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Messrs T & W Leatheg. Agricultural Hall, Ruthin. MONDAYtNEXT, SEPTEMBER 29th, 1919, MESSRS T. & W. LEATHES beg to announce that the above premises will be open as above for GRADING OF FAT STOCK at 11 o'clock. Sale by Auction of STORE CATTLE. SHEttP, PIGS, and CALVES at 12 o'clock, Enirias of every description respeotfull7 imlivited op to the hour of Sale. t. & W. LEATHRO, Auctioneers. Denbigh Smithfieid. MES?RS T. & W. LEATHES beg to announce that the premises occupied by them will be open for the GRADING OF FAT TOCK at 11 o'clock EVERY MONDAY, except the Monday preceding the, lip- CON,, TUESDAY in each month SALES BY AUCTION OF STORE 6TOCK BVERY FAl, DAY. Entries of every description are solicited. T. & W. LEATHES, Auctioneers. Agricultural Hall, Ruthin and Denbigh u.c Bile of Valuable TERAdtiLt4G feETS, &o. MEB8R8. T & W. LEAT -*E8 will Sell by Auction, upon ptemiees adjoining hXTTdIN STATION (L. & N.W. Railway); On THURSDdY, OCTOBER 2nd, 1919, au 1 c'clock prompt, the following Vaaable MODERN TRACTION ENGINES, THRASHING MACHINE*, Ac., the property of Messrs. Wi llam9 & Kellecr, vz:â1 Ransome 8-h.p, Single Cylinder Road Loeo., 4 8-b.p. iDgle Cylinder Traciien Engiae3 by Mccrthall, Bur ell, Roby and Ramome I 1 Steele i v i.-d-,r 7-h.p. Traction Engine by Wallis (Ã, Stevens » 6 Thrashing Machines, 4ft. 6tn by Bo iter Garrett, Boöy, Marthall (2j. j S Hornsby Doable Ba d Scraw Traasers, 2 Bamfords' no. 4 Forcable Corn Grinding Mills 1 Tbree-fcoife Portable ChaffcuÃter by Richmond W- Chandler; 1 Portable Circular Saw-bench with B&we 8 Trucks aod Lorries; 1 Living Van Set) of 4 Icon Wheels, axles and springs (praotioally new); 1 Cylinder BoriDg Machine, I Valve Facing Maobine, 1 Set of GAS Toread I Stooge and Dyes, numerous lots of Spare Bait- ing, Chains, &a A 5-SEATER FORD TOURING CAR (in good order). The whoie of the above will be found in firsb- c'ass working order, and will be shown in motion on the day of Sale. Farther particulars of any of the abova may be obtaioed from the Secretary, Messrs. Wi m & Kellett, Ruthin J or from the Austioneere. Ag ,cu..utal Hall, Ruthin. 1407327 The Sale will take place at the Feathers Grain Stores, Well Street, ttnthin. MESSRS. T, & W. LEATHES have been favoured with instructions from Mr. R. Robarts (late of the Hand Browery), to Sell by Aaotion oa tha aforesaid prsmi es On FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3rd, 1919, the following Valuable Miscellaneous Stock, which briefly includeDark B own Pony Mire G year O'd, alnut) 13-2 hands high; Hack Fiily, 18 months old Light Float by Pickering Bret., Liverpool; Dogeart, Set of Brown Braai. Mounted Harness, Riding Saddle and B idle, Horse Clothing and Sund. y Barnpsa the who!e of the Contents of GRAIN STOREROOM: aso Corn Sacks, two Slaoks of wa' -ecureri 'Meadow Hay a large quantify of BUILDING MATERIAL, which include Iron Piu*rs, Girdere, and Railway bleepers Dog Kennel, Grindstone, Set) of Cob Harness, and numerous other useful Lot?. Sale to commence at 1 o'clock prompt, Terns Cash. For farther particulars see Sile Posters. No tatalogues, T. & W. LEATHER Auctioneers. Ruthin and Denbigh. 1408t27 Oroakwood Cottage Llanrhaiadr, near Denbigh- SATURDAY OCTOBER 4th, 1919, at 12.30 prompt. SALE e! HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, which includes Amiqne Mahogany Chase of Drawer?, Modern Dioto Dressing Chest, 4Je. Brass and Iron Bedstead, Chairs and other Bedrocm Appointments, solid Mahogany Drop Leaf Table, 2 Panted Cuphoard4, Hardwood Chairs, Modern Corn-or Cupboard with glass ftont, Kitchen Furniture, and numerous other Effects. By ordor of M e. Robeits, who is leaving. Fall particulars in Sale Posteri. Terms Caab. T, & W. LEATBE3, Auctioneers. Agricultural Hal), Ruthin, and Denbigh. 1447:4 Agricultural Hall, Ruthin.