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iSnsinsss B EVANS AND COMPANY HAVE NOW ON SHOW A MAGNIFICENT STOCK OF RELIABLE FUR S, I CONSISTING OF 3EKl JACKETS. PALKTOTSJASD MANTLES FURLlNKO CLOAKS, FUR CAPES, COLLARETTES, "LLGR. V LJ,, BOAS, )WJ¡b', AND TBIMMINGS, KEAL SEALS KI2f JACKETS, 8^ to 3o (ji EAL SEALSKIN MANTLES and JlV i'ALi'l OTa, Lii to H 'guineas. | (i! I jt N i1. D CIRCULAR CLOAKS, -1? i-t/9 10 t Uuineas. RUSSIAN CLOAKS, 55s JP to b> i;uii:eas. IjlUii CAPfcS in Black and Brown, 2a lid J? to U-;d. CAPES in (.'possum and Musquash, JO 8/9 to iiis. fijTUR CAPES in Seal, Mink, and Beaver, JL to 4 guuieas, CAPES in Sable, ISabie Tail, and ..1.1 Marten Tail. Prices. 5Dt 12 suinea.3, stAUK COLLARETTES in Black and .5. Brown, 2/b to b/a. 1/1UR COLLiiEl'iES in Wolverine, JU Llama, mid Opossum, !lI to 13/J. sjj'MJR COLLARETTES in Isabella Bear, M? Skaak, lilue Fox, and Sibie. jL^UK COLLARETTE. "The Doris JJ perfdt: ati-uif!, iu oeaver, Mouflon, and Seal, 1DUpr' C' >LLAREITE. Belgravia X? (iuiig front*) in stole, Sabi 3 Tail. lieiiv* iiear, skunk, aud Blue Fox. Prices from 21/- to lb :l1inltlà :l. Fv\ BUAS m Brown and Black, 1/9 to L1 liOAS in Squirrel Tail and Fox, .fi. b/9 to 25/i. gj'CR BOAS ia Sable, Blue Fox, Beaver, X- Be ir .uid Mink in all qualitie 3. blUR MUFFS (newest shapes), 2/6 to afANDSoME SEAL BAG MUFFS, JLA lB/'j fcacli CUFFS, Gauntlets, Necklets, and L1 Collars, ft Coaver, Othr, $eal, :Noble, :Jwnk, Lynx, Muitiuosb, die. IT u R rJ,pJM MIN GS. gLACK, BROWN, G11F.Y, ANJ) WHITE BABBIT, Nil to 2,9 out y>»rd. SLACK A J; BUOWN OPOSSUM. 9d, 1/04, 1/6, SLACK. iiilOWA AND > ATM iAL UACCOON. 2/11, 5/3, 4/o, b/6, "jd to ln/6 per ya rcl hR iOX LYX, 11 Ct, 1/3*. 1/6. 1 to 7/6 per jard. â¢J UK AM. Ulil.X ANJ) FAWN MOUFLON, 2 6, 2/11, liEAH AND BKAVKK TRIMMING, 3/6, 3/1 4/11, fc/S, b/J to 2s/. per yard. 5/11, b/9, 3/6, 9/11 to 21 per yard. A large sortment of Mink. Sable, Otter. Astrachan, Squirrel, Chinchilla, Mus-^uasli and Blue Fox Vriminiiics Perambulator Rugs in Goat, Opossum, Fox, Wolverine, AloutU .n, Ac. UAURIAGE RUG:" IN VOLF, LYNX, FOX, &C. Temple-street, bwansea.. 10-ib ENGAGEMENT RINGS. 2.CARA T WEDDING RINGS. 13 CARAT KEEPERS. ENGLISH PAT iNT LEVKll WATCH. SILVKR Ar m ELECTRO PLATE. CLOCK-5 AND BRONZES. ENGLISH AN D FOREIGN NOVELTIES. AGENT FOR ELKINGTON IN THE w AXSEA DISTRICT. OPERA GL'.SSES THERMOMETERS. FOilEIG N MONEY EXCHANGE. QHKISTMAS J_> RESENTS GIINAMENT^A, USEFUL, AND DURABLE, IN GOLD AND SILVER. WILLIAMS, 29, CV\STLE STREET, SWANSEA, JEWELLER, ltc" HAS THE LARGJEST ASSORTMENT IN SOUTH WALES, CRYSTAL SPECTACLES. 9655 rjpRAPNELL AND G A N E, '55 AND 38, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. GrAND JJISPLAT OF BEAUTIFUL AND INEXPENSIVE ART NOVELTIES, T. & G having a initgnidcant Collection of Rare and Beautiful Articles sfor Presents, have this year ievoted the enure front part of their splendid Show- â¢ooni, a.o; well ad their window, to their display, 8000 are so arranged that at a giance hundreds of It AL NOVELTIES AM at once visible, and nothing but really useful as well as orimwe:ital, goods are to bo seen in this col- lection. NOVELTIES iCrom PA11", BERLIN. GENOA. TURKEY INDIA DillMA, JAPAN, aud AMERICA at uh LOW fRIC'KS that biin^ them within the reach of all. GRANDEST J^ISPLAY IN CARDIFF OF SCREENS. BAMBOO TABLES, WHATNOTS FANCY CUAI'lS, WALL BRACKETS. SLOWER BASKETS, die. SPECIAL SHOW OF MUSLIN AND SATIN CUSHIONS, FROM IS 2o TO 12s 9D. THIS J) A Y- rjlRAPNELL AND GANE, COM :'LJ-TE HOUSE FURNISHERS, io & 33, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. 