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Old Aberdare. History of Congregationalism. (Continued.) The Congregationalists, or Independ- ents, started their career in this district almost simultaneously and jointly with the Calvinistic Methodists in 1799. After they parted, the former took over a dwelling near Penypound (Car- mel E.B. Church), Aberdare. Alter- ations were carried out, a pulpit erect- ed, and benches arranged in a fairly large room. The names of the few members of those days were Lewis Lawrence and David Lawrence, with their wives, Llandovery; David Rich- ards and his wife, from Carmarthen; Morgan Rowlands, David Jenkins and Wm. Williams and their wives, Ben- jamin Havard, Mary Williams, Jane Griffith, David and J. Harrison, and others, of whom only two are now (1853) living, viz., Ann Jenkins (widow of David Jenkins) and Mary Williams. The minister who first officiated in this improvised chapel was the Rev. G. Hughes, Groeswen, and after him Mr. Walter Thomas, and later the Rev. Methusalem Jones, Merthyr. In a few years time the, members became imbued with the idea of having a more commod- ious building, and there was a good deal of counselling and a good many meet- ings held before the site was selected. The late Mr. Griffith David, Ynyslwyd, offered land gratis in Aberdare, but Trecynon was deemed a more suitable place, and so Ebenezer was built in 1811, and in a short time a Mr. David Jones was inducted as pastor. In 1812 a Mr. Joseph Harrison commenced preaching there. Three or four years later, in consequence of the Rev. David Jones' family increasing, and the cir- cumstances of his church being rather low financially, he removed to Taihir- ion. In 1817 Mr. J. Harrison, above referred to, was ordained minister in- stead of Mr. Jones. The total number of members at Ebenezer then was 26. In Hirwain, the two houses which had been converted into a chapel, and which was used by the four denomin- ations Methodists, Independents, Baptists and Wesleyansâbecame in- adequate for the purpose of public wor- ship, and in 1822 they decided to build a chapel each for themselves. Nebo was built by the Independents in 1823. Ir appears that the Rev. J. Harrison ministered to both churches, and in about 20 years some differences oc- curred between him and the members of Ebenezer and Nebo and he resigned, the Rev. J. Davies, from Llantrisant, replacing him. After Mr. Davies came Mr. T. Rees, Craig-y-bargod, and in about 1844 the Rev. Wm. Edwards was inducted as minister. When the Rev. J. Harrison left, some members from both churches followed him, there- by causing a split, and this section erected Salem, on land in Gadlys Uchaf, and Trinity Chapel in Hirwain. The latter has long ago been converted into dwelling houses, and was in possession of the mortgagee, because the congre- gation was too small and poor to repay th ⢠debt on the building. With the increase of population in the district, it will be seen that many more Congregational Churches were built in course of time. The following is a table compiled showing the position in 1853 :â Ebenezer: Built 1811; accommoda- tion, 900; cost of erection, 1:1,700; number of members, 340; Sun'dav School, 225. Nebo, Hirwain: Erected 1823; ac- commodation, 800; cost* £ 1,100 mem- bership, 250; Sunday School, 200. Salem (Siloh?): Built 1841; accom- modation, 600; cost, £ 550; member- ship, 100; Sunday School, 70. Siloa, Aberdare Built 1844; accom- modation, 750; cost, £ 750; member- ship, 300; Sunday School, 280. Saron, Aberaman: Built 1850; ac- commodation, 700; cost, £ 719; mem- bership, 160; Sunday School, 170. Cwmbach (Bryn Seion ?) Built 1850; accommodation, 300; cost, £ 360; mem- bership, 70; Sunday School, 70. Mountain Ash No chapel erected 24 members of the cause. [Translation of an essay on "History of Aberdare" from "Gardd Aberdar."] Next Week: History of the Baptist cause in Aberdare, from the Rev. J. Griffiths' (Calfaria) work on The Cen- tenarv of Calfaria, Aberdare, 1812,â 1912."

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