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RUTHTOWN COUNCIL, Wednesday evening.âPresent: The Mayor (Councillor W G Lecomber) presided, Aldermen T H Roberts and R H Williams, Councillors Rowland Jones, Edward Thomas, R James Jones, Robert Roberts, J Jenkins, Joseph Roberts, a.nd Oswald Thomas with the town clerk, Mr Baldwin Griffith medical officer, Dr Byford borough surveyor, Mr J Rice Jones and the retiring rate collector. THE SEWAGE FARM. The Town Clerk read a letter he wrote to Messrs Frank Knight and Rutley. auctioneers, of a fresh offer on behalf of the Council for the sewage farm. In reply they stated that the ar- guments of the Council scarcely carried weight. Mr Rowland Jones (after discussion) moved that power to act be given to the Council to deal with the matter in committee, and that a meet- ing be held next week in order to go further in the matter. This was agreed to, THE ASSEMBLY ROOM CINEMA. The Town Clerk said he had obtained a licenco for the use of the Assembly Room as a Cinema. The Council had already accepted the tender of Messrs Bullen and Broome, of Denbigh, to dis- play pictures three nights a week at 5s per night, and a payment for the use of the piano. This would mean a gooi income for the Council. WATER SUPPLY. Mr R H Williams, on the water supply, said that something should be done to avoid another such experience as the borough had gone through during the past few weeks The Mayor said that if any effort was to be made for improvement. it should be done now by approaching the Birkenhead Corporation. The Town Clerk said that many points hinged upon this question, and had yet to be considered. For instance, whether the Birkenhead water should be tapped at the Llanfwrog end of the town, or that the present source of supply-the Water Company's reservoir-should be aug- mented by means of the Birkenhead water. The Mayor felt that now was the "ime to move. Although he WM a director of the Water Com- pany, he cared nothing about that when the interest of the residents generally had to be considered. Mr Rowland Jones said the Water Company, by Act of Parliament, had the sole right to supply the town with water, and that might present a difficulty. The Mayor: Whether they have the right or not does not enter into this matter. If the water supply has been deficient, then it should be supplemented from another source. Let the Water Company look after themselves, and we will do the same. Mr Rowland Jones We might make a afalse step, not from the Water Company's point of view, but from our own If the Water Company don't object, I certainly don't. The matter was left in the hands of the Town Clerk to correspond with the parties interested. ISOLATION HOSPITAL. Mr R H Williams raised the question of the provision of an isolation hospital, and said th<- Coucil, possibly in conjunction with the Rural District Council, should move with every possible speed in the matter. The Mayor said he felt very strongly on this matter, and he had already expressed himself upon it at the meeting of the Nursing Association on Monday. To have a beautiful hospital and prevent the public having its use, was red-tape personified. It was agreed to communicate with the District Council as stated in the report. PROFITEERING. It was decided to appoint a Committee under the Act consisting the Mayor, Councillors Row- land H Jones, Arthur Wynne Morris, Edward Thomas and Oswald Thomas, with Mrs Jenkins, Hendre Mrs R H Williams, Clwyd-street, with, three to be nominated by the Food Control Committee AUDIT OF ACCOUNTS. Councillor Oswald Thomas had given notice of motion as follows:âThat a communication be sent to the Ministry of Health informing them I' that we, as a Council are desirous of having our accounts audited by the official auditors of the Ministry, and enquiring what is necessary to be done to obtain an authority for the purpose, and what would be the probable expense to the Borough. Mr Thomas in proposing this dealt with the whole question in a very full and able speech. He showed that his proposed system would be, more advandagous and economical, and said at present the accounts are audited twice a year, and eaeh au *itor is paid £ 2 '23 for each audit, miking a total of £ 8 83. But when