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St. Asaph Board of Guardians.



ST it BILIPIU. FARMERS' CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY. The sixth annual meeting- of the Vale of Clwyd and District Agricultural Co- operative Society was held at St. Asaph on Wednesday, 21st, presided over by Mr R E Birch, J.P. There was a good attendance of members. The secretary (Mr A E Jones) presented the annual report and balance sheet which disclosed another year's successful working", the sales having reached fig,iog an increase over the previous year of £ 7,186. The statement of accounts was unaminously adopted and the chairman congratulated, the members on the continued prosperity of their society and urged them to in- crease their holding as a safe investment. A dividend of 5 per cent on all paid up shares was declared, after investing 925o of the profits in the War Loan Stock. It was decided to pay a bonus equal to 10 per cent on salaries of employees for the past year. The capacity of the Society's warehouse at Dyserth is being taxed to the utomost, and the following! table shows the progress of the under-, taking :â⢠Members. Capital Sales. 19*1 33 25 £ 1,163 I912 77 244 3,Go 1 1913 88 279 4,830 1914 IS7 430 6,468 19 IS 239 470 12,000 19*6 337 901 19,109 The company at an interval partook! of substantial refreshments, after which they were addressed by Mr E W Jones, organising secretary for North NVales,, of the A.O.S. London, and Mr E Jackson, the agricultural representative of the Coop. Wholesale Society, Manchester. The speakers touched upon several matters of vital importance to farmers and agriculturalists and were cordially thanked for their interesting addresses and advice. DEATH OF MISS FLOSSIE HAMER LEWIS. It is with feelings of deep sorrow and regret that we record the death of Miss Flossie Hamcr Lewis, the elder daughter of the Rev J Hamer Lewis, Diocesan Inspector of schools and Mrs Hamer Lewis of Plas Elwy. St Asaph, which took place on Thursday of last week on the stroke of midnight. Since the opening- of the V.A.D. hospital at Rhyl, Miss Hamer Lewis strenuously devoted herself to the work of nursing our sick and wounded heroes, and it is feared that, owing to unremitting attention to such duties, she sacrificed herself on the altar of duty. Until very recently she was apperantly in the best of health, bright, happy, with a smile for everbody. About three weeks ago it was announced that she was seriously ill, and a specialist (Dr Dobie of Chester) was summoned, and it was stated that from the first he gave a very unfavourable report as to any hope of recovery. Great sympathy was man- ifes ted with her family in their sudden sorrow and anxiety. All that was hum- i anly possible was done to amelioriate her I suffering, and despite medical skill and the loving ministrations of her mother and sister she passed away as stated, having attained the highest thing in life, the joy of sacrifice and the light and peace of duty well done, and left behind her a bright example of patience and faith. A scii-se cf loss that meets ns at the gate, "Within a place unfilled and desolate, And far away our coming to wait. One less at home, 0110 more in heaven. The funeral took place at the Cathe- dral Church yard on Tuesday. The cortege left the residence, Plas Elwv, headed by Archdeacon Fletcher, Rev W J Davies and Dr Henry Lloyd (Med- ical Attendant). The wounded soldiers from Rhyl hospital to the number of 50, with whom the deceased was a favourite, walked at the side of the hearse, they were followed by her late colleagues on the staff of the V.A.D. hospital under Miss Pilkington (commandant). At the cathedral gates the cortege was met by the Lord Bishop of the Diocese, the Very Rev The Dean, Archdeacon Grimaldi Davis and the Vicars Choral. The openin g verses I am the resur- rection and the life" were read by the Dean. The cathedral was fairly filled with sympathetic citizens. The near relations present were :-The Rev J Hamer Lewis (father), Mrs Hamer Lewis (mother), Miss Enid Hamcr Lewis (sister), Lieut George Hamcr Lewis, Lieut Glyn Hamcr Lewis, Rev J Hamer Lev,-is, Vicar of St George's, "Sheffield, and chaplain to the Forces (brothers), Rev. A Hamcr Lewis, curate of Hasland, Mr Cecil Lewis, Mr Idwal Vaughan Lewis. 