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------St. Asaph Police Court.


St. Asaph Police Court. I: MøndsJ-Betole Mr H A Cli ver ani D. Llo- SNOWED UP ATBODFARI, Mr Bagjhp-w, atteadanes oliijer, h ,d a ca do^n lur bearing l-jr Bon-j$en&*ao& a a iChuui, but be «aj aaable t'j »^:oa;« eouifc o«icg to the sfvere teitphoning that the drifts in the B J:if" í dhtriob weie aboafi seven fest deep Aactr; icgly the oaite wat acijoarned. Tbere was a!oc- a care for non paysnas o' poor rates from the parish Osa. 801 mis also ha-4 to be a^jjaraed from I k oaass LICENSING BUSINESS Oa the application of Mf A W Lg ii. the iiceuee ot the Maiicera' Arm-a Riuiid- Itn, Wis finally transferred to Mrs K -ie Crosther, wife of the lata licensee, who ban been uy an Taelicicseof tie bwsn Inn. St AJpb vas also teojpurarily transfer:e3 to Mrs C Lea, her baaband bsicg a. ao ovl d op. Til KIT OF CABBAGES. Joseph Haghsa, la^oarar, Malta B issb, Rhy;, vr a ohargei wtJ. stesUng aie growing cabbagers from Poatygwtter FArfr,, Rhtddiau. Tao csan pleaded guilty to taking three, Tasre were a number of previous ooa- vicuotis agaiost the man, and he was tined: 103 NEGLECTING HIS CHILDREN, Joan Doyle, late of Ss Asaph, was brought up on a warrant chargai with negieotiag his children, and defenlacfc pieased guilty. Mr Joseph Lloyd, who proeeaute3, saii the man was in the habia of going a«ay and leading aia wife and family eutirelj nuprovided for. Tfcore was oontiauocs colilect., and the warrant ia the prassufi case was issued in October JaaS, Tbere had been diffi-mliy ia finding tllg maa. A fine of o J wa. imposed. NO LIGHTS, Onea Jcces, Pemcba Roe, C-te, S Aaspb, and William Wynne, Ooester- terrace, St Asaph, were each ficed 10 for dilfiug vehicles mthoni iigbti DOG IXEMPIIQN REFUSED. Sapt Liadaaj raised a a obj ;otion to tbe Granting of a dog exacsption to Dauisi EI wards, a small farmer, ani the obj 'Cji':>D was upheld.


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