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_DU T DENBIGH. HOWELL'S SCHOOL, Reporb of concert of Russian music on Satur- day last, appears on psga 6, j EGGS FOR THE WOUNDED. I I1. is inteudsd to hold a united service of the Welth and Eaglieh Churoh Suaday Scho-ls on ¡ Eaoter Sunday afternoon at 83 Mary's Church, ¡ when the school members aro iuvited to bring cifatings of eggs for tha use of our wounded Eoldiers. Contributions of eggs by any CLnrchpeopIe who would like to participate in thi) service will of course be heartily welcomed, I ST DAVID'S CHURCH. I A portion of the I Uracifixfoa by Sir John Bbainer, will be sung at Sa David's Church on Sunday next at the evening airvioe by the augmented choir. GOOD TEMPLABY. Iö1 connection with the IOOJI juvenile lodge cf Good Templars the silver medal in memory of the late Mra Hughes, Vale Streol, (given by Mra V »ughan Jonee), for tbe boy or girl who brought the largest number of new members to th i lodge during the year, has bean awarded to J Tudor Davies, son of Mr John Davies, Vale Street. MEMORIAL SERVICE. I A memorial service was held at Sivan-lane Independent chapel on Sunday nighu for Mr J Jones, Abbey-terrace, who had recently been elected as deacon ot the chapel, and whose death took place last week. He had for years I done mo t valuable work in the Church and I Sunday School at the Brookhoosa Chapel. The service was very appropriate and suitable hymaa sung. The Rev James Charles paid a fitting tribute to thl) life and work of the d, coieed, atd at the c'o 30 0: the service Miss (Batten played I -Tho Dead March" in Saul with telling effect. I IOTATOES COMMANDEERED Considerable sensation wa-j cci&sioned amongst those holding ecccki of potat e?, as well as amoDgsi) potati dealers and buyt re, on r it becoming knovn that a representative of the I Government, who had been' visiting the distsict and inquiring in'o the potato eupply question, had commandeered a very lage lot of potatoes from a farm not far from town r leaving the owie', what was considered to be, a suffic-e-it supply for Lij household purposes. II The Gjvernment) price as prevailing to-iziy was p ild. If these potitoea and other stocks could I have boen held on unti! Monday one pound per ton more pr'co could have been ob ained 'I under the Focd Control Board's regulations. LOVE LANE SCHOOL. The monthly meeting cf uhe miuagere was be d on Tuesday, the Rev James Chaxles pre- siding, Mr T Lloyd Jones, Mr C Cotiom and J Mr W Maisden Davies being also present). The Attendance Officer's report showed that the attendance for the mootfi wis 93 per cent, being about the same as the corresponding mouth last year. The number on the books 171 was the lowest for some time pasb due to a gocdiy number of the boys having finished the school age and left, ani fewer bjja than usual being removed frcm thg infant schocl. The County Authority wrote, urging teachora to moderate their requests for school supplies, as many articles, espeoialiy in c-py book, school stationery, pens and such like were new unobtainable The Eister holidays wore agreed to on the terms fired at thejiiat meeting of managtra and teaohersheld twelve months ago, thus the school will break up as from Wednes- day morning next. Other routine business followed. THE LIBERAL CLUB. The annual meetidg of the olub wa3 held on Tuesday ufhti, the presidency of Mr Sydney I Watkins. The aanual statement of accounts à wati submitted and confirmed, it boing can. j siderel very satisfactory, Referencej wera I made to the fact that 42 members were serving with the colours, Two of the mambers had 'I given their lives on the batbic-tiald, viz, Mr T Wiiliam Jones, and Mr T Reginald liiowlet. Tee foLowing effuera wore to elected :-Hon p'esidei!tJ, SIr J tierber' Bob9rb!l, M.P., aud p esideufc), Sir J Herbert Roberts, M.P., and Mr E T John, M.P. < acting president. Mr Sydney Watkin*; acting vice-president?, Messrs H M Lewis and W Price treasurer, Mr Emrya Jonoa secretary, Mr J L Jones. All the officers were thanked for their eervices during tha yea". The Executive Committee was elected as f ;llows :âMojsrj D 0 Griffi h, J R Owen, Evie J'nea, L'ewelyn Joues, E L'oyd liberie, D Webbo J^avie3, J H Salusbury, Rrjgar H Jones, W ti Williams, J W As'iew. J S Williams, CANON RAGG'S SPECIIL SERVICES. Cioon Ragg, of B*ngor, had a very full day d work on Sunday. At 7 15 in the morn. ing ha was celebrant at a fpecial Communion sorvica aLd also at 8, when the mambers of the Mothers' Union communicated, and at each service there was a large aosendiuca. A tha English moaning service at 8: Maty's the Rev J G Robarts read prayers and the Rev Canon proaohed oa th-3 subject for the day, the annunciation of tho Blessed Virgin, sh-wiag the lessons taught by the submission of the Virgin to the divine will, los8oaa to the individual Christian, to tha Church, and to the nation, especially a1; this terrible timo of stro3s and war. In the evening ab SJ D-ivid's (whare the Reotor read praysrs) th3 Canoa preached a very valuablo and helpful discourse on -1 hope and victory," whether apd!i od to individual Christian life in its content with evil, to the life of the Church in its combat with ein, or tj the nation ia its contest with tho powers arrayed againit tho Empire and Its Allies. Tho visit of the Rev CJIUOD was very highly appreciated. THE LATE SKRGBANT-MAJOR GODFREY EDWARDS, The bearelil at the funeral ofthelate Mr Elwarcs were Q i^rter-Maste? J 11 Palmer, Ssrfeejnt-Msjor Jo'm Lloyl, Llaa- dyrnog S rgoant-Msjor Edward Thomaii, Kathin Sergeant John Williams, Denbigh; Privates Bjotboaao, Appietoa, J P Joyce, J T Joaest (Liaadyrnog), Pabsr Myddlefcon and William Divies. fa addition to the wreaths mentioned last week, a beautiful II Hal tribute was received from OJtavie Gfiea, WELSH COM MI3310N QJR'S VISIT, I Oa Wednesday Mr Kowlsnla, the com. missioner for Walea under the Nstional Sarvica Sihecne viaitei Diabighani met the local Committees for Denbigh, H lhiuJ I and Abargele, and urged the neoatsity of making the scheme suooessful. Ia the coarse of the proceedings he expressed himself &s strongly opposed to the local jche ae initiated on Tuesday night as likely to coiiitato against the suacess of the ) National Sarvice Scheme, and ast aa an. excuse fcr ptrscnanoi enrolling themselves 1 under the scheme, under which it was' necessary that everyone from IS to 01 should enroll, whilst the part time which ) tha Dsnhigb meeting suggested was no5 tor the present recognised by the National Soheme, This h referred to eliewbere.





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