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Messrs. CLOU GR&Oo.. Estate Agents, Auctioneer and, Valuers, Denbigh and Buthin. Denbigh Smithfield TUESDAY (FAIR DAY), APRIL 10ib, 1917, commencing at 10 o'clock, MLJ&RS. CLOUGH & CO, will COCDCC their us«al MONTHLY SALE cf FA! and STORE STOCK cf every description a the above Smitbfieid. ILThe Acctionrera wfll offer for Sale, iro mediately af er the Fat Srock, » OAPITAI ROAN STOCK EULL. 12 months od, cut uf a famous Piiz3 Winner (Jov of 'ho etort Pedigree Herd cf Mr. R. A. Jones, Caegwyn. Entries respecVully solicited up to time 01 Sale, CLOUGH & CO, Auctioneers. I Denbigh and Ruthin 2q87 Vale of Clwyd Auction Mart, Ruthin. (Gloss to the Railway Station). THF OLDEST ESTABLISHED DIRECT FARMERS' MART IN THE VALE OF CLWYD. Fortnightly satea throughout tr- Year. NEXT t MONDAY, APRIL 16Dh. 1917, commencing a? 12 o'olook Good Entrv of FAT STOOK, SHEEP LAMBS, and PIGS. Farther Entries respectfully invlbed up tc time oj Bale. QLOUGH & CO,, Auctioneers, 7019dl6 Ruthin and Denbigh. 60, Vale Street, Denbigh. RALE of the MODERN AND ANTIQUE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE including several Valuable and Handsome Piecss in Oak. Mahogany, nd S'ainwood, on THURS- DAY APRIL 19 b, 1917 by instrucsions of the Exezatore of the late Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Be! is. Foil particulars from the Auclioneeri,. CLOUGH & CO., 299&14 Denbigh and Rut'-iii. Mes«i> T W Lenthes, Estate Agents: Auotioneers, Valuers and Live Stock alesmeri Agricultllral Hall, Ruthin, and at lJenblgb 6mithiield. Attend Denbigh; Wednesdaye and other days by Appoint ment. Sales of Farm Stock, Property Furniture, 4. and Valuations Conducted on Reasonable Terms -c_- Agricultural Hall, Ruthin. MONDAY NEXT NO 3&LE. at T. & W. LEATHES. DENBIGH MITHFIELD. TUESDAY NEXT, APRIL lO,b, 1917, at 10 a.m. prompt. ME3SRS. T. & W. LEATHES will conduct their usual MONTHLY SALE of FAT and STORE 810CK of every description, as above stated. Entriee respectfully solicited up to the hour of Sale. T. & W. LEATHES, 84909 Auctioneers. Agricultural Hall, Ruthin. NEXT SALE; MONDAY, APRIL 16th, 1917, commencing as 12 o'clock MESSRS T, & W. LEATHES will hold ebctr next Sale of FAT and STOKE CATTLE SHEEP, PIGS, and CALVI28 at the above Mart, Also Massey Harris Spring Calivator. a 's ng Plough Galvan'zad Sbeep Dipping Jiith. Potrouum Oil Cabinet (with pumpj Cipacisy 50 gallons, all Ennrlta respectfully pollclteC up to the houa of Sale T. St W. LEATHES. Auctioneers Agrioulturalkali, Rnbhin, 09 Bryn-iacli, near Kntbin, MESSRS. T. & W. LEATHES bave 1"-1 be:in favou od with ins-iucrions f.om Mrs. A. M. Sharpo (who is leaving) to Bell by Auction, upou the above premises, On THURSDAY, APRIL 12cb, 1917. Several-lots of ANTIQUE. FORNITURE and numerous lots cf Surplus Househo d Appointments, which wiíi include:- Two Antique uliippendale Arm Chaira, Oak WIlle Collarette, a 4 fc. 6-in Solid Oak Hang, ing Wardrobe, Antique Mahogany Office Withstand F-ive Old Gaodbtber a g-day Clock in inlaid cate, Large Pairjt- d Cnina Capboa, d wfth eliding drawees, 5-ft 6 In, by 7-ft, } Painted Wardrobe, 3fn. 6in. wide liound Tables, Antique Mahogany Mirror. Tabtn and HargiDg Jjamps, Butler's Tray, Painted Onpbo!rds. Commode, Spi-,nge Buthy, y Antique Dark Blue and White Dinner Service and other China, 2 Ccpper Warmirg Pans, Sheffield Place Dish Warmer, Pictures, Tables, Bedsteads. Boddirg, CarpetP, Panniers, Bedroom and Kitchen Furniture, and i orber Effects too nunaorcua m mention; Garden Tools, Garden Scare, Wira Ne^tiog, Galvanized Corn Bin, Ch^ff Cutter, Wheel-j barrow, Quantity of Barbed Wire, etc. On view morning" of Salo only, No Catalogues. Silo to ccmmeano ous o'clock prompt. Terms-Cish. T. & W. LEATHE8, Auctioneers, Agricultural HaJJ, Rathin. 