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-S>. THE Pena?th & .District BILtPOSTING OFFICE: — 1" Windsor -P- t, o a cl J PENARTH PENARTH C 2 7< ° il O.^ AND 1 /m Y"I Advertising ALL ITS BRANCHES. IN fENARTH, VOGAN, ■■LLANDOUGH, LECKWITH, EASTBROOK, It LAVERNOCK J &c, &c, &c. &rr-r;m -■■-— — rrosv ft" ^fcr l|r i Viijfrjrtdl DNLSAM .<11 **0 E rA or For ASliMA, BnOiçU1œS, 605,4*' BffLOHiffl, HOAS58ENESS, AND ALL <)„ LUNG TROUBLES. SA.Fr;. AND RELIABLE, Established 70 Years. fimcle Mark on Wrappers. BewErm Që "fefiSsa^Jna, SOUl BY CH£:IJIISTS EVERYWHERE. In Bottles, "H, 2/3, m, and 11/. •; vwummwra li T. PBILPOTT, Machen IDai^y, 34, WINDSOR ROAD PENARTH. ke Milk, Fresh Butter Poultry and New Laid Eggs. A Trial solicited. Quality Guaranteed. ALFRED TOWHILL, 79, Glebe Street, Oysters, Mussels, and Cockles. •c FRESH EISH, DAILY 1 ♦ -JUæX7:rmDcœ.m""lE.mnaønNmcnmt.U'==.=====-==:=-=-==-=====-==- 18 V Established .over a Quat-tcr of » Century, <41 1- 1 J -¡" IIIJJ ft; ,JW II Ob || tV S dF« T»FTN|?S|JglflJffP»1H| 44 # )., 'j, FAMILY BUTCHER STREErr N » "■• i 1: AND .7 f 4 GLEBE STREET.; t ? And at Holton Road, Barry Dock, ;V v ■. r mI.'AI'f¡P"?"tJ;rj,¡:2.1J(,m¡r,.rT- ¡¡¡, "'ir m ,r' 2iew 9lsar Cards <&# "ppjnted AT — ——- ')' "f ,\¡ J,. SPECIALL Y LOW PRICES.. i "'r.' .tl, I V", AT THE n •» PENARTH: 11110 NIC-E it £ f!nœII' LADIES1 & GENTS' VISITING CARDS. INVITATION & AT HOME" CARDS. ■BALL PROGRAMMES & MENU CARDS The ChEapest in the District. ft FT fi?r Mra^inpranfMmtnw IBggMI|^nHyanBqBiHTiyT,wr'^M^*MW!,pl*mni!l^^ >f IN EVERY STYLE .ANn QUALITY '• *#&$ ESTIMATE GIVEN FOR ALL CLASSES 01 WORK ■'• •' 'i* Chronicle Printing Works, Penarth » • r. *< I ;•% :r mm w.- 4. ""1&DI: "RpQ"ffv7CI PlQTiriCl ORGANS 33 dollars up. JJudubj b lialiUO Warrated 10 years. Catalogue free Address Daniel F. ^eatty Washing- Catalogue free Address Daniel F. ^eatty Washing- tCTijNew Jersey V" ,¡ it » Printed and Published by James Fergusson Pickford at Vis Uffice, Arcot-street and Plasoey-etre PenartL in the Coualy of Glamorgan. I 01 •J > 1