6 Lieut Llcw Hamer Lewis was unable to be present, having- been summoned to rejoin his regiment in France. The service was intoned by the Revs. W J Davies and E LI A Jenkins. The sublime burial lesson was read by the Lord Bishop. During the service the I hymns Jcsu, lover of my soul (the deceased favourite hymn) to the tune of ( Abcrystwyth and H Lead, kindly light" were feelingly sung- by those present. Mr T R Jones accompanied on the harmonium, and while the body was being removed towards the grave he 6 I, played the 11 Dead March" in Saul. The concluding portion at the grave was conducted by the Dean, while the words In the midst of life we are in death were being uttered so appropriate to the sad circumstances there was hardly a dry eye. 1 he soldiers while taking- a last look saluted. Many beautiful wreaths and floral tokens of respect and sympathy were sent. The following is a list;- rather and mother, sister and brothers. The Dean, Mrs and Miss Wynne Jones, Archdeacon and Mrs Fletcher, Mrs James Lewis, Trefelwy, Commandmant and staff Rhyl Red Cross Hospital, the wounded soldiers, the maids, Mr Harold and Miss Stock, Miss Brooke Cunliffc, Mrs Watts, Bryn Mrs Grieve and Miss Banks, Mrs Vivian Davies, l-Iasland Rectory, Mrs Easterby, Miss Lewis, Ilaulfrvii Mr and Mrs Richard Davies, Misses Roberts, Rev W J Davies and Mrs Davies, Mrs and Mrs T R Jones, Mr and Mrs Hubert Williams, Misses Dixon, Misses Hcaton, Trcfnant; Mrs Hrinklcy. Mab and Vic," Mr and Mrs Joseph Lloyd, Mr and Mrs Cropper, Di- and Mrs Linyd, Mrs Whirmr,re? Miss K Parry, kc, f RIlYL AND DISTRICT RED CROSS HOSPITAL. The annual meeting of the subscribers was held on Tuesday evening, when Councillor B Wadsworth, J.P., presided over a large attendance. Mr Fred Phillips, the hon. secretary, then read the annual report and state- ment of accounts, which showed that, donations amounted te £ 834 3s 9d; subscriptions, t287 2s; boxes, concerts, £ 367 iSs; Prestatyn branch, £ 75 War Office grant, £ 1256 and bank interest, £ 16 12s. The payments included X,2 700 I to the country treasurers, and there was a balance in the bank of L 134 11s 4d. The reports from the commandants, Miss Pilkington and Mrs Thomas, showed that excellent work had been done during the year. Of the 373 cases, 359 had been discharged, the majority returning to dirty. They had heen urged to increase the number of beds and they had 86 available. The number of prescriptions made up by Mr Ashfield was 3126. He had personally superintended the making up of those prescriptions free of charge, and the hospital owed him a debt of gratitude (applause). In addifion to the war office grant, the sum of about £ 1000 per annum had been found and he appealed to everyone to do their best to keep the finances on the right side. The Bishop of St Asaph in urging the claims of the hospital, said, that some years ago, before the war broke out they had sat in that room and listened to an address by Miss Haldane on the need of organising of the Voluntary Aid Detach- ment, but her words on that occasion sounded like a dream. Since then they had become a reality. She had outlined' a scheme which had developed and had proved of the greatest national service. He hadheard a great deal of national service, and on behalf of his clergy he had been trying" to find out something about it, but he was still very hazy. The red cross hospital however was a national service, and they had learned to realise and appreciate its good work. He congratulated Miss Pilkington and Mrs Thomas, as well as the staff at the hospital on what they had done. He had the greatest admiration for their work. The Rev Father Barker, the Rev E T Davies, chairman of the Free Church Council, Archdeacon Lloyd, Mr Hugh Jones and the Vicar of Prestatyn also (spoke eulogising the work done in the hospital and urging its claims to the public support. The meeting- closed with the usual votes of thanks.


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