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ANDREWS & CO., Wine and Spirit Merchants, ( DENBIGH, t desire to announce they have been appointed Sole Agents for the THREE SHELL' Brand of Non-Alcoholic Beer and J Stout in Bottles. Can be Sold during Prohibited Hours. ARPKOVED BY THE CENTRAL CONTROL BOARD. Brewed from Malt and Hops. âââââââââââ No Restrictions. Nourishing and Digc-,stive. '= TSLSFHOHI I No. 48" I Why scffsr tùo-e uiziv and uii,glltty cx- ofetc cces en the hands and fee: Which p03Fesrc^ the rnoafc exHraordinvy pro- pprty nf er adien,'ing the m, s) paiti"lal CO-N rr WART in & frw days, without tbe Je'\st> p^ioâ provlrg l..tf a pcrf.cl; boon to Ihinsands of ecfterer8. It, npplications i EASY, SIMPLE, iND CLEANLY. All vho eclffdr from CORNS ANO WARTS, should U H'J tbie urf-i,;ne tOtiefly. T.) BE BED (f foil Obcmi-Im Fit 1< Sd. acd S., l-y poet frr lq. 4J1. 2d. FfFimp- with Twtim'cUlr and fu 1 direcnonr. Prepared only by the Inwento-, R. D. HUGHES, I PHARMACIST, DENBIGH Italu. Bournville Cocoa.Chocolate "THE VERY FINEST PRODUCTS".Thell. II. MADE BY CADBURY. __j I Jlf IA UV II U||Y| Stylish Rain- Coats. PRICES: £ 3 to P.4 ISS. !I I111 In Sizes, 31 to 46 Chest, A F^NCOAT is always a most use- ful gartnpnfc. The WILLIAMS RAINCOAT is a cependafc e ooatâunrivalled for staunch protecticn againsb any w»a?h«;r. Smari) j k in cut and finish. Ligh= ii weigh", i evertib'e collar, with or withoub oalb. I W. H. Williams, ¡ j 39, HIGH STREET, | DENBIGH. ARTIFICIAL TEETH. Natural in Appearince, Perfect in Fit and Comfort, Completed in one day. Inexpensive and Painless adjustment. Decayed Teeth restored. Advice and Examination Free. Williams' Dental Institute, DENBIGH. Consultations arranged sk the following IWnches :â BUTH INâAttendance at Mis3 WILLIAMS, The LTnicorn," Chvyd Street, every Market and Fs-r Days. COBWEN At Mr. DAVIEB', Photographer, every Friday and Fair Days. ST. ASAPH-At Mrs. JONEs' Refreshment Rooms every Thursday. CE BRIG Y DBUIDION-Enry Fair Day between 10 and 2 o'clock, and every other alternate Monday bstweeu 1 &ad 4 o'clock, at Mr. Richard 1 Evans (Tailor), Bryngoleu. ABERGELEâAt Mr. WILLIAMS, Crompton House, Chapel Street, every Friday, from 12 till 3,30 o'iock. LI..ANFATRTALHAIARN -At THE POST OFFICE, second Tuesday in each month, and every alternate Tuesday. A1 0 at 10, HALL SQUARE, DENBIGH, Market Days only. L- 3 x K A PREPOSSESSING APPEARANCE G w Is dear to the feminine heart. Every woman delights in the possession of a bright eye, a clear, healthy complexion, a sunny winsome face and a X general air of dainty attractiveness. It is well to remember that he K W degree of bloom and beauty is frequently an indication of the state o e Q health. Ailments of a dyspeptic nature, such as biliousness, constipation, r\ headache, giddiness, flatulencc, sluggish liver, disordered stomach and bowelsâall have a tendency to mar the personal appearance. If indeed W these conditions are neglected and not subjected to proper treatment they may in time deprive a naturally pretty face of all its charm. Such sym' w/ ptoms, therefore, should never be disregarded. A wise woman will take X steps to cope with the mischief before it affects her good looks. She will W be well advised if she seeks the immediate assistance of Beecham s Fills, w Taken as directed this great remedy will