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The Representation of West…


The Representation of West Carmarthenshire. MR. JOHN HINDS CHOSEN AS LIBERAL CANDIDATE. A meeting of the Liberal representatives for every part of West Carmarthenshire gathered at Water Street C.M. schoolroom on Wednes day to select a Liberal candidate for the con- stituency. Every County Council division had one representative for every fifty or par- tiOIU of fifty electors on the register. Over 170 delegates were present, and Al- dot-man John Lewis, Meiros Hall, was elected to the chair. The Chairman said that they had arrived at a crisis. The position had changed since they met a year ago, when they had one aspirant for the candidature. Now they had six (laugh- ter). He hoped they would be able to look back upon the decision which they would arrive at as the best possible. They were exceedingjiy sorry to lose Mr Lloyd Morgan who, they were gjad to learn, had beeii elevated to a higher position (applause). Mr H. Jones-Thomas, Penihosuchaf, pro- posed the acceptance of Judge Lloyd Mor- gan's resignation. They must all regret losing such a good me moor (applause). Ii they searched the whole of Wales they could not find a man who was more gentlemanly more consistent, or better principled. Witt honour had he represented them for a periot of 21 years (applause). Though they wen sorry to lose his services in Parliament they ala rejoiced to hear of his elevation to th< judicial 'bench (applause). Mr John Lloyd, Penybank, Abergwili seconded the vote, and Mr J. D. Morse, oj Lauigharne, supported. Carmarthehnshire. h< said, never had a more deserving man (ap plause). The vote was carried with acclama tion. The following candidates were propoised:- Mr H. Jones Davies, Glyneiddan,, Nam garedig, one of the Commissioners under tin Development Grant. Mr E. Griffiths, Chelsea, London, draper. Mr John Hinds, Blaokheath,, London draper. Sir Courtenay Mansel, Bart Maesycrugini: ilia nor. Sir Owen Philipps, Bart., Amroth Castle at present M..P. for Pembroke Boroughs. Rev. Morgan Gibbon, Congregational mir iater, London. It was decided that the association wbulc unanimously support the selected nominee All the nominees were present except the Re, J. Morgan Gibbon. It was then decided by the majority of th< delegates present that the remainder of tliE conference should the hield in private. The delibeiatioiis in private extended ovei three hours. The candidates present were in vited to address the conference, after whicl the voting by ballot took place. The figure were given fas folllows:- Mr H. Jones Davies 54 Mr John Hinds 51 Sir Owen Philipps 23 Mr Evan Griffiths 20 Sir Courtenay Mansel 19 Rev Morgan Gibbon 5 The name of the Last mentioned was deleted and the result of the next ballot was:â Mr Joliji-Jiinds 57 Ãlr H. Janes-Davies. tl1 Mr Evan Griffiths 21 Sir Courtenay Mansel 20 Sir Owen PhiJipps .ô 19 The next ballot after the name of Sir Owen Philipps had lbeeii eliminated, resulted !t. fallows:â Mr H. Jones-Da vies 72 Mr John Hiilds 64 Sir Courtenay Mansel 20 Mr Evan Griffiths 18 The next ballot resulted as folloii-s:- Mr H. Jonea-Da,vis, 78 Mr John Hinds 75 Sar Courtenay Mansel 20 The final vote iiias- Mr John ;Hinds 88 Mr H. Jones-Davies 86 Mr John Hinds was declared, amidst great cheering, the selected candidate, and was warmly congratulated on the result, his formal acceptance by the Association being (proposed by Mr H. Jones-Thomas, Penrhos-uchaf, and seconded by Mr James Phillips, St. Clears, and carried. THE LIBERAL CANDIDATE. Mr John Hinds is a Carmarthen boy, born at Cwnin Farm. nea r Francis Well, in July, 1862. Having served five years' apprenticeship to Ia. Carmarthen draper, he left for London, and in his 25th year started business on his own account at Rlackheath, and soon the firm of Hinds and Co. became one of the best known in the south-east of London. To-day lie is a director of the firm of Messrs T. J. Harries and Co. of Oxford street, of which he was practically the foun- der; and he is chairtman of the Drapers' Chamber of Commerce of Great Britain. Mr Hinds, who is a fluent speaker both in Welsh and English, is deacon of the Welsh Baptist Church, Castle street. London, of which the Chancellor of the Exchequer is a member. He was chairman for two years of the London Welsh Club, and .president of the United Literary Society of the London Welsh colony. He was one of the principal promoters of the National Eisteddfod held in London. He is an ex-president off the Blackheath Liberal Association, and is on the Executive Com- mittee of the Woolwich L'beral Association. Last January Mr John Hinds was on the final list of candidates for selection" of a successor to Mr D. A. Thomas for Merthyr Boroughs.

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