# TUESDAY, OCTOBER 7th (FAIn DAY), 191 at 12 o'clock. MESSRS. T. & w. LEATHES beg to annouooe that they will ran, in connection with the cstrAt, eitADrse, a Special Sale of Store Cattle and heep, which wi!l inolude :-Diiry COWP, Calving Beifera Store Bullocks aDd Heifers; Radnor, Wel h and CroRs-bred Breeding Ewe3, Store Lambs, &c. CODl!!ignmi nttl accopJ'ed up to the hoar of Sale, bUt EABLT EBTBIBE are solicited for Catalogues and other advertising porpesrs. T. & W. LEATHES, Auctioneers. Ruthin and Denbigh. loOfij-i PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. Pentstyllod, Liandekin, near Wrexham (BODIDRJS Hxlzj, HOME FARM). FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31st, 1919. Surplus Sale of Weli-bred Cattle, Sheep and Pigs. MESSRS. T. & W LEATHES have been iyj instructed by Captain Dewhurst to conduct this Highly Important Sale as above Farther paiticulars in later announcements. Atictfeneera' Offices, Ruthin. 1516o25 RUTHIN, NORTa WALES. MESSRS. T. & w. LEATHES WIN CFLAR far Bale by Poblio Auction at an EARLY DATE all that Dssirable and Well- eituftied Farm known as C-aer Qroes, containing 71 acrcs 2 roods 31 perchsi (or thereabouts). Fuichsr parUculars in later announcements Solicitors: Messrs. W. R. Evans & Jones Ruthin. AqcMgneers' Offices, Ru<hio. 14 tOac Clwyd Batsk Dairy, Ruthin. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 7th, 1919. HIGO^LK 8*!a ot Dairy Cows, 2 Gobs, Hay, Manure etc, T. & W. LBATHE3, â Auotioneerf. Agtiouitural Hall, Ruihia, liiSao a Richard Pearce, F.A.I. Telephone No, 40. t Telegrams Pearoe, Auctioneer, Abergele. Offices Market Street, Abergele, Proprietor and Originator of The Farmers' Market The most reliable Market in the Distriot. Always a good supply and demand, Important Sales of Live Stock, Implements, Crops, &c. By Richard Pearce, F.A.I., ABERGELE. WBDSESDAT, OCTOBER lib, at 12 o'clock Extensive Sale of FARMING STOCK at (Jamaes Farm, Llaugeroiew, for Mr. W. H. Parry FaiDAY, OCTOBEB 3rd. at 19 o'clock, 150 CATTLE. beO SHEEP, 50 COLTS and FOALS in LlangernUw Mart. Piize Lists ready. Earries will oblige THURSDAY, OCTOBER 9fcb, at 12 o'clook, Exben. sive Sale of High-class':D AIRY STOCK, IMPLEMENTS, &c., at Brynymaeu Farm, Oolwyn Bay, for T. H. Oik ^-y, E q WEDNESDAY and THCRSDAY OCTOBBB 15:h and 16,b, ABERGELE GRIU. e OCTOBER HOES Hi ALES. £ 75 In Oath Prizes. Lists advertised Entries now being received THURSDAY, OCTOREB 16'h. at 7 p.m., SALE of LLYaFAEN P-ciOPEIHIES at the Ihi- wity Hosel, Llaodduia*. FRIDAY, OCTOBEB 17 b, FARMING STOCK, FURNlTCJRffi. Ac at Frioh Wen, B yny- maeo. Co wyn Bay, for R. E. Hugh 1 Eq. THURSDAY, OCTOBZB 23rd, SALE of FARMING STOUK, CROPd, &c at) Simdda Hir, Llannetydd, for Miss Wiil'ams FRIDAY, OCTOBER 24wh, Fmas sale of the Year I of CATTLE for Winter Feeding, B I ERD- ING EWE:I, and STORE WETHERS and LiMBS in Bee Saoithfisld. FIBIT WE*K IK NOVBMBEB, SlLE of FARM- ING bTO K &» N*U* y Fedw, Bettwa yn Rho?, for J. A K»ymer, Ecq. SALE of STOOl CROPd. &o., at Ty utiiyu, Bebtws yn Hho-1, for Mr. T. J. Mat hews SALE of tJIOCK, CROPS, &c., at Bryny- gwyut, Moelfre, for Mr. D. Evana Full particulars of these Sales from the Aacticnsera' Offices, Markac Street Aborgele. 14d5110 BEE SMUHFIELD. GRADING AND BALD OF STORil ftTOCK AS UaUAL NEXt MONDAY, at 11.15 I NOTICE, All Sbock for Grading musb be in the yard not later than 11 o'clook. By Order. LLANGEBNISW MAftT. GREAT AUTUMN PRIZE BALE OF CATTLE, SHEEP, and HOBSfiS FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3rd, Liata ready. E»ciy Entries wlil oblige. RICHARD PEAROE, F.AI, 1326u.c. Auctioneer. Abergele Great October Horse Sales WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 15bb-For Work- ing Horse?, Cobs and Ponies. THURSDAY, OCTOBER la.b-For Unbroken Colts and Foals. IN PRIZES. £ 75 IN PRIZES. Beat Cart Horsa wins £20 oash. Sacond 110; Third t3. VanDer; First 910; Second 25. Three-yaar- old Unbroken Colt: First £ 5; Second, .