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HOW HOSPITALS CuRE SERIOUS LIVER KIDXEY, & BLADDEB DISORDERS. Aiica tardiesi qiialifioi Jurae saJs" Driak odinary saltrzted water for psrmanent r6 suIts, This is the time hospitals experience a ruib cf dargarous functional disorder casss. During he oold winter months a heavy, baat.pro' ducing d'es is tbe rule, and the system become* iOtded with accumulated carbonaceous wast' aid poisonous imparities, which oiog tbe eHtninaUva organe, so there is constant abaorptioa of toxins int) the blood. Thefl (01 iW stemveh, kidcey, biaddsr, and skio woubSea, iheumatisaj, neuralgic beadaebe- b tekache, catarrh, iiflaerzi, biliumen"f, j "»andiced liver, or eron appendicitis,dropsy and SJgho's disease. Toxinis and bacberia excite be heart, poison who cerves, deprive the body cf disease-reeisting vitality, atld you havs 00 energy to do acyibiug, or say yea are irrieabls J sleep bad! acd have weak nerves from over- Tvoik, worry, etc. The real tiouble is auto* intoxication, cr self-poieouiust. OcbeiTviee yoo could not have Ectoh symp om?. Try drinking occasionally a level teatpoonful of eommoo refntd alkia saltrates in a half tumbler of waier, acd notice hew qiickly your mind; clears, your eyes biighter, and your whole body becomes absolutely fii, ts the tystem's great fi.ters ard blood rciiaers (-he livar and kidneys) begin to work properly agaio. This pleasant* tasting and nraarkably curative substance can be supplied at slight cost by any good; chemier.âA L.


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