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Abercwmboi Controversy.

Bethel, Gadlys.


Bethel, Gadlys. THE REPORTED FRICTION. Mr T. D. Williams, the secretary and one of the deacons of Bethel Church, dis- agreed with our report in last week's issue, which stated that the trouble had arisen through the New Theology. "The unpleasantness," said Mr Williams, is not solely due to the New Theology question. It dates back to the time when the Rev. J. Richards left. The church formed into 2sections, and owing to one thing and another personal feeling ran very high, and the sections have been continually opposing each other. Any proposition made by one side is tabooed by the other. Then, again, your reporter estimates the number of New Theologians at 24. This is very much exaggerated. I rather doubt whether you will find any thorough Campbellites in the whole congregation. Of course, it must be admitted that there are some who hold advanced views, but they are far from being what are termed New Theologians." Why was the loan of Bethel Vestry re- fused to the Unsecfcarian Class, this winter, and granted last winter?" Mr Williams was asked. The reason given was that they were teaching doctrine not in accordance with the doctrines held by the Congregational Union." "Some of the deacons were members of that class?" Yes." â¢' And of course they resented the re- fusal very much ?" "Yes," replied Mr Wibiams, and it is only right to say that those who voted against granting the use of the Vestry did not attend the class themselves. They had formed their opinion of the class from hearsay evidence, though they had been invited to attend the class so that they could judge for themselves. But later, the church meeting unanimously agreed to let the Vestry to a class composed of mem- bers of Bethel Church, the teacher also to be chosen from the church." Was that offer availed of ?" Yes, that is the class which meets on Sunday mornings. Each of the deacons who was opposed to granting the loan of the Vestry, was invited to become tfceacher, but every one declined." Is it true that the church has appointed a treasurer in the place of Mr R. A. Davies, Whitcombe street ?" asked the reporter. Yes, but I agree with your report which says that it is entirely unconstitu- tional. It is necessary to give to the church members notice extending over 2 Sundays." What about the 'future of the church, and what are the prospects for a new pas- tor, Mr Williams ?" Well, we have 5 men who have pre- viously preached there, coming again, and the church will probably select one of them. I earnestly hope that with the advent of a new minister peace and concord will be restored."


Right to Work.


AbordeLlie" Pension Committee.…

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The'Zoo, Mountain Ash.