£2. Oae or Two-year-old: First iBB Second, At. Cob, 11*1 and over: First X3; Second U. Pooy, 14 hands and under: First 92 Second l, Cart Foal: First £ 3 Second A2; 3rd £ L, Entries mil oblige. Carriage paid on Horsee railed and sold. RICHARD PEAROE, F.A.I., 144luc Auasioaear, Abergele. Sale by Messrs Robert and Rogers Jones, Llanrwst TO CLOSE A TRUST. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 1th, 1919. GYPPYLLIOG, Near RUTHIN. gale of a Deitirabla Freehold Farm. MESSRS. ROBERT ft ROGERS JONES will offer for Sale by Pablio Auction, as the CASrLE HOTEL, RUTHIN, oa the above mentioned date, at 2 o'clock in the afborboon, all that very Desirable and Pro- duotive Freehold Farm known as PENRHIW 8AOH, to the Parish of Llanynys, haIfa-mile from the Village of Gyffylliog, and about 4 miles from the Town of Ruthin, now in tha occupation of Mr. David Salisbury as yearly tenant, and containing by admeasurement 21 acres or thereabouts, For further particulars apply to D. HOWELL Jonas, Etq., Solicitor, or th, Auctioneers, ali of L aorwst. 1487o4 FRIDAY, OCTOBER 10th, 1019. On the same day as the Annaal Live Stock Sile held at GWTfTHERIN. All that Desirable Upland Farm known as NANT-Y HENFAES, situate about 51 mile) from Lianrwet, cm- tainlrg by admeasurement 83 acres and 36 peaches or thereabouts. The Honse contains Kicchen, Dairy, Bedchamber and Loft, whilst the Outbuildings consist of 2-Biabed fctable, Cowhouse (S ties) with feeding passage, Cattle Feeding House, Piggery, Barn and Oart Shod, Ttere is a plentiful supply of water on the Farm. There is also the Right of Turning Sheep on W AEN WaN Mountain, For fatthar particulars apply to feb$*Auobion- eers, Tyn y Fynwent, Lianrwat. 1488;4 DAVID THOMAS & SON Auotioneers, Valuers, and Estate Acents. Valuations and Sales of Freehold Properties a Speciality. Particulars of Properties for Bale by private treaty on applieation. STANLEY HALL AUCTION MART, RUTHIN. PRELIMINARY NOTICES. DAVID THOMAS & SON will offar for JL/ Sale by Pablio Auction at aft eerly date the following Freehold Properties, CARNED- DAU and TTNANT, in the Parieh of Llan- srynhafftl; JPYNLAN. in the Parish of Gyffylliog 'RHYGOOH and BRONANT FARMS, Groe?, near Denbigh, with 8(, acres or thereabouts of land; LLYS YNYS FARM, Bodfari; and five Leasehold COTTAGES in Village of Llanddulaa. j By o-der of Trustees of Llandyrnog Charity. t GROESFFORDD, in the Parish of Caerwys, By direcBiona of Representatives of the late Mr H E MagIn, Chemist, 16, Clwyd 8treet, Rutbiv, comprising Shop, Dwelling House I and Garden, cco jjlid by lit E (fluadectror. 1536a.0 Sales by Messri Frank f Ioyd and I Sons. Agticultural Sales during October. October 4thâLive and Dead Farm S)ock For Mr. W. Robert- Round Woodi Meliden. October 9«hâLive and Da id Farm Stock. For Mrf. OweD. Marion MiIJ, Dygerth. October 11th-Live and Desd Farm 8tcck. For Mr. R. Salmon, Tyddyncyll, Dyserth. October.-Great Agiicultural Dispersal Sale For Mtf. Jmes, Penybryp, Rbyl. FRANK LLOYD & SONS. Auoeioneer*. October-Great Agricultural Dispersal 8" c. For Mr. J. G. Gratton. Foryd Faw Abergele. F3ANK LLOYD & SONS T. & W. LEATHES. 1498uc Auctioneer. HARP SMITHFIELD. EVERY MONDAY. OAEaWYj SMITHFIELD TUESDAY (FAIR DAY), SEPrEMBER 30.h at 13 o'clock. "TlRANK LLOYD & SONS invite Entries of all Classes of Stock. Stoak for Grading at 11 o'clock. I Store Sbock dold at 12. Offies-Lyndhursb, Abergele. Phone 44 1496 27 liT. ASAPH SUITBFIELD. t EVERY WEDNESDAY, I Stoek for Grading must be penned by 11 Store Stock Id at 12. FRANK LLOYD & SONS. Offbe-Ãbergele. Phanelt. a.o I 800 HORSES" NEXT WEEK. North Wales Repositorf, Wrexo tu- JjlRANK LLOYD & SONS will Sell on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30th. Dispersal Salo of Pedigree Hackneys at Whitegate 8 ud for Mr John Jones. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 1st.