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BUTRIN. AUCTION MART. Messrs Clougb and 03 had a record tale on Monda". Report next week. nUrHJN RECRUITS. Amongst the lastest recruits from Rathin is Charles J S Heaketh, son of Mr H L I Hesketh Perthi, who has juit attained his 18-,h birthday. He has been selected for service with the O Beers' Cadet Wing, Royal Flying Corps. and will be summoned shortly to join the anit in the South. THE LATE REV DANIEL ROWLANDS. At a special meeting of the Council of Uairersity Callage of Nirth Wales held CIa Thursday, the 29ih instant, the Right Bon Lord Kenyon, K C V 0., in the ohair. A vote of of sympathy was adopted with the ralatives of the late Rgv Daniel Rowlands, NI.A.. one of the original members of the Connoll, who had given long and faibhfal service to the College until his retirement from the Council in 1905, TEETOTALISM. The members of Tasernaole (C.M) Chapel passed a resolution at the evening service on Sunday, calling the Government to prohibit tie minufaJture and aale I intoxicating drink during the psriod of the 4r and for tix months after the declaration of peace, because it interfered with food produstion. N3 djubt the Government will think tint this Is carrying teetotalism too far. OBITUARY. The death ccaarrod on Monday of Mr WUliam M Tarnor, of the Almshouses, Llanfwrog after long and painful Illness, at the age of 50 years. Daoeased had resided all his life in this neighbourhood, and was well known and greatly raspeoted. His ill health pre rented his following any occupation, and a few years ago he was ap. pointed tenant of one of the almshonset on Lord Bigot's estate, where he oontlolle4 to reside until his death. The fnoeral takes place to-day (Thursday). LADY HERCOMER. An Exchange Telegraph Company's message from the Hague on Monday stated fiaat Lidy Herkomer, the widow of the late Sir Herbert Harkomer, has been fined 600 aark. or 60 days' imprisonment, and bet daughter 1 500 marks or 150 days' lmprtam* ment, by the Augsburg Tribunal, for being friendly with a French prisoner of war. Lady Harkomer is well-known to Rathin people as the daaght r of the lata Mr T Griffiths, Stanley House. LOWER RATES. It will give gre%t satisfaction t) the ratepayers of the borough to know that the Town Council bave made a General Dla. trict Rite o* 2i 31 in the L In respect of the coming year, which is a deorea e of 7d in the £ compared with last year's rate. Thera are several reasons why they are able to make this reduotion, the principal being the restricted street ligbtingt the small expenditure on the maltenanee of the distiict roads, and the fact that no aorore seen payinents were made. There Is also a redaction of 1:1 in the f, on the Boroagh Rate. These are the lowest rates made by the Council since the year 1902. DEATH OF MR E A DYSON. The aid news was receive 1 in Rathin on Taesday of the death of Mr E A Dyson, Inland Unenlle Collector for the Port of Sanderland, which occurred with tragie suddenness on Monday night. Deceased was the brotheMn-Iaw o! Aldermao T B Roberts and Councillor Joseph Roberfti, and was well known in Rathin, having resided in the town for some years be'ore removing to Bangor, where he held the appointment of Collector of Castoms and Excise tor North Wales. Two years ago he removsd to Sanderland to take np tha official position which he held until his deats, and which is probably one of the highest positions In the Civil Baryiae. He leaves a widow, two sons ntl two daughters to mourn his loss. The funeral trkas place on Friday, the interment being in Llan* rhydd churohyard. MUSICAL HELP FOR THE RED OR03S FUNDS. We direct attend on to the two grand concerts to be given next Thursday after. noon and evening in aid of the central joint fund of the Sb John's and British Rsl Cross Societies, and the Rithin Local Branch, by favour of Madame Clara Batt, who has generously consented the Clara Batt-Rumford land shall delra, the expense of the artistes. Tickets may also be obtained from Messrs Ron or any of the Red Cross and other workes on bibalt of the funds. The Ratnla Harmonic Qiartette will appear at these ooncarts watch are under the special aaspices of the Rathin Choral Society. The Rathin Harmonic Q tartette will sing at both concerts tâ ,-In Absence' (Dadley Back); The Winds Whistle Cold' (Bishop); An Evening Liliaby (Wilfrid Sbaw). Tae following celebrated artistes will appearMiss Annie Raes, Miss Dorothea Walwyn, Me James A BovetS, an! Mr Credig Walters, the distinguished Welsh baritone. I,

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