., Maesdertvyn. Vice-Chairman. Mr Jabez Jacob, Cwmbran Mr Frederick R. Phillips Mr W. Smith, Griffithstown Mr D. Davies, Stafford gougg Mr Isaac Butler, Panteg Mr H. Feather, Coedygrie Mr J. Goodenough, Pantej Mr C. Lawrence, Pontymoil Mr P. Cbapman,Pontnewynydd Mr W. H. Pratt, LianvrechVa Mr Thos. Edwards, Pontypool I Mr J. R. Wright, Pantej? Mr J. Brown, Grifflthstown Mr W. J. Rees, Swansea Sampson Copestake, Esq Edwarf James Ilhillips, Esq Wm. H. Osborne-Taylor, Esq William Collins, Esq Mr W .H. Rosser, Pontymoile Mr W, Jacob, Grifflthstown BANKERS. The West of England and South Wales District Banking Co. I SOLICITORS. Meows E. B. Edwards & Son, Solicitors, Pontypool, BUR VE VORS. Mr Ernest Deacon, Pontypool. Mr Roberts, Swansea. SECRETARY, Mr B. H. Madge, Panted Steel Works. Mr B. H. Madge, Panted Steel Works. TREASURER. Mr William Collins, PontypooL THIS Society is established to enable members to borrow money repayable by monthly instalments, to purchase or build houses, redeem mortgages, &c.; or to accumulate monthly subscriptions at compound inte- I est. I Profits to be divided among advanced as well as an- advanoed shareholders. Subscriptions on unadvanced shares, So per month. Half and quarter shares may be taken. Paid-up shares, which are repayable at three months' notice, either from the members or the Society, are issued, bearing interest jat the rate of 5 per ceut. per annum, receivable half- yearly. MONEY NOW READY TO ADVANCE. J For further information, rules, &c., apply to the ISECRETARY or the following Agents :â Mr W. P. THOMAS, Bridge Shop, Pontnewrdd. Mr JAMBS Bitown, 54, King-street, Blaenafon. GREAT REDUCTION IN I PROVISIONS At T. PROSSER'S Crane-street, Pontypool. NOW FOR HAMS, BACON, CHEESE, LARD, SALT AND FRESH BUTTERS, FRESH EGGS. TEAS, COFFEES. SUGARS, at a Great Reduction. JAA, JELLIES, PICKLES, SAUCES, ut all descriptions.. Cui rants, Raisins, Nuts, Figs, Plums, Cakes of Good Asrortrnents. Candles, Soaps, Soda, Starch, Blue, &c. An Immense Sale of the above at unquestionably LOW PRICES. WHIT. MONDAY. By the kind permission of J. C. HANBURY, Esq., A GRAND FETE & PIC-NIC Will take place in the BeaHtiful Gronoda of PONTYPOOL PARK, On WHIT-MONDAY, May 21,1877, nr AID srtnmm « IBI HANBURY RIFLE VOLUNTEER COMS- The Hanbury Band, Under the leadership of Mr KING and alto THE CANADIAN RINKBRASsBAND Under the Leadership of Mr JBWITT, Will be in attendance, and perform a seleot programme of Music together with JACOBS & POLLOCK'S STRING BAND, For Dancing, 4c. There will also be a variety ef RUSTIC SPORTS, COMPRISING Bicycle Racing, Foot and Hurdle Racing, Don- key Racing, Jumping in Sacks, Archery, Aunt Sally, Sfc. Sfc. The whole to conclude with a Splendid Display of Fire-Works, By Professor BAKER (Pyrotechnist to B.R.H. the- Prince of Wales,) Victoria Park, London. DURING THE AFTERNOON, A MONSTER BALLOON RACE; And shortly afterwards An Animal Balloon Race Will take place. AND IMMEDIATELY BEFORE THE FIREWORX8 DISPI^LT^ A MONTGOLFIER BALLOON (12 feet high by 30 feet in circumference,) WITH MAGNESIUM LIGHT, DISCHARGING FIREWORKS Sufficient to illuminate the whole Park, will ascend. AND AT THE CLOSE OF THE EVENING, There will be a large Balloon with Parachute attached. The Park will be thrown open for tlu admission of-ilm Public at 12 o'clock, by Tickets only. Admittance (by Tickets purchased on the Jay), at Town Entrance, 2s; at Pontymoil Entrance, Is; Children, Half-price. Tickets will be sold, on the day, near each Entrance; and up to and including Saturday, the 19th of May, by Mr H. HUGHES, Stationer, Pontypool; Mr H. BRAIN, Pest-office, Abersychan and Mrs HANNAH REES, Post-office, Blaeimfon TickeU, fo" Town. Entrance, if bought previous to the day will be Old at Half-price.