-25J Pedi- gree Hackneys, Hunters, Harness Horses, Cobs and Ponies. Many prize winners THURSDAY, OCTOBER 2nd. v,6 I Powerful Town Mares and Geldings, Larry tfad Van Horses, cUiefly 5, ÃJ, and 7 years old, A grand selection of weighty animals. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3rd. 3 d I Pedigree Sliires one, two, and three year old Geldings and Fillies, and Foals. The above are a genuine lot of horses direct from the breeders Two days trial allowed for work. Sales at 12 each day. Catalogues readr 1491627 SATURDAY, OCTOBER 4th, 1919, at 12-30, PEN-I-8BM, between Penwylfa and Meliden, i mile from the Station. IMPORTANT Sale of 9 ehoice Cattle, 107 improved Welsh Breeding Ewes, 10 Store Pigs and Gilts, 17 Couple of Poultry, 10 Couple pure Indian Runner Ducks, Pony, 6 tons of Oat and Wheat Straw Wood Shippon built with Sleepers and Bing, Brick floored, to tie 6 Cows Shed Vvith galvanized roof, 10-ft by 6 ft small Shed, 4-wheei Dog Cart, Lurry, Chaflcutter, Pulper, Iron and Chain Harrows, Iron Hurdles, Whitewash Machine, 600 yards Sheep Netting, 4 Rolls of Barb Wire, 15.0 Foneing Posts, and the usual assortment of small Implements and Tools, etc ete. Also, by permission, removed for convenience of Sale, a large collection of Agricultural Lnple- F ments and miscellaneous effects, etc., comprising Rubber-tyred Float complete, Princess Mowiug and Reaping Machine, Noven ditto, Corn Drill, I Horse Rake, Digger and other Ploughs, Scufflers, Carts, Gears, Harness, Dairy Vessels, etc. FRANK LLOYD & SONS have been instructed I JP by Mr. William Roberts, Roundwood, to sell without reserve on account of the land hav- ing been sold. Cards from place of Sale or the Auctioneers, Abergele Telephone 44. Special attention invited. Sale at 12-30. 1499s27 THURDAY, OCTOBER Sigh, at I o'clock. MARION MILL, DYdERT*. i mile from the Station, by order cf Mrs. Owen. IMPORTANT Sale oi 19 Choice Cattle, vfz: J. 4 CJWiI In fall milk, 8 two-yea'-o.d Heifers, 3 Yearling Bullocks, 2 Yearling Hoifer Calves; 20 Southdown Ewes and Litwb, « Couple of Po -Jtiy; a Small Coilsotion of Implements, Dairy Utemij?, and Fn>nifu e, including Iron and Woed Bectft^ad?, Fes-beot and other Bsde, Antique Oak Dover Chest, &c. Citds from place of Sale or the Auctioneers, Abergele, 'Phone 44. 1497o4 FitANK LIOYD & SONS. FHIDAY, OJTOBER lQwh, at U a,m, HIGHLY Important and Attractive Sale of 15 Head of Castle, 9 Heavy and Light Horfeea, 13 Plgz, the whole of ¡,ba nearly new Farm Implements and Machinery, Farm Produce, Poultry and Appliances, the Surplus Sapericr Furniture, Carriages, and Harness, at RiynyHynnon Hall; near Ruthin FRANK LLOYD & SONS have been favoured with instructions from R. W. liorton, Esq and Mrs, Gorton, to eondnot the above Sale, Catalogues may ba obtained from the AuctionaerB' Offioes, St. Oswald's Chainueri, 8b Weiburgb Street, Cheater. Tel, 733 1458o4 By direction of Evan Pierce Williams, Esq DENBIGHSHIRE. The Llanbedr Hall and Bathatarn Park Estates Extending to 3,000 Acres, and situate in the far-famed Vale of Clwyd. Auctioneers MFSSBS FRANK LLOYD & SONS, Wrexham <&e. Date and Place of Auction: FRIDAY OCTOBER 30th, 1919 at RUTHIN. Surveyor Mr J. D. Lewis, Denbigh. Solicitors: Messrs A. 0. Evans & Co., Denbigh. 1147u.c Sale by Mr, J. Bri.db 1rne Price. On MONDAY NEXT, BEPr. 29ih, 1919. 930 IN CASH PRIZIlS. Great Annual PRIZE SHOW and SALE of aboub O CART Horses, Vanners. Unbroken Colts and Fillies and Sucking Foals at ttio MOLD AUCTION MART. Judging at 11 o'clock. S de ab I o'clock prompt-l Catalogues from J, BRADBURNE PRIOE. Aootloneer, old. leOO7 [ Sale by Messrs. Height. Frank, and Rntiey. DENBIGHSHIRE, THE HISTORICAL AND AGRICULTURAL WELSH ESTATES of RUTHIN CASTLE and LLANARMON with Manorial Sporting righ s, the total area h being 11|400 Acres .:Jl thereabouts. The Ruthin Estate includes the Historical Castle near the Town 10 miles from Mold, Llangollen, Wrexham and Chester being within easy reach. It stands in Romantic and delightful old grounds; 18 well- equipped Farms and 20 Small