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sr. -iBAPn. GALLANT ACTION RECOGNISED. Lacq? C rpl Airtbur E Di.?ies, o, tba Royftl FdsiUers, «oa or M? Koaeri: D retire*- si&tlcc ci Mold, fik'ii'jw of Greee B eh. Trem,ipeh-lor, t A«spi» who has aeea much fighting, has received th lot OW:Dil letter from the Maj-r G.,tlUt; commending Your CumtREnding Offi r and Brigade Csmraander have informed tat that yon have distinguished yon??"? b; oODsplcoolos bravery is tfle fi"ld on March 10 i, 7, I have read their repojfci, and although promotion aull tfeeorationa o-;&ao he given ia evety o\e I should 1 ks you t,) kuow that jcrr gaila- t aeticafs and hov: greatly B it appreciate i." P/rvions to enlistment Mr Dariea reiic"e3 at Bryn Oasn, Sis MILITARY WEDDING. Oa Snniday o pratiy svi intsres'-Jr;? k'^iki w -dtfiag was so'ensUed aj sjWos- Aebtcn Courob, the U â ? J iP-'nrov?, ?Io»r cfli3is:ing. The bri'ejjruoui wu Ddver Herbtlt W Hawkins, KG A joao^eat s m of Mr and Mrs W limbing, of E/e?et;'« Firs, Poclsbot, and she bride, tylli;4 }i; i' Jones (a teacher at the West AshSes 0 E. Sehoo >, fourth daughter o she law M ? aa Mr* Renry June., of tho So A aph S and E wy i A-3aph, C Iet H_u!' T N00d, etettoEed afc Prio- PLik B »⢠the bride's bro6i:i8?>ia!a«? gave ,way and I er -ytc-, M'zø C-ftrs 8 a as has bridesmaid. Tfce|brl^e;*> «s da isi ?. droareo in Q 0 m sergw oosi-froek, awa^ hat tstd vc-ii T e brides wis o gs* y si k ec tenr-ew wit-a has to match â L'fae btst man wEa Mr R Pack-?? at where house tfce rtceptfcn was held, The h?pp Rare recitienta of numerous useful acd va>uab!a p events from rslaii?ee ao frie.rcs- The Bddegroooa who had been granted four da>d leave for tbo ooci«l oc was recalled, to b;» batfeery by t-,Icgrau co the foliowiug morning,

------St. Asaph Police Court.


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