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RUTHIN DISTRICT NURSING ASSOCIATION. The 24th annual meeting of the Ruthin Nursing Association was held in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, on Mon- day, the Mayor (Councillor IV Godfrey Lecomber) presiding. The attendance included Mr G H Denton (vice-president), and Mrs Denton Mrs Springman (vice- president), the Mayoress (Mrs Lecomben, Mrs Alston lones, Mrs T H Roberts, Mrs E Tegid Owen, Mrs James Jones, the Rev and Mrs Er: est Jones, the Warden and Mrs -Davies, Mrs J Jenkins, Mrs Thomas, Miss Mary Jones, Mrs E G Jones, Miss Davies Jones, Mrs R H Williams, Mrs Thomas with Mrs T J Rouw and Miss Edwards, Church Gates, the hon secretaries; and the nurses, Miss I Roberts and Miss Williams. The Mayor expressed regret at the absence of the President of the Associa- tion, Mrs W Corn wallis West, who had done so much in the past to create an in- teoest in its work. The Association was formed 24 years ago, and one lady present that day had been actively connected with it from its inceptionâMiss Edwards, one of the hon secretaries (applause). The report and balance sheet to be submitted I to that meeting showed the progress made, but whatever success had been achieved in the past, should be excelled [ in the future. The Association, like the [beneficent Old Age Pensions Act, had! a good deal to destroy pauperism, or, at j least, to wipe away its taint in many, directions (hear, hear). The work oc the Association was continually on the in- crease. School visiting was now part of the work, and school clinics would have to be thought about. Personally be was a great believer in clinics in schools, and whatever were done in regard to the teeth 0 of young children wouli be amply repaid in later days (hear, hear). The local branch of the Red Cross Society hal ct le a good deal of excellent work in c in- nection with nursing, and possibly the District Nursing Association woul t have sot-nething to do with cases of demobilised soldiers treated at the Red Cross Hospital, but still requiring attention owing to shell-shock and other ailments. The question of the future use of Ruthin Union Infirmary was one of urgent im. | portand;. Everyone must agree that some use ought to be made of it (hear, bear). Although originally provided in connection with Poor Law work, all effort should be made to obtain it for really live nursing workâif not the whole, then a portion of it (applause). A few days ago, a man suffered from scarlet fever, and, in order to isolate him from his four children, he had to be removed to the Union Workhouse. That was hardly fair when they had, at their doors, a hospital in excellent order, but never used. Undoubtedly, the building should be properly equipped and placed at the service of the community (hear, hear). Whatever he could do personally would be dene to effect that object. He was sorry to inform the meeting that Miss Edwards hal informed Mr Denton and himself that morning of her desire to resign as one of the hon secretaries, but had very kindly agreed to continue until March next (applause). A great deal of the success achieved was the result of the very hard work on the part of Miss Edwards and Mrs Rouw (hear, hear). Mr Denton then read the annual report, which showed that both the general and the maternity work had been carried out by the nurses to the satisfaction of the Committee and the Inspectors. The nurses' duties had increased during the last year or two under the Notification of Births Act, and they also undertook the duties of school visitors. In the future their sphere of influence might be ex- tended. Owing to the great difficulty of getting rooms for the two nurses, the Committee decided to take a small house, which had been furnished through the kindness of ladies in the neighbourhood and by a grant from the Association hear, hear). This had answered very well. The Committee wished specially to thank Mr Williams for his gratuitous services in conveying and putting up the furniture in the house, and were grateful to those who undertook the house-to- house collection, and to these who helped in the very successful rummage sale- Messrs Rice Jones and W Roberts. Nurse Roberts (Queen's Nurse) had succeeded Nurse Jones, who left to join her husband on demobilisation. The furnishing of the house already referred to had been done as follows :âMrs Springman (from the hospital', beds, bed linen, blankets, towels, table linen, dinner and tea ser- vices, large cupboard, locker and chair; Mrs Stanley Weyman, bedroom suite; Mrs Tate, chest of drawers, two carpets, rocking chair and other articles Mrs Pinsent, easy chair and couch. About X5 was also spent by the Association in buying kitchen and ccoking utensils, &c. Nurse Williams was now assisting Nurse Roberta, having come at a moment's j notice, aucl woul i stay, until Nurse I Davies came back. The report stated further that 11 surrounding parishes had been visited by the nurses; that 8704 r visits had been paid, 