Holdings, Quarry and 1 own properties included. About three miles of Trout fishing in the Glwyd. The Llannrmon Estate in the Vale of Ceiriog, 6 miles from Giyn Station, includes THE TOWER, a beautifully placed Shooting Box, Stabling, Garage, Ac.; 22 excel- ent Dairy and Sheep Farms, the West Arms Inn and 221 acres Woodland Famous Grouse Moors, 3195 acres freehold and 3331 manorial rights. Trout Fishing in the Ceiriog. To be offered for Sale by Auction by 1 i ESSRS. KNIGHT, FRANK, & RUTLEY *1 iji conjunction with Messrs. Frank Lloyd & Sons, unless previously sold privately. ORDER OF SALE. First as a. whole cr in blocks, in the Hanover Square Estate Room, on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 28th, 1919, at 2 30 p.m., and if not < so sold, then as under THE HUTHIN ESTATE, at the TOWN HALL RUTHIN. on WEDNESDAY, NOVEM- BER 5th, 1919, at 11.30 a.m. and 2 20 p.m and THE LLANARMON ESTATE, at the PARISH HALL, CHIRK, on THURSDAY, 6th NOVEMBER 19 9, at 11.30 a.m. Particulars of Sale (Ruthin 5s., Llanarmon 2s 6d. Details of lots gratis. Solicitorg:-Afessrs Rooper and Whately, 17, Linqpln's Inn-fields, W.0, Chartered Accountants :-nilessrs Elles, Sala- man, Coates & Co., 1. Bucklersbury, E.C. 4. Land Agent:âMr H Forder, Ruthin. Auctioneers: -Messrs. Frank Lloyd and ?ons, Wrexham; and Messrs Knigiit, Frank, and Rutley, 20, Hanover fquare, W. 1. 1240ol SA Ei5 BY I' Messrs DIGGORY, OWEN, & EVANS, â¢orwetii Ba'a, aid Dolgeley. UJsfEN -iM(TLIFICL.,O. S-PECIAL S&e of Pure-bred Southdown Ram 0 Lambs mostly direct from the South of EvigiatiLl also Pure-bred Welsh Ram Lambs, the property of Mr. J. K Williamson Derwen Hall, On MONDAY NEXT, SEPTEMBER 29th. Sale at I o'clock prompt. s27 Vale of Olwyd, Denbighshire Sale of Valuable Residential Property. MES8R3. DIGGORY, OWEN & EVANS wid Soil by Auction EARLY IN OUToaEa next), eubjecj to Conditions of dale, all bbit Valuable Freehold F..rm and Lands known as MAS3ANNOD, RHBW £ -» extending to 189 acres or thoreabouts, with Fftrm House and Buildings. The is a well-koown Grazing Farm, is -i^aate in the heart of the Vila of Ciwyd, wi'hin e*sy distance of tha Market Towaa of Ruthla and Denbigh. The Farm Houie was ⢠orderly a Private Residonoe, and the whole inrnos a flue Residential Proporty wib oapioal Sporting. For fmther particulars apply to the Auobion- e re, Coiwen, or to J. R. JOBDAN, Esq., Baliciwr, Bala. 1469ao wJ.n Laae Oongregaloaal Jhapsl, Deat3lgd, A GRANO CONCERT will be held in the above Chapel, on Tuesday Next, September 30th. ARTIVTE3: Contralto: Madame KATIE PETERS, Cftnnah's Quay Soprano Miss MEGAN EVANS, Halkyn Tenor: Mr J. WATCYN HUGHES, Rhos Baritone Mr J. FOULKES, Rhesycae and the DENBIGH JUVENILE CHOIR (Conductor, Mr. T. POWELL,) AccompanistâMrs. SAM JONES, BoJaeron. Chairman His WoRSHir Tiiz MAYOn or DEXBISH, Doors open at 7 p.m, Concert to commence at 7.30. Tickets-2s. and Is. Proceeds in aid of rower Hill Chapel. 1406s20 Discharged Sailors and Soldiers Federation (DENBIGH BRANCH;. The Popular FRAGMENTS" C0STU3IS CONCsRI PAKTY will appear in the Recreation om. Bodfarii On FRIDAY NEXT. OCTOBER 3rd. For partculars see bills. 1512s7 Town Hall Cinema. TO-NIGHr (FRIDAY) AND TO-MORROW (SAEURDAY) NIGHT. Betsy's Bupglap. Featuring Constadce Talmadgc SEVEN PEARLS. Episode No. 13. COMEDIES and INTEREST. MONDAY AND FOLLOWING NIGHT. Sawdust Ring. 5 R iel Exciusive. Oar G eas New Serial, The Circus King. Episode No 2. Comtdy Watch your Neighbour. AND INTEREST. THURSDAY AND FOLLOWING NIGHTS. Ashes of Hope. 5 R)el Exclu,lve SEVEN PEARLS. < Episode No. 14. ) COMEDIES AND INTEREST. I Every Night from 8 to 10. J Children's Matioea Sitarday from 3 to 5 p m ) ritcoo 611" 9d., and 1s.31 (lucludiug Tix), t271 Messrs. CLOUGH &Oo.! Estate Agents, Auctloneez s and Valuers, Denbigh and Ruthin. Vale of Clwyd Auction Mart, Ruthin. Weekly Sales throughout the Yea;, NEXT SALE MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 