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Bethlehem, Mountain Ash


Bethlehem, Mountain Ash Recognition Services History of the Church. On Monday the induction services of the Rev. J. R. Evans, B.A., B.D.. as pastor of Bethlehem C.M. Church, Mountain Ash, took place. The Rev. D. Jones, M.A., Penrhiwceiber, pre- sided. Rev. Michael Williams Cilfyn- ydd, commenced the service. The secretary of the church, Mr \Y. Da vies, read letters from several persons wish- ing well to the union of church and 11 pastor. Mr David Thomas,, one of the deacons of Bethlehem, gave an account of the inception and growth of the church. The cause was commenced in 1*)4. in a house in Commercial Street. Thence it removed to a house in Duffryn St. Then a schoolroom was erected. III 1857 the first chapel was built. For t'le first 13 years there was no resident minister. The Rev. T. Reesâthe father-in-law of the Rev. D. Morris, Cwmamanâand Mr Morgan Edwards, pastor and deacon respectively of Libanus, Aberaman. paid regular visits to the young church. In 1^70 the church gave a call to the ReL T. C. Phillips. In lSSo the late Kev. M. D. Jones took over the pastorate, and laboured there until his death in 1011. It was during his ministry that the present chapel was built. Recently the church extended an invitation to the Rev J. R. Evans, Bwleh, Breconshire. who consented to come to Mountain Ash because he considered that there was here a greater scope for his ener- gies. Mr Thomas extended a hearty welcome on behalf of the church to :\1 I' Evans and Miss Evans, his sister. Mr Robert Williams, another deacon, hoped that they as a church would co- operate with Mr Evans in his pastoral labours. Mr W. Parry, from BwJch, a brother to Mrs. (Principal) Prys, testified that Mr Evans had been very near and dear to him during his stay at Bwlch. He was a faithful pastor and friend, be- loved by all who knew him. The Breconshire Monthly Meeting and the church at Bwleh had sustained a loss in Mr. Evans' removal. The Rev. E. Rowlands, Crick- howell, congratulated Bethlehem on securing the services of Mr Evans as a minister. He could testify to Mr. Evans' ability as a pastor and preacher. The Rev. Lewis James, Builth, paid a tribute to Mr Evans as a preacher. He would ask the church not to depu- tise the pastoral work entirely to the minister. Let each member realise his individual responsibility. The ReN-. W. Davies. M.A., Bethania, Aberdare, was pleased to welcome Mr Evans to the Aberdare district. The union of such a beloved church and pastor could not help being a happy one. The Rev. D. Lloyd, Penrhiwceiber, said he had been a member of Bethle- hem for many years, and he had happy recollections of that period. Mr Lloyd gave interesting reminiscences of some of the old deacons of Bethlehem. The new pastor then addresesd the meeting. Mr Evans testified that he found it difficult to sever his pastoral connection with Bwlch. He did not feel that he was a worthy successor Lo the late Rev. M. D. Jones", but he would do his utmost. In a populous district like Mountain Ash there was a great mass of people outside the churches, and he would like to he the means of enlisting some of these in the army of the living God. The Rev. R. S. Rogers, B.A., Rhos (B.), was pleased to welcome the new pastor as an old college mate. He (the speaker) held a high opinion of Bethle- hem, and he was sure that the church would give the young pastor every op- portunity to develop his talents. The Rev. Wilson Roberts, Ynyshir, the pastor of Mr J<ans' mother church, eulogised the young minister's character. He was ?. man of culture, and he trusted that the church would encourage him to pursue his studies. Dr. D. M. Phillips, M.A.. Tylors- town, remarked that tie had watched Mr Evans' career with interest. He came of a good stock, and followed in the footsteps of an illustrious father and mother. They must remember that the new pastor was not omniscient < or omnipresent. Let them pray for him. A prayerless pew made a power- less pulpit. The Rev. H. T. Stephens, Carmel, Treeynon, claimed that he was the old- est pastor present. He had been in the ministry since 1871 and had ministered in Glamorgan since 1874. Mr Stephens related some interesting incidents in his varied ministerial career. Mr Evans, he said, was a B.A. and B.D., but he had yet to graduate in the school of ministerial experience. The Rev. T. G. Johns closed the meet- ing in prayer. The following rev. gentlemen were present: â Revs..J. Myddfai Jones, Cwmbach \Y..Jones and J. R. Hugnes, Abercynon; W. Gregory, Yny.ivbwl; .John Lewis and K. W. Llewellyn, Aber- aman: John Morgan, Aberid-e; 11. Davies. Soar; .John Phillips, Bethania; r t;\ (" Bevan, Bethe) R. Gwrirvn Jones, Miskin; J. Pumpsaint Jones, Trohai ris E. Lewis, Pontllani ra th IN Edwards, M.A., Mountain Ash Mr. Thomas Edmunds, Mountain Ash, Pie- sident of Baptist Union.-âLeiIxvs e- gretting their absence vvce from Revs. Isaac Morris, B A., B.D., Ynysybwl Cuthbert Thomas, B .A. Cardiff; John O. Jenkins, Gilfachgoch; .J. D. Thomas (B.), Mountain Ash, and D. Morgan (W.), Mountain Ash; W. D. Morris. Cwmaman; E. Burges, Duffryn St., Mountain Ash; Thomas Davies. Blaenrhondda; R. Williams, Aberdare; Mr John Jones, Maesydder- wen, Aberfan, and 1. Vardre James, Newbridge. Tea was provided, the following ladies- being ti-avholdei-s:Nli- Jones, Tany- bryn Mrs. David Thomas, Mrs. D. F. Morgan, Mrs W. Davies, Lyle St.; Mrs Thos. Lewis and Mrs J. H. Lewis, Bryn- derwen; Mrs Lloyd, Emlyn House; Mrs John Evans and Miss Pollie Evans, Lyle Street; Mrs. Breese, Pryce St., Mrs Herbert. Sunny Bank; Mrs D. Jones, Lyle Street; Mrs R. Williams, Richmond Road; Mrs Morgan, Maesy- gwastad. They were assisted by Messrs W. Watkins. Robert Williams, and W. Davies.âMr W. Davies performed the secretarial work.


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