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Pianoforte Recital at Howell's School. On Saturday afternoon the pupils and staff, with a gathering of friends. assembled in the large hall of Howell's School, to participate in what was a rare musical treat in the form of a pianforte recital, given by Elsie Williamson, a pupil of the school, and daughter of Mr and Mrs Williamson, of Derwen, and formerly of Denbigh. It will be seen from the pro- gramme below that the music was most varied, and that its execution required the highest skill on the part of the young performer. That it most certainly received, and every- body felt they were listening to one of extraordinary power and great brilliance, whose study had been strenuous and successful. Added to this, the concentration and power of memory in memorising so numer- ous and diverse a selection of music appealed to everyone, for with the exception of two pieces, the whole was rendered from memory. This must have led the listeners to ad- mire the talent and conscientious labour of the pupils, and also think of the care, patience and ability given to the pupils training by her instructors. The young performer thoroughly deserved the most hearty applause, which expressed the sincere admiration and appreciation of the audience given at the con- clusion of each piece, and it was noticeable that the performer's fellow pupils were amongst her most at- tentive and demonstrative listeners. It was fitting that the pleasure of t-fie company should be voiced by Canon Redfern, himself an authority on all things musical. The pro- gramme was as follows :â Sonate in E minorâGrieg. Allegro Moderato-Andante Molto Alia Menuetto-Molto Allegro. Etude in A b ) Etude in D b ] Cll0Pin' Minuetto and Trio from Sonata in B minorâSchubert. Study in B b minorâMendelssohn. Serenade Espagnole-Albeniz. ImpromptuâSomervell. (a) Prelude. (b) Caprice Sganarelle from Carnival Mionon-Schiitt. At the close of the programme, Canon Redfern said he was sure the visitors would desire to heartily thank Elsie Williamson for the great treat she had given them, and which they had all thoroughly enjoyed (applause). He could hardly trust himself to speak of the splendid per- formance of so young a girl, of whom they were all proud as a pupil of that school. He sincerely hoped she would in her future go on with I music and not let it fall into the back ground, for he had no hesitation in saying that she was a musical genius I to have done what she had done that afternoon (applause). He referred not only to the brilliant execution but the marvellous feat of memory in what she had done, and it was really a wonder to them how she had done it (applause). They owed her a great debt of gratitude for the treat she had given them. He did hope she would go on with her music, for there was often a tendency Ion the part of ladies who had studied music and given long time to study, to let it drift into the back ground I of their lives, so that in later years I they hardly played at all, which he thought was a great loss. He trusted Elsie would go Oil with her music, whatever else she did, and he was certain in music she would make her mark (applause), as they could all see from the great musical talent she had displayed that afternoon, which was a great credit to herself, to her teachers, and to the school to which she belonged (applause). They were all very proud of her, wished her every success, and had the highest hopes for her future. He saw her parents present, and he congratulated them, and was sure they were very proud of her (much applause). By a slip of the pen we last week erroneously described Miss Elsie Williamson as an old pupil of the school," whereas she is of course at present "one of the pupils of the school," and has not yet completed her education, r

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