9541 BUy THE ADAPTED BOOT (REGIS! EilED) For l-isy Wiiking miule the actual form if the foot; light 111 weight, pliable, and styiish per- iectly clear in.siiie no sock lining. Every Boot bears tha Adapted -itamp on the Sole. An Sizes and Fittiu^n '11 Stock toe and Narrow Fa -t. Sizes and Fit- are fl-oven in the loops. Same fittings always pro- curable from Stock. Price, 11" 9d Best Quality, 21s. THE WAUKBBZ BOOTS Are It medium aml hih-eIa"s ral1e of Gentlemen's Boots, of thl) i.>,¡t workmanship and leathar that can be produced. Kvery Pair bears the Registered Trada Markâ"WAUKERZ"ârind thay ure declared to be the .\]o,¡t Comfortable, Economical, and Smartest Booto placed beiore tUG Public. A Written Guarantee gifen with each Pair. 15, 6d, 17s 6d, 13a 6d, aOs. HARD. WEAH SCHOOL BOOTS FOR BOYS AND GIIXLS, Made with the well-known Plugged Soles almost Everlasting Wear. Price-2:I lid, 33 6d, 3s UlI, '4s lid, 6s 6d, 8a 6d 10M bd. Th«M Special Brands of Boots and Shoes can only 0.. obtained from U. and we hold ourselves respoLlsiiJle for the good wear of each pair. BOYLE AND CO., BOOT MERCHANTS, 2, UIGH-STREET. 28, ST. I, BUTK-STRKKT (HAYES BRIDGE), 24, CL'STuM HOUSK-STHEET. WHOLESALE WAREHOUSE â WOMANBY-ST., l J CARDIFF. 832V pohaessinc all tha properties ot the finest arrowroot J-JROWN AND pOLSON'S (OIN jj^LOUIl IIAJS A "AORLD-WlUt: REPUTATION. 22o "<iTK-â >*arciia-ers of Corn Flour sliould insist on no;n" s>Tir"iied with RROWN AND POLSON'S. It is «iis''i?rini"x5<! t'aif&rs.Tiv .superior quatit}-. 1017 fI'lKETM.âComplete Set One Guinea; JL sint'io Tootii, 2a 6d. Five years' waiTanty. lte- j,-iflii repairs. Ac. Painless Dentistry, Uas, &c,â rt>Oi»»\N AND Co., 1, Oill Dock-street, Newport, and l> 13041 11U iait for C^iasstikation. "VTOTICE IS HEREBY GIAEN that l\ â¢! « PARTNERSHIP heretofore subsisting be- r n U e un-'ers!Kiied GILBERT SAMUEL TUMKS V'JOHN KlltKBY carrying: 011 business at No. 3, M u^ Cu l^ the CoTinty of Glamorgan, as .MUi- .viir, w,s on the 11th day of 1-atentOven Man^fo^j MUTUAL CON- ^TnT AH d^to and ««ii^ by the said rSership will be rece.v.U and piid by the said liilbt-i't Samuul Tunk-. ij.4-ed this i'UU day of November. ^UXKS JOHN KlliKBY. ^usingss 2\.bbrtssts. ROGERS' AK ALES AND jpORTERS (Iu 4i Gallon Casks and upwards). BREWERY, BRISTOL. CAKDIPK STORES.WORKING-STREET. I NEWPORT SIORES COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS. CHiifSiOW SxoaiiS .BEAUFORT-SQL'ARE. Applications for Purchasing Agencies in Souib Wales to be addressed to J. B MADDOCKS, PENARTH, No extra charge fcr Ales and Porters supplied in 1396b Gallon Casks. 8715 UTA IN OLEUM "The Greatest Success of 10 Modern Times' for Re- sJTAINOLEUM nowlti-9 Woin Furni. ture. S TI r XT A T TJ rr â StaiDing Floorsand W^in- I A 1 IS OLEUM scoting, and Beautifying Everything. UTAINOLEUM Represents all Kinds of C Wood; may be applied ( LlTlTNnr l?nw ky anyone, and dries I A I iX ULt E U M immediately with a superb "loss. UTAINOLEUM O Sold e»erywhere, in bd A Li T A T X (1 T, ]f IT If 13 bottles and in cans, W IAIXNULIEUM half-pint. Is 3d; pint, rr TKAr TT 2s qu«t, 3s 9d half I^TAIN OLEUM gallon, ?s; & gaJloa.iiis. Cj T A IN 0 L E U M So,e Manufacturer, iU TAMES ll, UDMiN, CJT AINOLEUM Cambrian Color