there is au election, and there was one in March last, there is an additional expenditure of about X- I I to be addec1 to the cost of the audit, making a total of 920 for that year, that is, a fd rate. The coat of a Government audit is fixed by the total ex- penditure of the Council for the year, and accord- ing to their present rate of expenditure, it would amount to £.5, and would remain at this figure, according to the present schedule of stamp duties. The proposed system would therefore cost much less than now paid in auditors fees, and would be about a fourth of what the Coun- cil have to pay in a year when an election of auditors is held. The motion was seconded by Aldeiraaa T H Roberts and carried unanimously. WEDDING. On Friday morning a pretty wedding was solemnized at Pendref Chapel, the bridegroom being Mr A J Fraser. eldest son of Mr Fraser ex-provost of Motherwell, Scotland, and the bride Miss Mattie Owen, of Greenwioh House elder daughter of Mrs Miils, recently of the Corporation Arms. The bride, who was given away by her uncle, Mr Robert Roberts (recently of the Hand Brewery), was prettily attired in a fawn costume with hat to match. The brides- maid was Miss Lizzie Owen (sister), who wore a navy costume with hat to match; and the bes: man Mr R Forrest Morris. The officiating minister was the Rev Eiward Thomas, and Miss Gladwyn Roberts presided at the orgaii The chapel was tastefully decorated for the < occasion. The happy couple afterwards motored to Chester, where a reception was held in the Westminster Hotel. The bride's going away costume was a navy coat, seal furs and fawn velour hat. The honeymoon is being spent in Barmouth, The presents were numerous and cost y. DENBIGHSHIRE INFIRMARY. ANNUAL COLLECTIONS, 1919. £ s. a. Amount previously acknowledged 32 10 9 ST ASAPH AND DISTRICT, per Mr J Wynne Davies (as previously reported) .35 1 1 LLANDYRNOG & LLANGWYFAN, per Mrs Rigby. Collected by the Misses Cameron and Olive Morris I 3 11 LLANSANNAN, per Mrs Ellis, Rectory. Collected by Mrs Jones, Red Lion Mrs Roberts, Ty Iorwerth Mrs Jones, Post Office; Mra Roberts, Saracen s Head and Mrs J T Jones, Top Shop 0 19 3 BODFARI, per Mrs Harris Williams. Collected by the Misses Veronica Harris Williams. Maggie Williams, and Lizzie Jones 2 12 8 LLANRHAIADR, per Rev James Davies. Collected by the Misses Winifred Searell, Gwendolen Hughes, and Edith Watson 4 17 li KANTGLYN Collected by Mrs Wynne Edwards, Mrs Owen, Mr Scott and the Rector 5 8 1 LLANGYNHAFAL & LLANYCHAN per Mrs Bromhead assisted by Mrs Bleackley, Mrs Salt, Miss E Barnctt, Mrs D Smith, Mrs and Master Roberts, Golden Lion 6 18 7 CAERWYS, per Mrs Sinnett Jones. Collected by the Misses Eva Saunders, Lucy Jones, Esther Jones, Millie Tyrer and Jennie Jones 4 17 11 RHUDDLAN, per Miss J W Jones, assisted by the Misses Evans, B Jones, E E Roberts, and F Roberts 6 11 2j RUTHIN, per Mr W G Lecomber. Collected by Mrs Fox, the Misses Marjorie Haram, Doris Hitchin, Aldrioh and Bryan 4 11 ij TREFNANT, per Miss Margaret Campbell, assisted by Miss Edwards, Hotel 2 13 5 .10H 5 6* TREFNANT. THE LATE MRS EDWARD WILLIAMS. The funeral took place on Tuesday the 16th inst., of Mrs Williams, the beloved wife of Mr Edward Wiiliams, Pen Ucha r Green Farm, whose death was recorded in our previous issue. Mrs Williams was an excellent wiie and mother, and her deoiise removes one most highly esteemed in the locality. This was shown by the very large and representative gathering at the funeral. The Rev 0 R Owen, pastor of the Calvinistic Methodist Church at Trefnant, of which deceased was a faithful member, officiated at the house and the rector (Rev W T Williams) in church and at the grave. Beautiful floral tributes covered the coffin. The principal mourners were .âMr Edward Williams thusband) Mr John Williams (son) and Miss Margaret Williams (daughter) Mr and Mrs Hugh Roberts, Perthewig Mr and Mrs Harry Roberts, Bryntirion Denbigh, and Mr and Mrs Roberts, Bachygraig (brothers and sisters- in law) Mr Peter Williams, Caergroes, Llan- sannan, and Mr John Williams, Cilcen (brothers-in-law), together with many other relatives. Mr Williams and family have received a large number of sympathetic messages in their bereave- ment for which they feel deeply grateful.