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Family Notices






DENBIGH. A FUDLIC CINEMA ENTERTAINMENT wil; be given at) the Asyu m on Tnurfday April 1 "2tb, at 7 30 p.m. (summer limf) The proceeds will be towards the Patienra' Recre- ation Fund. Admission Ticke", la. 2d. and 7d. (ictfudir g bu), and may be obtained from the Asylum 8teff #7 EASTER ECGS,. "-Send your boy or girl a Blackbird" or Swan Fountain P6n, wl h refill Pellets (for vest pocket). Ab ECLCMTS, PORTLAND PLA.CE. PACK all your troubles in your old Ki Big, ard Smoke and Smile. Bullet's for hess of everything mSMOBiNG TOBACCO, CIGARS, and CIGABITTES. Same old Spa'. ttll LENBIGHSHIRE INFIRMARY. The following gifla have been gratefally received Vi epriog mattrees ellFY chair, Mr and Mrs Wriglty reading desk, Mits Mildred I Hugher 11 we e, M- ra 'i ur-iour old Linen, Mias GrIffith; papers, Mrs Conran orange*, Mr Williams, Vroa Shop Free Press,' Masa s Oottom; I Barier,' Messts Goe I Daily Telegraph.' The Proprietors ⢠Daily Mirro- Mra James Hughes I British Weekly,' Mrs W Parry Church Family Ncwepap3r,' Animal World,' I Pari!h Magazine,' and 1 Mo hois' UGion Magaz ne Mrs Frank Wynne. MILITARY APFOINTMENT. The Rev T Pugh Jones, B.A., has leD appoiab-dofliciating e'ergyonn to the troop1 at Frongoch Camp, near B11a. N.S P C C. AND CHILD NEGLECT. The National Sjciety for the Prevention of Crnelty to Children invehtigated 3,123 coscplsinta of Dogleot aod cruelty in England, Walei, and Iceland, doting tie mcnth of February. Ot the 3,315 complete 1 easer, 3259 were found true. affecting tl e welfare of 10.145 children and fnvolv'ng 4 121c ffendera. Warnings were issood in 2 963 eases 149 were proseoated (result- ing in 147 convictions), and 147 were di alt with by transfer or in other waya. 17 256 visits of eopervifckn were trafe. Frcm 18 foundation in 1881, the Society has eea,t with 914831 complaints lnvoMog 2 654 841 children. la tfe Dantigh Branch during the same month nine catea were dealt with, affictirg 1^9 children, A MUSICAL FAMILY. At the Capei Mawr Sacdoy Schcol musical festival, special tbalks were given to Me Arcttrin W Dr) berst Robctt. for his labour in teaching fingiog b) ohi dren so Eucccfbfvlly. At ttis bathedl g Mi. Maggie Dfjbnrtt Robert j ably acted 81 accoirpsnist (^baricg tho duties with Miss Ei,ily Divies, Vi'e-atreef). In the exam- inaticn on tie 4 Motbet'e Gift,' those under 10 Vera D.*yburst Roberts tock the first prize. It the duet for thnse under 16, Trevor Dryhural Roberts and L zzia Wynne took ftfoond p" z;\ aild Trot or Drjtursb Roberta and Malr Prifchsrd took third prize. In the action competition the ftCllt prize was awarded to Mba Maggie Dry. horst Roberta' party, and the ceoond to Mr I A W Lryhurst Roberta' party. An excel. hot record for i be members of one family. I 'THE CRUCIFIXION.' Oa Sunday ev?uing thera was a large corgrsgation at So Davio'* Ohuieh, whjn j tbe Rector wag am-ited iD the tervice by the Rev Wai Morgan, B A. Canon Redfcrn preaohed a very appjopriate sermon faU cf palbos acd appeal, cn our L-jrd'a supreme eocrfflce for the sin of the world on tfce wordd Ij it nothing to you, all 1e that pass by.' IroHu\\h g the discourse, an aug. melted choir gave in a mcsc pleasing acd teliing manner eelectlcna from the Cruoili- Zion,, in the rendering cf vchlch U-e iadita soprano voicfa vreie of gtf3it stsif-t-ince, Miss Pryce (North Wales Asylui) who it always heard with great pin&gorQ and who was ic excellent voice j >loed Canon Hdetln in a must admirable rendering of the dnet 'FAther forgive them.' The voices per- fectly blended, and the pathetic utterances of tha composer were listened to with deep I I feeling by the congregation. Mr Ballamy mOQt ably presiieJ a," the organ fur the entire musical service. A raOMI;.ING YOUNG VOCALIST. A -⢠the C-ipei Ma",r sinolog festival attention waa called by the musical adjadl- cator, Mr Trevor Junes, L,T, S.C., Henllan, to the lemat k bff good singing and talent as a joung vocslist of Sally Rj-ylop, augh- ter cf Mr and Mra T Rjjlea, Postcfll.-t- ianp, Denbigh, who was he said a very promising jouag tiDgcr, and great eare sboaid ba taken of ber voice, for he ooc- sidered if that -vas dene there was a blight totare for her In masicai circlet. Sbe is the pupil for singing of Miss JeiDny J JDG, Chapel-place, herself an expert ia singing jan i at one one of Dsabi^h's foremost r v Sslly Rjyfes at tbe festival on Tdarsday. won the d,st pdzj for the salo Citiati Crist', for those between 12 and 10 r vuara old the other coaopetitors being (2i lanie Dtvigs, Bfynbvfryi?, and (3; Diljs Rjborta, Vile-street. Ia the evetiog mret. lag Silly Rsyles won tha fir-t ptiza In ttio Jii^lQn^o t >t those uu ler 21, and a prizi wij given fco Ljua Williams, L'an. [ â¢