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ST. ASAPii. BISHOP FOR TWENTY EIGHT YEARS- '⢠j.11, jnj.ju II.Lu,ty Na-* papar" has tha fo'lo*iog referinoe to chc B:ahop, the anniver- savy of whoe consecration wan la.Bt Suoday â Dr Alfred George Edwards, Bithop of 8 Aj.pLi, and senior Bishop of the Chuich in Wales, will on Sunday complebe the twentiy- cihtil yoar of his epuoopite, having been oonsecratjed in Weatrninscer Abb3y by Arch- bibhJp Benson on Mitch 23 b, 1883 IMPORTANCE OF CHILD LIFE. Oa Mouday tha annual meetiinjr of the N3rlh Wales Nursing Association was he'd it Rhyl. a1: which tribu e was piid to tha exctlieut wort of the hon sec., Mha Daviep, of Treborth. A public mcering followed, ucdar the presi- dency cf M. H N Glidsbone, Lord-Lierenanb of F misihire, and speeches were delivered by the Ila-chionega of Bute fp-esident fl. the touth Wales NuriDg Association), the Bishop of St Asaph, and Mr F J Gimlin, Rbyl. 1. be B shop dwelt upon the importance of child life, and F-Pid thab the great ignorance of mothers constituted the csrfcral point of the child welfare problem. Mr Gamlin, dealing wl'h tha urgent neoea^ity for district) nurses, snii it behoved everyone who had ihs interest of infaatj welfare a) heart to set about i* endeavour to gob adi-trics nurse in eve; y town and village in North Wales. This was not a question of fiianeo, bab of tho will of the tuh ibitants. Bearing in mind the high mortality of childreu under twelve aonchs, and ibo deoiini-jg birfh-ra>e, it was absolutely essential, if the British Empire was fco survive and .,c,)ntinue, that the lifo of every, child should be j jalou ily conserved, SOLDIERS AT HOME. Sapper Robert Ellis, Royal Engineers, haa been home on leave 1 from Sheerness, and returned on Friday. Lance Corpl R Vaughan, A.S.C., son of Mr and Mrs J Vauglian Mount-road, came home on Friday from a Military Hospital, "where lie has been for some weeks, having previously been in France for seven months. UNION AUDITOR. The* audit of St Asaph Union accounts has been just conducted I by Mr A Ellis, barrister, a son of Mrs Ellis, Mor Awel, St Asaph, and an old pupil at the Grammar School, DEATH. After a long illness, Miss Myfanwy Hughes, of Elm Cottage, St Asaph, daughter of Mrs P Hughes, passed away on Sunday afternoon, at the age of 19 years. The funeral took C) place yesterday ^Thursday). CHILD'S MARVELLOUS ESCAPE. On Saturday a horse bolted from the premises of the Ivinmel Arms, and in making for the bridge way the cart drawn by the annimal ran into a shandry belonging to Mrs Walsh, St Asaph, knocking one wheel from the shandry. A little child, who luckily clung to the off. side of the shandry escaped injury. The runaway was soon afterwards secured.

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