271a7 NOTICE. MRS. EVANS, Wardrobe Dealer, 5"»B Hiarh Street Rhyl, ia prepared to give the UTMOST VALUE IN OAS < for Ladies'. the UTMOST VALUE IN CAS < for Ladies'. I 7!i Gentlemen's, an Children's L3ft-off Clothing, Boots, and Table Linen, Trangictions sTicRly confidential. Letters attended to. Upmost attention to parcels received. Postal orders) by raturn. Prompt attention to business, and civility. Please not the addijesB £ 5b, High Street, opposite the Ganera1 Post Office iThyl-. 528,7 Sale by Messrs Frack Lloyd and' Sons, Harp Smitlilleld, Abergele, EVERY MONDAY at 12 o'clock. u.c ST. ASAPJI SMITHFIELD, EVERY THURSDAY at 12.30. u.c ⢠â Richard Pearce, General and Agricultural tnctioncer and Valuer, flotise Estate, and Insurance Afent. Phono 200 (Bee Hotel) TsJeprams Pearce, Auctioneer, Abergele. Offices Market Street, Abergele. Proprietor and Originator cf the Bee Smitfcfield, Abergele (The Farmorm' Market). BALES EVERY MONDAY at 11.15 j Bee Smithfield. BALE AS USUAL NEXT MONDAY (BANK HOLIDAY). Important. Day- igut Saving- iAe starts Bummer 'J ime (olte I hour Ear ier than now) L Sx^ciAt ENTBYâ-HESINUT COD, G yeirH, 14 hard. qui"" in hLirnef! he, auo SJUUO, Gig aud Hdmesp, A'so Rub'ce>' Tyred 8ALLI OAR, aa now, Law oa. RICHdHD PEARGE, I a7 Auctioneer Situations Vacant. WAi>Tii;D, a gojd GiSNEK&L. N I ¡ washing. Apply Mrs. Efaos, Con feodoner Denbigh- 0 WANTED, a good LIOUSEMAID. Apply Mes. JSineella, Wyiinistoy Hotel Kutaio. -iNTED. BOU8E PAlOiOUltMAlD. VV AVj,y Mr: Jeokins, Brjn Celyn Rathin *251a7 ANTUD, a~Btroiig BOYTage" 14â15, Apply to Themis Davie?, Butcher, W Apply to Themis Daviep, Butcher, Denbigh a7 ANTED, GENERAL for Pxenton Apply Beavao, Na- uerch. a7 WAKTLD, gocd GENERAL lor Farm" honBo; also NURSE-HOUaEMalD. ioid wages to Ruit,%b,o pereocs. Apt'ly Mre, DiViep, Yebrad Farm, Denbigh, 246J7 ( ^OOK-GENWR4L cr ~Rood~ GENEKAL (i experienced, for April 2iat or eocner famiiy three. Housemaid kept. Good w^ges ro cm able person. Ss. Colmes, Bieka Road, West Kiiby, Cheshire. all t iluation Wanted. ANTED, by lady <30) posTas HOUSE- KEEPER. Wou.d ucd^rtrike co 'king where kitchenmaid was kepr. Or as Cook in Military Hospital Giod cojk, First class reference. Disengaged e.b:r Easier. Apply D.C.F. FUEE PREas Office, Denbigh. *a14 -,JIiT- Loat and Fou d LOST, two WELSH EV/E-3. Oje marked on thouldar, the other on tho rump and right hand ride with the fi^uie 5. Apply Jones, Cicawch, Afonwen, Moid. **21 Miscellaneous. Il\ BTROLOGY.-R'Jliabla life _U- Horoscope, L.l. future events, marmge parinei described, cbangcsi journeys, money pro?pects, fortunate days and seasons, business success planet?, etc, Send birth date, sixpence P.O., stamped envelope. Madame lIhtiou, 8, Hi4,iot Placo, Edinburgh. 1I1"wediatc replies. *m6 Fof Saie ON SALE, a Iarg9 quantity of gocd quality FAGGOTS, ready tied, and naar high road. Price, 151. por 120 bundles. Apply Maes Elwy E:tate Office, So. Asaph 215 a, c ON SALE, about 33 tona of rich farmyard MANURE. App!y D, Jones, Bryn-y- ffynuon, Danbigb. *a7 DENBIGH WATER COMPANY. 0 I () per cent PREFERENCE SHARES for Sale Particulars of Me3srs A. and W. Richards, 37, Walbrook, L'cdoD, E.C., 4, &.7 Horses For Sale Cheap. 1 Heavy Caro Hoisaa, 6 T.