speedily exert a corrective and purifying influence upon the system to the great advantage oi X the external attractions. A woman's comeliness is increased and preserved by the use of I BEECHAM'S PILL 1 Sold everywhere in boxes, labelled ls^3d and 3s'0d. p Important to Motorists. I I beg to announce that 1 have EXTENDED MY PREMISES so as to meet the great increase in our business. The extension has been made in the most up-to-date manner, which will enable us to give the utmost satisfaction to our Customers. Agencies CARS.âAustin, Daim'er, Rover, Be'size, Humber, Ford ani.Fords, Benick, Overland. MOTOR CYCLEs,-Triumpb, B.S A,, Royal Enfield, Omega, Exce'sior, Hobart, &c. TIACTORS âFordson, Aildays, Overtime. v CYCLES.âTriumph, B S A, Royal, Enfield, Hazelwood, Hobart, Swift, Rover, &c. ]REPAIRS -We are "now in position to execute Repairs to all Makes of Cars, Motor Cycles, and Tractors by competent Mecban;cs. TYRES, OIL, and GREASE always in Stock. Before you choose your New Outfit please give us a call, and I can assure you that you will be thoroughly satisfied. W. EDWARDS, THE GARAGE, DENBIGH- TELEPHONE 54 := DENTISTRY. Painless Extractions, Fillingg, Artificial Teeth. MB. R. HANLON fttetends personally, DENTAL ROOMS. DENBIGH, at MB. HELSBY'S, Photo graphsr, Vale Street, every WedusEd&y at | to 5 ROIHIN, every Fail Day and 3rd Monday, at Mr. Goe's, Irocmooger, Clwyd Street, 12 o ii 4.30. CORWEN, Firtit Friday and Fair Day, at Mr. Samuel Jocef, Corfectioner, Bridge Strce1, 12 SO to 6. HOLYWELL-At RRADLEY'S, Iiigh Street â¢vsrt Fi-'dsf from 2 te 6 p.m. Tlephonb No 155, Rhvl. lESTABLISHED 1870,] Miss WOOLLEY SISBYAN'fS' BEQISTR1, Ri-lhia Road, Denbigh TT7 ANTED, good Cooks and Cook-Gencrals Vl Head Housemaids, Experienced Parlour- maids, llo use-Parlourmaids, Nurses, Undcr- Housemaids, Under-Parlourmaids, Between Maids. Kitchenmaids, Scullery Maids, and good General Servants. MISS WILLIAMS, SERVANTS REGISTRY 1 Post Office Lane DENBIGH. WANTED, Experienoed and Phln Cooks Cooks GoneraJs, pcod Generals, aod focng Girls. for light hocse work Dic. acgaged: Elderly Perjf\ as Houeck.-eper In maP Airily tp)h ))a* pc< a t MS EH *tr* REFRESHMENTS. c Good Substantial Food, Dinne rs, Teas, Meat Teas, always ready, at reasonable pricec.. Prompt, quick service. -;¡.. Boiled Beef, Boiled Ham, Roa$t Pork, Pressed Beef, ON CUT. Always Ready. ICES A SPECIALITY. The Shops for Novelties* J. POWELL JONES, CONFECTIONER- CENTRAL CAFE5 HIGH STREET, ASD CLWYD CAFE, VALre STREET DENBIGH, "'J. JE If you require your Tomato Plants to give you the maximum amount of Fruit, USE BENSON'S TOMATUKE, The Beft ARTIFICIAL MANURE for Tomatoes. A small quantity weekly produces NICE, Luscious TOMATOES. Safe, Economical. Clean to handle. Excellent Results. Sole Proprietors Benson-Evans & Co -'im The Pharmacy, DENBIGH. TEL. 26. Musical. I MR. W. A. LLOYD, F.I.G.C.M., A. Moe. T.O.L. Organ, Piano, Singing, Barirony, Counterpoint, &c Musical Instruments Supplied ] of the leading first-clats Firmij. ] PIANOS FOR HIRE. 4, Market Street, RUTHIN. Miss Cecilia Anwyl, has for the last fifteen vein had practical experience in Teaching tpl) Pianoforte. Visits Prestatyn, Hhyl, Ehuddlan, St. Aeaph, and Denbigh. For Terms apply SIL, Devereux IDVILlwe, Wallasey, Cheshire. Next Term Commences as follows Rhyl, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER ard. St. Asaph, FRIDAY, SEP!EMBER 5th. Denbigh, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER Cth. u o Miss G. POWNAL JONES, Teacher of Music. Organ and Plitno, For furlher particulars apply The Lodge, NantcTwyd Hall Nr. Ruthin. BRONHWYLFAT7 the notad Establishment for WELSH LAMB & MUTTON H. Dryhurst Roberts, FAMILY BiJTâ¬IIEKi:; BRONJAWYLFA and 19 and 20, MARKET HALL, DENBIGH THE VERY BEST QUALITY OF HOME. FED MEAT enly supplied. Home-cured Hams and Brecn. Coined Beef Pickled Tongues. Szuqageii u Seamen. &c All Orders pronjpfcty attended to. Trial Ordo especially solicited E ¡ Free of Control NOW for TEA of the Olden Times. w a ere able at iasfc to Srrply ycu wibh the Finesb BJond, and at p lc.s that will defy Competition. OUR PRICES, 2s. 4d. and 2s. 8d. And our welhknowa CHALLENGE TEA AT 3s. R. OWELT& SON, THE TEAMEN, Stap Buildings, DENBIGH. Warehouses Diamond Buildings. TELEPHONE 36. v r.tr- THE MAGIC PILE POWDERS. Anyone suffering from the above com- plaint can be cured by taking the MAStc I'UjE Powders. Guaranteed t-) cure the :one complaint only, not dozens, like other medicines. If not satisfactory money returned. TESTIMONIAL. High Street, Cefn, Dear Sir, It is now 12 years since I was laid up with Piles, in foci 1 was that b id I prayed to die I was recommended to try the Magic Pile Ponders after taking them for three weeks I was perfectly cured, and I am very thankful to say I havo not been troubled since. I consider they saved my life. M. Wilso.v." fold only by JOHN S. ROILEY, MYRTLE COTTAGE, ACREFAIR, i RUABON. They havo cured hundreds, 2s Od per packet. Poet Free. "018 11 SCIIOLASTIC. Fairhoime Schools f RINOIP AL-MISS FOULDS Pupils prepared for Examinatione, Private Legeona given in Musis j rroineb, and Painting. Denbigh County School for Boys. HEAD PIASTER M r. D. H. DAVIES. B.A. (Lond.), Assisted by a Staff of well qnalilled Teachers. Thorough preparation kx Professional Scholastic, Sciontiflo and Oommercial paranitp. The School has well-equipped Laboratories and Workshops, as well as Plota for Agri* eoltara) work. Fees X2 per term. Text-boobs, fto., eupplied free. Applioations for Bursarita bo meet the ezpecses of maintainance at the School to be aenb during the firsb week in September, Jan uary or April to the Clef k, Mr. A. FODLKES-ROBERTS, Soïcitor. Swan Chambars, egoull RUTHIN SCHOOL. HEAD MASTEE-â B. W. Lovegrove, M.A. (Oxon Sometime Scholar of New College. First 01a» Honours in Mathematics, HOUSES. THE SCHOOL HOUSE: The Head Master ARCHBISHOP WILLIAMS' HOUSE: Major G. C W. Westbrooko, M.G, PREPARATORY: Miss A. M. Cowell. â Huthin County School for Girls. IIEiO MISTRESS: Miss A. ROWLANDS, B.A. ,) \:>-¡"- For Prospcctas aDd other information apply I to the Hefld Mistress or to tha Clerk, ANEURIN O. EVAKS. 10, Clerk to btce Govarnorw 15, Record Street, I 1381 20 Rct-htoi j ¡ St. Asaph County I School for Boys. (Formerly Endowed Grammar School). Chairman of the Governors | THE EIGHT REV. THE J LORD BISHOP OF ST ASAPH âf Head Master: 1 EDWIN MAIMER, 1*1. A. j S-. John's OoHege, Cambridge), F.So, (lsb ? D vision). Loudon Cortifbated and Registered Tcachtr. THE School stands on elevated ground In a position which commands a view of I e plotarssque Vale of Clwyd, Pnd within 6 in'nu^&e' walk of the Cathedral and Eoilwav Ii 3t atlon Boardeis reoehed for Frivste TaUtoa lo KoHdays. For parsieularfi applr to the Head Master cr to FRED W. GRIMSLEY. Clerk to the Be vernore. 