108 cases attended to, and 11 operations. A letter was read from Miss A C Lowe, secretary of the Queen Victoria's Jubilee Instite for Nurses, stating "that the work seen at Ruthin, on inspection, was nicely done, and in a kind and sympathetic manner. The equipment was in good order." Mr Deuton said that the Association was always anxious to mako the nurses as indispensable as possible. Financially, the Association was in a satisfactory posi- tion, but it should always be borne in mind that the expenses were going up enormously, and the balance in hand would be very soon required. Since Miss Edwards and himself had been connected with the Association-and that was from the very commencement, they had on many occasions gone in fear and trembling that the revenue would not balance the expenditure. They pulled through, how- ever (hear, hear). The Association felt extremely grateful to Mrs Springman for a contribution from the balance left by the Red Cross Society, and this would go towards next year's account. He ex- pressed his pleasure that Miss Edwards bad consented to go on with her duties for another period (applause). She had been its bakbcne, as it were, for a very long time, although others had done very much indeed. Whilst Miss Edwards and Mrs Rouw continued as hon secretaries, the Association was in excellent hands fhear, hear). In conclusion, the speaker said he also had thought of retiring on account of inability to attend meetings, but he took tremendous interest in the woik, and would go on if they excused his attendance at meetings (applause'. The statement of accounts for the year ending March 25th last shewed that the receipts had been tlO,5 6s Od, including £ 198 17s 8d balance at the beginning of the year. The subscriptions and house collections were JEGl 18s 5d, and £ 48 fees for nurse's services. The L.G.B. grant was £ 14 7s Gd. Grants from County for services to schools. &c.. £ 8 13s Od from Ruthin Guardians, £ 10; and Ruthin! j Charities, £ 2 9s 10 J. The rummage sale pro.iuced £;ja 15s 7d. The payments include i nurse's services, t107 15s 8d board and laundry, e40 17s Od rent, £ 20 uniform, Rll 12s Od drugs. £5 15s Od, and various sundry items; there,, being after meeting all expenses a balance j in hand of zC203 Is 8d tG begin the 1919 financial year from March 25th. I The Rev the Warden moved the adoption of the report, and stated that no work done in Ruthin deserved more support than the Nursing Association. This he knew from experience In regard to the hospital, he thoroughly agreed with the Mayor. Whilst there was an excellent institution close at band, sick and injured people from Ruthin had to be sent to Denbigh and Liverpool for treatment at great expense This should certainly not be allowed to continue. He was very glad to see Mr Denton among them that day, and hope his health would enable him to continue his work on behalf of the Associa- tion (hear, hear). Mrs Springman, in seconding, also expressed pleasure at seeing Mr Denton present that day after his serious illness As to the hospital, the Mayor and the Warden could not speak more sirongly than she felt on the subject. It was a very great pity that such a bulging should re- main unused and such opportunities missed (hear, hear). The Red Cross Society left it fully equipped for 45 be is, and even now the place could be got ready in three or four days. Should that come to pass, a great of suffering would be avoided. With her Voluntary Aid Detachment she could get the hospital ready in two days, and she sincerely hoped that the Mayor would take the matter in hand and press it forward as much as possible (hear, hear) Ruthin could easily be made a clinic centre with the aid of the hospital. The report was then adopted. The Rev Ernest Jones moved the re-election of the oflicers, with the Mayoresi added to the executive committee. He also spjke of the in. calculable services of the nuises and ihe work done by the Association for the welfare of the public. He hoped that the Committee would take the question of the hospital into cODsidera- t'on and suggest some tangiole scheme with the view to its adoption. Mrs Thomas seconded the motion, which wn,, carried unanimously Mr Denton proposed a vote of thanks to the Mayor, and referred to the great interest he took in everything connected with Ruthin. The Association was also grateful to Mrs Springman, Mrs Tate, ani other ladies for their constant support. Reference had already been made to Miss Edwards, and he desired also to mention the painstaking work done by Mrs Rouw, who was always anxious to do all she could for the benefit of the Association (hear, hear). Mrs Denton seconded the motion and it was carried. The Mayer briefly responded, and the meeting concluded Apologies for absence were received from Mrs I William Jones, Glasfryn Mrs Crace Calvert, Mrs J C Davies, Mr and Mrs Stanley Wcyman. Mr Denton expressed regi'et also a!) the unavoid- I able absence of Mrs Tate.


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