Works, BristoL 8461 THE A TLAS FURNISHING COMPANY, CABINET-MAKERS, UPHOLSTERERS, AoJ GENERAL HOUSE FURNISHERS, 5, ST. JOHN'S-SQUARE, CARDIFF. IfHlRNISH ON ASY fJlERMS, OR FOR CASH, DIRECT FROM THE MAKERS. THE ATLAS FURNISHING COMPANY COTUIUE TO SUPPLY FURNITURE OF EVERY DKSCRIPTION To Householders, fodgers, Mechanics, and all Classes in any station of life, on thair well-known HIRE pURCHASE SYSTEM, The Liberal Terms of which are Acknowledged to be undoubtedly the MOST ADVANTAGEOUS EVER OFFERED IN CARDIFF OR ELSEWHERE. Tha Furnishing Department comprises EVERY HOUSEHOLD REQUISITE. INCLUDING SHEETS, KNIVES, KETTLES, BLANKETS, FORKS, SAUCEPANS, QUILTS, CRUETS. ViCNDKRS, FIREIIIONS, PERAMBULATORS, &C. The ever-increasing Business of this well-known Firm. and the very considerate manner in which they treat with 4II th-vir Patrons, has made this Company the most deservedly popular in the trade. TERMS. 3 Weekly Payments Is 6a j S50 Weekly Payments 10.. £ 6 â 2i bd I E50 163 £ 10 â 4s Od I £ 100 â â 20s £ 15 â â 6s Od 1 £ 260 40s £ 20 â â 7s 6d I ALL GOODS CARRIAGE PAID within 200 Miles. PIANOS ON EASY TERMS. BATH CHAIRS, INVALID. BABY CARRIAGES, Lent out on Hire by the Day or Week, And with option of Purchase. CHAIRS LENT FOR EVENING PARTIES. 1397 âââ 5391 PROSPECTUSES AND PRICE LISTS POST FREE ON APPLICATION CAVENDISH 11° USE, CHELTENHAM. THE ANNUAL WINTER SALE AT REDUCED PRICES COMMEtfCRS OM JY-ONDAY NEXT, DEC. 30RA. SPECIAL BARGAINS IN COSTUMES, MANTLES, FURS, MILLINERY. JUVENILE DRESS, TEA GOWNS, SILKS, DRESS MATERIALS, HOSIERY. GLOVES, HOUSEHOLD LINENS, CURTAINS, FURNlsaiNO STUFFS. CARPETS, CABINET FURNITURE, &c., Ac. PATTERNS of Reduced Materials and Full Particulars of Made-ap Goods sent POST FREE on Application. CAVENDISH HOUSE COMPANY. LIMITED, HA VING. EVERYONE WHO SHAVES >0 SHOULD USE THE SHAVING. A L B I uN IVI ILK AND g HAVING. gULPHUR JgOAP, C tr A VTMn which yields a firm, creamy, and w A.A v X-L"I \J. refreshing lather, softening the beard, preventing the irritation O FIA VTNTI so often caused 'o delicate skins ⢠in shaving, anil rendering the passage of a razor rapid and SHaVTNO- easy- As a Toilet Soap, it is unequalled. Delicately *>erfume<l. MIi. -\rTxr^ by all dealers in Perfumery W tlA V 1jNL«. in Shaving Cakes and Toilet KJ Tablets. 6773 LIEBIG COMPANY'S EXTRACT of BEEF For Improved and Economic Cookery. As Stock for Beef Tea, Soups, Made Dishes Sauces (Game. Fish, &c.), Aspic or Meat Jeily. LIEBIG COMPANY'S EXTRACT of BEEF Keeps for any length of time, and is cheaper anti of liner flavour than any other Stock. LIEBIG COMPANY'S EXTRACT of BEEF. Forty pounds of prime lean beef (value 30s) are used to make ons pound of Kxtraet of B««f. (COOKERY BOOKS (indispensable for W ladies) -ent free on applicatiou to T IEBIG'S EXTRACT of MEAT COMPY. Limited. 9, FENCHURCH-AVENUE, E.C. 4074 P I T S. EPILEPSY OR FALLING SICKNESS. If you want to be permanently ami speedily cured of tuis distressing complaint, discard prejudice, and write to the Secretary, Barwootl House, Burwoocl-piace, Hyde Park, Loi on. He will send you" gratis full instructions for cure, and advice on diet. 6502 ^JROSSLEY'S "QTTO" GAS JgJNGINE OVER 28,000 IN USE. From 2 man to 100 h.p. REFERENCES for ALL TRADES and in ALL TOWNS. Second-Hand Engines. Deferred Payment System. cnOSSLEY BROS., T IMITED 1' 4 OPENSTT AW. AT ANOB ESTER.

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