23th, 1919 commencing at 120 clock. MESSR8 CLOUGH & CO. beg to announce that the above Mart will be open Weekly, viz., on EVERY MONDAY excepting the Monday preceding the Monthly Fair, for the Sale of PIGS and STORE STOCK of every Description. Grading of Fat Stock will also take place in osnjanotion with the above at 11 a.m. TUESDAY, OOTOBER 70b (FAIR DAY). Beat Dairy Cow wine £110. Arllwyd, Llansannan. THURSDAY, OCTOdES 9th, 1919, HIGHLY Important) 8ale of 37 Head of Ohoice Cross-bred Cattle, 10 Light and Heavy Elorbee, 300 Sheep, 8 Pigs, InpUments of Husbandr), Gears, Ac. Descriptive Catalogues from the Auctioneers in due course. OLOUGH & CO, Auctioneere, 142 bl Dtnbigh acd Ruthin ¡- Bryne jc)n Farm Llarmefy d, SALE o' Live acd Dead Farm Stock on MONDAY, OCTOBER J3;h, 1919. Fall parpicn ara nexi week. CLOUGH & CO., 1474 4 Auotio neer PRELIMILitRY ANNOUNCEMENT. IN THE FiR-FAMED VALE OF OLWYU. I TOWN OF DENEIGH. MESSRS. CLOUGH & CO. are in«(ricted by Mr Rjbsrt Hughes to cfE r fcr Sa'e oa the Premise* on WEuNBiDAY, the 15bh OUToBEk, 1,19, at 3 p.m., the rencwaad Fal y Licenced Freehold Property known as Ihi OROWN HOTEL, DENBIGH wiib YARD and STABLING odj lining, si mte Ã:1 the Centre of the T,wo, -in the Markev Squ irr, olose to t>he front entrance to the New MtrkooHaU and Assembly R om>, and wish Vaults opening ints Grown Line. Ful,'p%rtioularj wiii be publlthad, and mgiy be ubtaintd from th-j Auctioneera at thei: Offiots in DjibigS or from the Vinior'f I Solicitors, Measre. ANEUUIN O. EYANS & Co., D lob gh, 15183)1 TIIURSDAY, OCTOBER lith, 1919. Glanclwyd Bella, Badfiri. IMPORTANT and Abbraotive Sale of 36 Head JL of Choice Oross-brpd Cafide, 6 Heavy and LtgbLu ff"(fei, 50 Sheep, 8 Pigs, Iaaplemauts, Gears, Dairy Ucenailr-, end portion of Furni- ture. Descriptive Cabalogusa in due ojurse from OLOUGH & CO., Auctioneer*, 1424oll Denbigh and Ruthin LODJE PASM, DENBIUH. HIGHLY Important Agricultural Pa'e On FaiDaY, OJTOBES 17-b, 1919. Full pA-t ou!ari and 0.4talogue in dae coarse. ûLOUGtI & CO., 1473oll Aactioneers. FRIDAyT^OGTO^ER 24 b, 1919. IY of It PHSLIMINA iY Anoouncamsnb of "i JL Highly aad Attractive Agricultural Sale at Segrwd Ucha Farm, Denbigh, by order of A. H. Hughes, E-q. (Rho is 1 leaving). Catalogues in course of preparation. OLOUGtl & 00, Auctioneers, 1125 )23 Denbigh and Ruthin THURSDAY, 30,h OOIOBER, 19i9. Nant-y-Oolyn Fd"m, Cloeienog, Ruthin. SALE cf the Whole of the LIVE aod D2IAD Farm Btook, by instruotions from Mr raoans Evanp, who is leaving. Fall patticalars from CLOUGH & CO., Auctioneers, Pentre Farm Ciocaen^g, Ruthin SALE of LIVE aod DSA.D FARM STOCK by instruction? from Mr, Thomas Jones. who is giving up Fatmlog. Fail particulars from OLOUGH & CO., Auctioneers. 1374uo -'p- MfcSSRS. OLOUGH & CO. pro- pose preparing a Catalogue for their forthcoming AUTUMN SALES, and those parties who intend relin- quishing their Holdings would do well to have theirs included in the same, which will receive a wide circulation amongst buyers. CLOUGH & CO, Auctioneers, 1375uc Denbigh and Kuthin Proposed Memortial to Canon Morgan, Llanrwat, I formerly Rectop of Dsrabigh. (PARTICULARS of the above may be I obtained from R. H. Jones Benvynfa, Llanrwst, Hon. SdC. Subscriptions are invited, and should be made payable to Canon Mo, gau Memorial Fund," c'o The Rector of'Llanrwst. *s27 PRELIMINARY NOTICE. PENOREF CHAPEL. A LECTURE will be given at the above Chapel on the 3rd of NOVEMBER NEXT by the Hev. A. W. DAVIES, Rhyl, Subject, Gjda'r Beebgyn o Gaza i Jerusalem ChairmanâA. O. EVANS Esq. Chairman-A. O. EVANS Esq. :i481u.c John Hughes, Linen and Woollen Draper, STATION ENTRANCE, SX. ABA-PH. A LARGE fcTOCK OF Flannels, Blankets, Sheets, Quilts, Calicoes, Towels, Linens, Heavy Serge, Gloves Hosiery, Handkerchiefs. Ready-made CLOTHING for Gents and L-idies, YAM VIEW, El, AfiAra. 