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Denbigh County AppealI Tribunal.…


Put The Clock On.

British Red Cross Hospital,…

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Recollections of a Ruthinian.

Bath afar n Hall Parks.

Ruthin Red Cross Hosptial.

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| DENBIGH. Good Friday and Easter Services. The Church services on Good Friday I (to-morrow) will be held at the same hours ,te i)n SaodajSj Rod ,lo there will ba a pacial service from 2 o'clock to 3 in the pfternoon baring opan the last boar of oar Lord on t;1A Crosa. Easter Saaday there wi 1 b3 calobrations of Ho'y Communion in English at 7 a.m. 8 a, m In St David's, and at 10.30 In S Msr*?s. Ia Wel-h at 8 a.m. in St Mary's %rd 10 30 in St Dili's. In the a>tornoc-n t 2 30 united ttanday Schools service at St Majy's Church, with offeriegs of egga or the wounded sol"L-rs. INDEPENDENTS. At Svrn Lane Iadepecdeot Chapel there 'X'iU be dntDg festival in tha ovsciog o! Good Ftida] and a tea party before the orvice. WESLEYANS. Oa Eistef Scndas there wlil b? anni- er.at.y i erv'kc-.a at Pendref Chaptl at 10 a maud Ij p ta., when tle special preacher wi-I be tte Rev R W Daviea. of Sjacombe who will a!sc preach in ENGLISH at 2 30 In the afternooa. At all the cervices the eoilecticDg will be in aid of the chape unde. :¡


Agricultural Malls Ruthin.

- The Vale of Ctwyd Toys.