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t GRAMOPHONE. J 35«guinea Ilsrnless Model. Beautiful drawing-room cabinet, inlaid Sheraton, height 4I1., record cupboard enclosed, pciiect tone, quantity celebrated records. Approval willingly, j ACCEPT 7 Guineas. f 3, Anhert Park, Highbury Park, London, N. FURS. ImandsomeElo los. Set Latest fashion Huff and Stole -new this year. 4-PPRQT.iL ACCept SOS. WILLINGLY I; 3, kuhiti Park, Hiybbcry Park, leaden. 1. LIFE-LIKE ARTIFICIAL TEETH To be had at Hospital Prices. FITTED IN LIFE-LIKE MANNER. Facial Expression, Comfort) and ifeattli;:Itcstored. ALL TEETH GUARANTEED. Williams' Dental Institute, RUTHIN ROAD, DENBIGH. You are invited to cell and see specimens of cur Work and have a consultali- n I about your personal requirements FBEE OF CHARGE. PAINLESS EXTRACTIONS m AMsraETicAL "I Im Or all Teeth extracted FREE to thoas who get Teeth inserted. REPAIRS done in two hours' notice. MISFITS of any make re-modelled from 1/- per JLootb Change of Branch Surgery. u. u TVOVICE âTha r.ubllc are reqoestod 4o nota this thfl Branch Sargery at) Denbiga has !be* Hour9: lb35' Mirkeb Days only. BRANCHES RUTHINâAttendance at Mrs. DANIELS every Market and Ijair Days. CORWENâAt Mr. DATIES', Photographer, every Friday and Fair Days. CORWENâAt Mr. DATIES', Photographer, every Friday and Fair Days. I, ST. ASAPHâAt Mrs. JONES' Refreshment Rooms every Thursday. x GERRIGYDRUIDION-Evuy F.,ir Day between 10 and 2 o'clock. and every other alternate, Monday between 1 and 4 o'clock, at Mr. R.chard Evans (Tailor), Bryi2goleu. I LLANFAIRTALHAIARNâAt ^Miss Davits, Pjst Offic?, every Taeadtiy between 1 and 4 o'clock. Also at 10, HALL SQUARE, DENBIGH, Market Days only. FARES ALLOWED TO COUNTRY PATIENTS. Ir â S.A L | J I For commercial purposes the Ford Delivery Van is more economical than the horse. It is i-pore roliable, and^at|oace"places the merchant in touch with a greatly increased area of trade. I) The Ford Van makes tllelast trip of the day with I the same efficiency] that' it has gven in the merniag. It is :never too tired to work. I i I I I I I ¡ .i I 20 EI.P. Z;fEciontlylc qUiPpEel-StCEI Panelled body witb'doub!o'.drore aD rear. Extrema heighb iloorUo roof 52 in., extrema width 51 in., length feahind driver 59 in,, width of well 3o in. Price at$Work a,"Manchester; £ 130. For fuller particulars and demonstration apply to :â j W. EDWARDS, i Automobile Engineer, I I GARAGE, DENBIGH. II II TELFPHOIQE .5-1, -t- -'JJ_ -r. f "I = ABSOLUTELY PURE /à THEREFORE BEST CootrAOM tSCT. COVSRNMENT HALt-WARXED CEM RINM-w, fre, lpr 1)17. 40 from Manufacturers,Iftnn â¢Jirrys^GrifPn, "11-?, Nowhnll btroe» y Birniinr.hain. You can name four f.wii. Apfce of st^ne* IhiiiicB, Sapphire?, Pwt J?, or vhy corobinaticn. Mcifjp if not approTod. Cut hole in pr^b4of card forsiza. Ivommmoomm- I 'V1 WANTEDt Old Army and Nary Badges, But- tons, Cross lSelt Plates, Shakos, Hel- met4, Swordp, Sabretaches, Coatees, J5ook«, Prints, or any old Military Costume itenhs -wanted. I». KO.XBOROUGIT, Tli.AFALOAi: ROAD. TWICKENHAM, MIDDLESEX. w WHITE LEGHORN CHICKS bred direct from vm- ners of layiDg competitions, lOe. doz. J,ot>0 \ne vf 'klr. l.ive delivery guaranteed to all parts of the British Islcfl. Sand for catalogue showing list of pens.- BROWN, Staplelmrst r.wiHry l avm, &T A.rLr.HUKai. -r __n_ ''v r *ILI t ? f 1f..t Uptons own thou- U you want rich, sands of acres cif some mature, leafy tea, of the finest Tea plan- Lu ton's is the best. â tations in the wortd, X^'TJ oteays has been, and â¢thepossessionot whTr.a i.- 1 i i still. just give LI^GIIS ⢠âââ that advantage over i you want email tea, aOthers, enabliilg them "ijpSon's is the best. l JO give better|quality, [( alphas bzen, and better selectran. ar.d .4^ better value. If vou war* mM LIPT0N' M* ?L 4 WSm *«⢠tbe best tea, tf O to fhefirm 1^S8 Branches and Agmciti VV. ^5^ ifiroughout the United that grows at ⦠femm i^dom. I ^naiMBaanlanBanzBaagMsy BaaTCwarawrwai .f. aâaâw- â â â â â â aâ^ I SAFEGUARD \1>UR IJEA WITH I The Reliable Faniil-/ Madicin? which )W Mkrtiyg ayj^PyjiPBl A has been in Univer^ j3, for upwjr :s '« I?L?>â ij? 18 No Dclter Prcssnt U»in iake^ a friend on I W f) Aj 115",ice;: £ 'a^ajgi^r "⢠[ Cn^xlODYMa THE- BE:P.,T RENXIDY A true pallialt vc in NEURALGIA, U| RNCRFM/N FO-? TOOTHACJI.I, RHEUMATISM, N â¢* Acts like a Charm «H COUGHS.^ COLDS, I ASTHMA^^ONCHITI^ â , ok'i-f 1 Always asH "S?r. COV^IS KKOWNF." I- >VnMBBNUKUdK]|'h>jnB^^nB jij II |ll IliiTi W.i,d>l«aBBhTTTSaaB^"jy3HBBBa««MIHWBgaBaBa^


I -I Huthin Red Cross Hosptial.…