1194ol Situations Vacant. WANTED, an APPRENTICE to the Chemist's Business. Apply in own land writing to It H.B. c/o FREE PReas Office, W. is27 &OOD GENERAL Wanted.âApply Mrs. Christmas Lewis, Grocer, Vale Street, Denbigh. s27 LABOURERS Wanted. Smith, Tatcen- JLJ hall Road Wo!k., near Chester. *o4 WANTED, COOK-GENERAL and young HOUSEMAID at once. Good wages md meetings. Three in family. Apply Sarina, Conway Road, Colwyn Bay. *s27 Af^EDT^G^lN^^ffoifSEKERPER W Business house. Small family. Reply I, Ko 40," FHEB PRess Office, Denbigh. s27 ANrEf), COOK-HOU EKKKEEH and YV BOUSE PARLOURMAID, to run Dleisanb country house together a 11;0 BETWEEN MAID. Three miids kep. Two in family. Good wagee. Five minutes' walk from towo. A:)ply c. W.F FREE PRESS Office, Denbigh. o4 WANTED, smart young LADY as Appren- tice to the Stationery and Fancy Goods Apply Lewis Jones, Buthin ol ANFED respectable Young Lady as MANAGERESS for Denbigh. Reply with particulars to Johnson Bros., Dyers, 80, Northgate Street, Chester. *s27 ANTED, a GIRL for general housework. V Must be a good worker Good home. Wages £30 and iusurane paid. References required. Harper, 13, Dalmorton HOEd, New BrightoD. *ot KITCHEN MAID Wanted. Also Young GIRLS for housework, Apply Matron, Children's Hospital, Birmingham. s27 J,, O RDSON TRACTOR.âSingle MAN j Wanted, used to farm work to drive Tractor for Ploughing, &c. Regular work to steady man used to Tractor.âApply Roberts, Dinorben, Abergele. *ol Bntliin Evening School. WANTED, TEiCHEB for Shorthand and Typewriting Class. Remuneration, 3s. 6d. per hour. Applications to be sent to the undersigned on or before Thursday, the 2nd October, 1919. EZRA ROBERTS, Clerk to the Evening School Committee. j Vale View, Ruthin, 25th September, 1919. s 7 Cinema, Rut-hin. TT7 ANTED, 2 Attendants, W 1 Cashier. Youth to assist Operator (aboat IS). Doorman. The above persons will be required for only 3 NightsâTuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and Matinee Saturday Communications to Bullen and Broome Film Co., 13, Zig-Zag Road, Wallasey, Cheshire 827 ⢠Sitttalio,t Wanted YOUNG MAN desi es situation on Farm. Accustomed to cattle. Good milker. Willing to be useful Apply P.H D c/o FREE iaess Office, Denbigh. a27 rfw ftnted ANTED, small SHOP with Dwelling House attached Family two. Denbigh or Ruthin district. Apply No. 1448," FREg PRESS Office, Denbigh. *o4 ANTED, a MASTIFF DOG about three mouths old, of a small breed. State prica.-Apply No. 1502, FREE PaEBS Offioe, Denbigh..oIl For Sale FOR SALE, splendid young RETRIEVER partially broken to gun Companion and watch dog. On trial "cheap. T. Parry, .ua-th Bach, Prion, Denbigh. 7 DENBIGH.âTo Be Sold, by Private Treaty, FOUR COTTAGES situate iu Tiin-y- Gwalia, Denbigh. For further particulars apply to Messrs. Parry Jone3, Francis & Davies, Denbigh. s27 DEAH eggs are a regular little- gold mine to users of Karswood (Harmless) Spies, containing ground insects, which Dour.LES egg output. Packets 2|d., 7 £ d., Is. 3d Jones and Co., Ltd, Grocers, Rhyl, and High Street, Denbigh, and Ru hin Owen and Co., Railway Stores, Ruthin. *oll POULTRY.âFor Sale pure bred COCKER JL ELS, cheap. Apply Miss Jackson, Rhyd- y-Bill, Ruthin. s27 POULTRY.-âFor Sale, several Hol JL Wire Netting Runs complete perfect condition. Also stock of pure brsd Pullets and Cockerels, together or separately. For particulars apply" Box 1393," FBEE PREES Office, Denbigh,' oi rtu Eggs weekly frem six birds, on cold bleak AO Dartmoor, were obtained alter using Karswood Spice, containing ground insects. 2d, 7d" Is. ad. Harrison Jones & Co., High I Street. -:27 To L. t. EXCELLENT large COUNTRY SMITHY JLU to Let, in first class district, four miles from Ruthin, together with a modern 9 roomed house, with bakehouse, washhouse and boiler, stable, Ac. Water laid on. Tools, iron, &e., at valuation. For full particulars apply to Owen Edwards, Wygfair, St. Asaph. o4 Lost and round, LOST, from Field near Ruthin, WELSH EWE. Fresh pitch mark R R on rump.