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_m_ Aberdape District Council Elections. Result of the Poll. Polling for the election of Urban District Councillors in Nos, 1, 4 and 5 Wards, took place on Monday. There was a drizzling rain during the greater part of the day, but notwithstanding this, there was a fairly heavy poll in each of the wards. There were a large number of conveyances used, especially in Nos. 1 and 4 wards. The result in the former case wasâ M. J. Harris 852 John Teague 424 Majority 428 There were six spoilt votes, which brought the poll up to 1282. Mr Harris, it will be seen, polled 2 to 1. In Blaengwawr Ward, 1480 votes were recorded, The official figures are- John Howell 845 G. A. Treharne 624 Majority 221 This result came as a great surprise to Mr Treharne's supporters, he having come within 71 votes of Mr Howell last year when he opposed him in the County Council election. A very close contest was anti- cipated in this ward, and the fight had been keenly watched by outside parties. How- ever, the result did not justify the anticipa- tion, and Mr Howell was safer than what even his warmest supporters were prepared to admit before last Monday. The figures in No. 5 Ward were- John Davies 862 John Evans 20 Morgan Powell 602 Mr John Davies' majority over the Vicar was 260. Mr Davies' success was tolerably certain from the commencement, especially when it became known, through the LEADER, that Ex-Inspector John Evans did not seek re-election. There was a huge crowd outside the Town Hall on Monday evening to hear the above figures, which were given by Capt. W. D. Phillips, deputy returning officer. The re- sults were received with loud cheers. In the No. 1 Ward counting-room, Mr M. J. Harris moved a vote of thanks to Capt, Phillips, and Mr John Teague seconded. Later on, after all the results were made known, Mr John Davies made a similar proposal, seconded by the Rev. Morgan 1 owen, n'rio ⢠». have given him greater pleasure to move the resolution as the successful candidate. Capt. Phillips returned thanks.

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