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To the Editor of the Free…


To the Editor of the Free Press. Dear Sir,—I wish you had given in your last impres- sion a more detailed report of the proceedings at the last Board meeting of the Pontypool Guardians. The ratepayers of the Union are much indebted to the Vice- Chairman, David Llewellin, Esq., for the trouble be has taken in the matter of procuring a labour-test for the Union (which will be a great benefit in many ways, as I may hereafter point out), but the efforts of the gentle- man referred to have met with opposition in a quarter from which support ought to have come, namely, from an ex-officio well known at the extremity of our Union. However, at the last meeting, this opponent stood in his glory alone," as he failed to command a single vote to sustain him when a division took place. The Board and the public have grounds for complaint at the con.. stant delay occasioned by some mysterious power that postpones measures calculated to render the future ar- rangements more in harmony with comijion sense and fair play,—and also delays in other respects. The offensive way the Board is treated by one who ought, from his social position, to bo well up in the maxims of Lord Chesterfield, is very annoying to some, and ought in future to be more fully reported in your paper, as it would place the conduct of the gentleman referred to in a public light, and thereby tend to correct an evil that is very annoying at our Board. On a recent occasion the gentleman whose conduct I complain of abruptly left the Board when he found he could not have his own way, observing as he left, Gentlemen, I shall leave you to your very interesting discussion," and following the remark by slamming the door after him in a manner unbecoming a gentleman, at the same time ejaculating, "I am going to the Lunatic Asylum," a de- claration that was not in the opinion of some there thought in any way necessary. If these strange occur- rences were fully reported, more caution would be ob- served by those who now occasion them. I am, yours, &c., A GUARDIAN.





To the Bditor of the Free…

To the Editor of the Free…

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