âInformation to Robert Rogers, Bryn- eglwys. s27 LOST, aTpair of GOLD"S1^TACLES in case, on Saturday last. Finder will be rewarded on returning same to FREE PnRss Office, Denbigh. »a27 STRAYED, to Hengoed, Llaufwrog, about a 8 mouth ago, a red HEIFER. Information to Evau Jones or P.C Ellis, Ruthin. *s27 STRAYED, from Caean Mostyn, Llanarmon- yn-Ial, September Gth, a four-month-old HOAN FILLY. Information or Finder will be suitably rewarded by P.C. Evans, Police Station, Llanarmon. *s27 STRAYED, to Uiyn Arthur, Llangwyfan, WELSH EWE and half bred LTMB Marked I in ring on left side. If not claimed in 14 days will be solcl. oil SIRAYttD, to Plas Newydd, Liandegla, since March, a WELSH WETHER. If Dot claimed within seven days will be sold, "27 OU.ND, between Henllan and JDenbigh, SE ⢠J OF TEETH (lower row).-Apply H. Vaughan, Henllan. s27 Important Notice. TiHE Butchers' and Grocers' Association of Denbigh make a SPECIAL APPEAL to the Public to hand their Registration Counterfoils to the different Traders AT ONCE to enable the Traders to securo their supplies in time by when the rationing comes into force. 1508s27 Birkenhead Corporal >n Waterworas- CONTRACT No. 5. NOTICE. Mr. J. RILEY, on account of his serious breakdown in health, is relinquishing this Contract, and I lIE fiEBY GIVE NOTICE that all persons having any Claims against him in respect of the above works are hereby requested to forward detailed particulars of sime to me, the undersigned, 11 the undermentioned address, within fourteen days of this date. Dated tbi" 26th day of September, 1919 A. V. BltOTHERlDGE, Has Newydd, Cerrig Road, Rulhin, Io04e27 Agent for the said J. Riley, Borough of Denbigh Food Control Committee. AUDIT OF ACCOUNTS. o- NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Government District Auditor will attend at the FOOD CONTROL OFFICES, HALL SQUARE, DENBIGH, on WEDNESDAY the 15th day of OCTOBER, 1919, at 12 o'clock noon, for the purpose of auditing the accounts of tho above Committee for the vear ended 31st March last. A copy of the Accounts, together with all Account Books, etc., will be deposited at the Food Offices aforesaid, and be open during office hours to the inspection of all persons interested for 7 clear days before the audit. Dated this 25th day of September, 1S19. J. L. JONES, Excutive Officer, 1513s27 Denbigh Food Control Committee. COUNTY OF DENBIGH Tenders for Pivoting and Stationery. IIE Denbighshire County Council are prepared to receive TENDERS for one or for three years from the 1st day of January, 1920, for (a) Printing Circu'ars, Minutes of Meet- ings. Placards, &c. (b) Supply Books, Stationery, Ac., for the use of the Council and its Officers. The Files of tho General Printing and Samples of the Books and Stationery can be inspected, and forms of tender obtained at my Office during Office hours Sealed Tenders are to be sent to or delivered at my Office, endorsed -1 Tender for General Printing or 4 Stationery," as the case may be, on or before the 20th October, 1919. Tenders on the prescribed forms only will be considered, and the lowest or any tende.' will not necessarily be accepted. Dated this 16th day of September, 1919. W. R EVANS, Clerk of the County Council. County Officee Duthin. 1443s27 A Welcome Home DINNER is to be given to the CHURCH SOLDIERS AND SIILORS OF DENBIGH On TUESDAY, OCFOBER 7th, at the CHURCH INSTITUTE, at 7 p.m to be followed by a D 1, N C C at 8 :30, to which each Soldier is to be allowed to invite his wife or other lady friend. It is desired to include every Church Soldier and Sailor, not only tho Ex Service Meu, but those still on active service, if at home on that data. Names, including those at home or likely to be at home on that date, should be sent to Mr. W. M. PIBfiOE, Glyngarth, Denbigh. 1479o1 Caerwys Tow.-i Football Club are open to Friendly Matches. Reply Sec., LL, MATTHiSWo, Sioua House for fixtures.

Family Notices