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Put The Clock On.

British Red Cross Hospital,…

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Recollections of a Ruthinian.

Bath afar n Hall Parks.

Ruthin Red Cross Hosptial.

-----Easter Entertainment*…


Easter Entertainment* at Rhyl Pavilion. Visitors to Rhyl and residents will enjoy a programme of attractions in the Pavilion unique in its variety and'excellence. To secure for Easter Saturday and Sunday a star of the mag- nitude of Mark Ilambourg would have a com- mendable enterprise even in normal times, but to do so now proves that the management realise the importance of maintaining at a high standard the municipal entertainments. Mark Hambourg appeared at the Pavilion rtwiee last season, and attracted crowded and enthusiastic audiences. No pianist in the world appeals more to the popular imagination than he does. He is going to play on Saturday and Sunday some of his most brilliant and popular ntumbers, so that patrons will have a musical banquet of the richest order. The supporting artistes are also of high repute, notably Miss Eileen Hoyd, the famous Australian Contralto, and Miss Beatrice Walley, the gifted Soprano; also Lance- Corporal Steve Evans, the brilliant violinist, and the capable leader of the Orchestra that played in the Pavilion last season. The pro- gramme on Saturday and Sunday will be entirely "distinct, every item being changed. On Easter Monday, and every evening during the week, with Matinee on Saturday, tivit ever bright and original Costume Concert Party, The Zeniths," will appear.



Agricultural Malls Ruthin.

- The Vale of Ctwyd Toys.