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l Denbigh Council and Food Production. l-'ollowing on the Town Council meeting last week on Food production, the Council appointed a deputation, consisting of Councillors D E Jenkins and Llewelyn Jones, to wait upon Mr J David Roberts, butchcr and dealer, who is the tenant of the Council's grazing field at the Smithfield, to ask him if he would give up his tenancy of the land to enable the Council to plough and use the same to plant potatoes, ire., the crops frcm which could be used to supply the poorer portion of the townspeople who might be unable to obtain potatoes for the nse of them- selves and families. We are pleased to say that Mr David Roberts I most promptly and generously agreed to give up F his claim to the land and hand it over to the Council, without any thought of compensation, r so that it may be used in the interests of the poorer portion of the ratepayers. A very hearty l vote of thanks has been passed by the Council. on the motion of the Mayor, to Mr Roberta for his generous response to the Council's request. 11 The land, about three acres, will be ploughed and prepared for potatoes or other suitable vegetables, and an endeavour will be made to make it pay its own way so as not to be a charge on the ratepayers. The management of the scheme has been placed under the entire charge of members of the Conncil having knowledge of such work, namely, Alderman Hughes (Plas Chambers), Councillors R H Roberts (Poxhall),, Robert Lloyd fGwaynynog Bach), Llewelyn Jones, and D E Jenkins. We hear that the seeds have in a great measure been obtained, and that the work will go forward without delay. The Council also sent out applications' to fifty farmers in the borough to ask if they will be pre- pared to let persons plant one or more rows of potatoes in their fields, not of course have allot- ments, but the old fashion plan of having potato rows. The Council received quite a number of offers of permission for people to plant rows of potatoes on their farms on the usual easy terms. It was ] decided to advertise for persons wishing to plant rows of potatoes on farms, inviting them to I apply at once to tl;e Town Clerk for particulars. The paragraph advertisement appears on page 2.

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