-otting Van- XW ners, 2 weighty Oarti Mares (io-f'iai), 2 sitrocg thiok seft C b, all youcg toothrd ana in ha., d condition, fi for billy road- or farm wo k warranted in aii hirnes â¢, Ve 'd exam iuvited. Ja-t off contrac,i Mo sre. Ford SD1 Go's Yard Foreman, 350i, GJHWBII Road, London, E.G., 4 mloutes from K'ng's C-osa and S. Prancas Stations 2577 W ALLPAPERS, from 4Jd. por roll. Any quantify, l?i!ge or small, supplied a*> Wholcgilo P, Largest stock in Greafc Brit-ale. NVtile for pa terns s ating class required (Depasimerit 186), Barneto Wall- paper Co L!Jd.. Manchesrer. *jal UAT3,MIOB ~MOLE87 CO lKiiOAUblHis R aDd BEBTLES, greedily eat Harrisons I; Relishle" Rat; Poiaoa. Oats and dog8 will ROB toueh tb, Vermin dry up and leave no ernGlI. Prices 6d 18., 2a, 3d., and 5? for, postage 2d.-G, W. HARRISON, Chemist, Head Jig. Said bv Chemise AgeaS for St- AIJJBph. J. EmrJB J .no*, Chemist, Denbigh Hat-isoD Jooe» and Co,, High ticreot. Ri,hiti R aw aed Sous, ChenviEtg, SII. Souare P, tr"tE.Wycot:d R, Pany. *mI7 To Be CCOMFORTABLE A PART M SNTd fo" J joung lady so Le in Oeubigh. Terms MR dsrate Wti e N J. 89" FREE PEEST OMce D.?nb gk 89u.«' ~"0 LE C! L ccnaTd MILK HOUeE, r. -.t t, e din a TnvenienD pciii,-in in Denbigh. Can tie up 8 cr%tlsle. Croffi ing the yard. Apply Boitiyfryd, Denbigh 2-56 >:o 2-56 >:o H OUE tiOOMiSD COTTAGE, wi b cellar, tu Lefl in N^ntg'yu Village, gnull family, Applv Mysevin, Dcnbih, -al4 WO GARDENS ao Hoeehiil, St. A-aph i to Lot Apply Canon Morgan, Llinrwsb a7 i O BE LET, DETACHED VILLA, 7 1 rooms, charming mountain view, mile frota Etation. Rens moderate. Im- mediate p'jsresfion. Tanyronen, Graigfechm, Rathin. 270a c. cCNWAY.-To L'ft, the oonvenian^ly J stuatecl compact hou e, 5, 13IGEI STREET, Conway, formerly the re-idence of the late Dr. R. Arthur Prichard. All modern conveniences. For further particulars apply Robeit3, Bryr, Corsway. m30 No. 60, Vale 8t»eeS Denbigh. rO BE LET, the above House, with the outbuildings and garden, from the 1st May r>ex-, Apply to Mr. John Daviea, "clicitor, Denbigh, 296*21 May DfX. Apply to Mr. John Daviea, t OliCÃOf, Denbigh, 296A21 Potato Allotments. i 'HE Town Council have arranged with i Ecvoral Farmsis in the Borous>h to allow Potatoes to ba planted on their Farms. An} 016 deeiiing to avail themselves of (his arrangement shruld send in their tames and addrosses before 4 p.m. on Wednesday next, the 11th instan" to tbej/Town Cerk (Mr. Edward Parri ). from whom particulars of the terma, &o., can be obtained. a7 PRELIMINARY NOTICES. A RUMMAGE SALS will be held in con- nection with the Eagliah Presbyterian Chapel, Vale-street, Denbigh,ia APRIL DJote to follow, 93ac 11 â â ' J H !1 Conversations I No. I ommwl'OEAs "r.& Let me introduce you to one of the many coi;y, happy, ard cheerful hearths on which I am now for many years a permanent paying guest. Before the War I was a great favourite here, and although the Boys are far away they think of home and the Fragrqnt, Delicious, Sustaining Cup of Peace and Cheerfulness. But while they are doing their bit to Keep the Home Fires Burning that make it possible for you to enjoy my company, let me renew my acquaintance with you on the threshold of x917 with besr. w shes for your Happiness and Prosperity, and Peace is restored to all the World, and the Boys come marching home. Then, may I hope to have a place of hoitour m your service at the table of Festivity to our Heroes. For when Wars are over I shall still remain on Active Service in my uniform of Red and Green lit for a King and Queen. i- i i.i- ,-=- "» During 1017 1 shall War against high priced Teas of inferior quality, I shall give you unsurpassed excellence in quality ac the old price. Per lb. 2s. 6d â Per lb. in the