3d Asaph. -Â¥- UT Ewa WHBWAYB NOTED FOR VALUE IN rici z -Z!L SSSTS, DINNER SERVICES, TOILET WARE, ORNAMENTS, BASKETS, BRUSHES, GALVANIZED and ENAMELLED WA HE. Best Qualities. Largest Selections and Lowest Prices. NOTE ADDRESS: 45, VALE BTtiEET, DENBIGH THE BEST ESTABLISHMENT in the District for the choice of Drapery, Millinery :⢠Ladies' & Gents' Tailors is at JOHN ROBERTS, JLt C&mTLE STREET RUTHIN. Experienced Hnnda arc kept in the Dress. making and M'Uiasry Dspartmeuts. Tce Tailoring is a Special Featar?. Fit I aid Styls are guaranteed. I Just New in :-Genta' Soft Hats, Shirts, Tieg; Hosiery, Kainccata, etc. Mourning Orders exeocted at the Shortest Notice. 1, Castle Street. ais The Right Weapon for the Rat War is RODINE," the rapid rpt remover. It makes a clean sweep. Fifeinating and fatal Not a rat escapes. 7a., is. Bd., 2s. 6d., 5s Post 3d. ilnrley. Chemjst, Perth, Agent; â B Hughes Chemist, Denbigh, THE SUN MOTOR COMPANY, LLANGOLLEN. AUTHORISED FORD DEALERS FOR THE PARLIAMENTARY DIVISION OF I D E NBIG H. Book your ORDER NOW with us. FORD TOURING CAR X2Z0 â DELIVERY VAN £ 210 â CHASSIS.£170 â TOWN CAR C.300 Complete Stock of FORD PARTS. Phone: No. 17. Llangollen. Telegrams Motors, mi all ini THE BEDDING I stock is of the highest quality, and Customers may place their orders here with the aesnrance that the BEDDING I sell them is thoroughly purified and extremely comfortable, and as low in price as the quality permits. E, BRADWEN PARRY, House Furnisher, RUTHIN. 719 FISH for Everybody E. W. DAVIES (late of Bells Stores) CORONATION BUILDINGS, DENBIGH, Begs to announce that he has opened at the above Premises a FISHMONGER, POULTERER, FRUITERER, and GAME DEALER BUSINESS. .I Fresh Fish Dpassed Poultry Daily. a Speciality. All Goods will be sold at the Lowest Current Market Prices. All Orders, posted or otherwise, personally attended to. NOTE THE ADDRESS Coronation Buildings, Back Row, DENBIGH* H62* 000 K £ WSJI| DENBIGH. Demobilised. WADSWORTH S PIANO TUNERS n-w VISIT THIS DISTRICT EVE, RY WEEK, WADSWORTH'S have charge of Pianos Denbighshire Education Committee, Flintshire Edncation Committee, RhJl Pavilion, Rhyl P.er, end all the Pictursdrctnea in Rbyi and Denbigh. Wadsworth's, 4, Queen Street, Rhyl al7.<.Q TEL. 44. -_u- \i ii Mim\ ^ns^assrA i PELiCiOUS FRENCH COFFEE I RED I WHITE &BLUE I For Breakfast & after Dinner. 1 8 In making, use LESS QUANTITY, it being I 8 much stronger than 03DIARV COFFEE I SMOKE "CROWN, SEAL" VIRGINIA "THE ECONOMY TOBACCO." Sold ia 1 02. J), Your OWN â¢nd2oz.foili Tobscconist â¢ud 4 oz. air- c.n.upply light tins. pjrK OZ- you. SOUTH WALES TOBACCO G. C » E\Â¥ PORT â-NEABLY 100 YEA8SR8EPUTATI0N«- Go!d MHa!«, London 1906 aad 1914; also Paris. Your Baby's whole future depends on proper feeding. Baby's health demands restful sleep. firm flesh, easy teething, and freedom from infantile constipation. Neave's Food ensures all these. "HINTS ABOUT RARY" sent free. Sample for Hid. postsgcâ Josiah R. Neavc 8c Co. (200). Fordingbridg*. B DIABETES SUFFERERS SHOULD USE EITHER CRESCO FLOUR,« DIETETIC FOOD, OR SPECLAL GI-UTF-N FLOUR. Recommended by the Medical Profession. Prices on application Co K.H. WARHE3&CO.. LTD., 18-20. UYSTAll ST., 10N0QM, t.C.1 â â â