âOnly Holier* tf 26avw Entrance Tickets will be allowed to enter or leave tIN Park. by that Entrance. REFRESHMENTS MAY BE HAD ON THB GBOVSBK RAILWAY ARRANGEMENTS. Ample provision will be made by the Railway Com- panies for the c^ evance of the Monitt«a#V*s frfohnj QpmjggilS Jwlge ,f.:Lieut. O. A. sta,%W. PRO B IN. (ByDrderW J. P. WILLIAMS, Capt. Commanding, 5th Mon. R.V., Chairman of Committee of Management. Head Quarters, May 4th, 1877. Tycoch Farm, Llantarnam, rwiain One Mile of the Llantarnam Railway Station)* MR. JAMES GRAHAM HAS received instructions from Mr BENJAMIN LEWIS- (who is relinquishing farming pursuits), to SELL BY PUBLIJ AUCRION, on FRIDAY, May 18, 1877. THE UNDERMENTIONED VALUABLE LIVE STOCK, Agricultural Implements, Dairy Utensils, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE & EFFECTS, Comprising: SHEEP 44 Radnor ewes with laulbs, 2 two-years- old rams. CATTLE 6 cows with calves, 2 cows to calve, three- years-old barren heifer, 2 two-years-old heifera, 4 yearling calves. HORSES Cart mare Ig Lively," with foal; nag mare, 2 useful nag horses about 16 hands high, black horse, five-years-old 2 three-years-old cart colts two- years-old cart colt, yearling cart colt. PIGS Sow and 8 pigs. IMPLEMENTS Two 4tin. wheel carts (equal to new), mowing machine (Samuehon), horse rake (Horns- by), Cambridge roller (Kell), chaff machine with h.p. and intermediate motion, wooden roller, set chain har- rows, pair iron harrows, pair iron drags, turnip scuffler, turnip drill and roller, turnip cutter, pulper, winnowing machine, covered sheep rack, rick cloth, wheel plough, swing ditto, 2 sets long harness, 2 sets short ditto, 2 sets G.O. ditto, set breaking ditto, road saddle and bridle, haul rake, pikes, rakes, and an assortment of agricul- tural tools. DAIRY UTENSILS Double cheese press, Ameri- can, barrel, and upright churns, cheese vats, cheese cowl, ladder and stand, butter scales, milk tins, &c. Abont 150 gallons of cider, 2 hives of bees, aD excel- lent Scotoh sheep dog, and a portion of the household furniture. Luncheon at eleven. Sale at twelve o'clock. Dated 67, lligh-street, Newport, May 9th, 1877. EEMEYS FARM, PANTEG (Within 1 Mile of Pontypool.) MR. JAMES GRAHAM HAS received instructions from the Executors of the late Mr John Williams, deceased, to offer for SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, In convenient Lots, at the CROWN HOTEL, Pontypool* on SATURDAY, the 26th May, 1877 (subject to condi- tions of sale to be then produced,) the whole of the GROWING GRASS Upon about 80 Acres of Land, on the above Farm, together with the GRAZING of the same Land to Candlemas, 1878. Sale punctually at Two o'clock. Full particulars to be obtained at the offices of the AUCTIONEER, 67, High-street, Newport.

Family Notices