same Popular Packet of Red and Green. -Â¥.. tZs* AT THE POPULAR STORES OFâ E. B. JONES & CO., St Asaph, Denbigh, & Rathin. PAVILION^ RHYL. M^agjsk J. W, JONES. Great Eastep Attractions. EASTEIi SATURDAY, APRIL 7bi, at 8 p.m., and I ElPoTER SUNDAY. APRIL 8th, at 8.15 p.m. Dcora Open each Evening at 7.30 p.m ATaro Grand Special Concerts. ARTISTES MARK HAMBOURG, The World Renowned Pianist. MISS Et toE WoN BOYD, the Famou3 Austiftlian Contralto. M!'3 BEATBICS WAbLEY- The Favourite Soprano; and LAN CE- aORPO Rb.L 8. EVANS. The Brilliant Violinist. AdmiasioD :-r-eeerved Seata, 2j. 2d. and la. 2d. Unreeerved SaabB. 1?. 21. at.,d.71, (including Tax). Seata Booked al Pavilion Box Offieo. Telephone 101, EA3TER MONDAY, APRIL 9rh, and Every Evening during the week at 8 p.m. Doora Open 7 30 p.m. Matinee Saturday &t 3 p m. Popular aud Expeneivs Engagement of Wolsley Charloa and Herbert Barney's Brilliant Costume Concert Party, Xcnilhs," in a New aud Original Vaudville Programme. Admiseion â First Beats, I d. iid. Ceoond beats, 7d, (includiog Government Ttx). a7 < B_B t A, BEE HIVE. Bââ &HB) Nt B W !& D riras. NTEUir STOCK F.L?rnV JUST ARRIVED OF j Costumes, Hats, Blouses, Rain- ) coats, Dress Materials, Costume Cloths, Men's and Boys' Suits, Shirts, &c., &c. ,j Splendid Choice of WALL PAPERS. j JONES Bros, 9 & ll. Vale St., Denbigh. 11, T I NATIONAL SERVICE I sc AFtm 10,000 Women Wanted at Once I j to Grow and Harvest the Victory Crops. Send your application at once to The Director-General, National Ser- vice, St. Erin ins, Westminster, S.W. I, on -a form which must first be I obtained at your local Post Office or Employment Exchange. J I 11 Wonten who enrol to-day will sectire:- 1. A. free outfit, boots, brecchcs, overall and hat. 2. Maintenance during training. r 3* rfravellillg expenses in connection with the work. 4.' Wages 18/- per week, or the district rate, whichever is the highc; O S. Maintenance during term of unemploy- ment. r~" 6. Housing personally inspected and approved by the Women's County Committees of the Board of Agriculture. 7- Work on carefully selected farms. 8. omotion-good work rewarded by pro- motion and higher pay. 9. After the \Var, special facilities for settle- ment at home or overseas. i These are wanted to day 5,000 Milkers 4,060 Field Workers ) 1,000 Carters ] I DON'T DELl\. ENROL AT ONCE IN THE I T WOMEN'S LAND ARMY. Application Forms at all Post Offices and Jlinploytucut Exchanges. I I Poultry, Eggs, &c. wANTEL) a quantity of PITTING HENS at 3i. e4ch On receipt cf potlb card will call for tw-) or more. Also receive aii Denbigh Market every Wednesday. Matty, The Bvich, Henllan. *&1 Hatch Now and Secure Winter Egga. SITTINGS of Whi-o Lcgb rni and Wbi e s Wyandot;ea of proved laying s'fains, from Abboh'a and Huuter's biooù, Thirteen for 43. M 'y Williams, Poiiybryn Firm, Ruthin. üH Class Al. Class Al. EGGS. EGGS. EGGS. D)nlt keep yourself altogether. Lit yi ur poultry assist you. To tboo, intsrealed in piultry Try one or two Sittings, Pr'c a t o suii evory pockJt. My Birds are bred fruLa some of the best 10 the World. Eleven pena mated. Prices frow 7a. 6j, to 15 3, per Sitting of 15. Personal iaapoctioQ invitf(3. Also station holder under tha 13 JarI of Agriculture. Sittings of White Leghorn EHgs sup- plioi to Small-boldera and Cottagers paying under £50 per annum, or to persons whose rental valuj doss not txcetd 12s. 61. per week. This Pen costs 23. 61 per d( i'.1, Oshlogues sent post freo Oil applicitiop. Apply CAPPER, Pfnybtaidi foulny taiui, JSIiyl, 268m5

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